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Why Utilize Free Online Video Cropper?

Utilizing professional editing software is not a convenient way to simply crop your project video. With Free Online Video Cropper, you can do it freely and fastly due to its clean and intuitive interface. You just have to utilize the plus icon to initiate the process. Additionally, it works on different web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. Even low-end PCs can utilize this tool.

Multiple Aspect Ratio: It provides users with a vast number of aspect ratios perfect for different players and social media platforms. These are 16:9(widescreen), 1:1(Instagram),9:16(portrait), or you can customize your preferred ratio.

No Watermark Added: This web-based tool does not leave any product logo on the project video, making the file cleaner and organized to preview to provide a good playback experience.

How to Crop Video Online for Free

A dedicated web-based tool intended for cropping and removing unnecessary elements on your project video, Free Online Video Cropper can do it freely. To do the process, follow through the steps below.
  • First things first, you have to upload your media files on its server by ticking the plus icon at the center of its interface.
  • Next, choose an aspect ratio to crop your videos. Move over it on your project video to select the part.
  • Finally, hit the Start Processing button to finalize and instigate the process.

FAQs about Online Free Video Cropper

Is it possible to crop a video? Absolutely, different video enthusiasts use this technique to beautify and enhance their project video. This technique is necessary to remove borders, unnecessary parts, and not-so-important scenes that can ruin the entire video.

Does the cropping process ruin the video quality? With Free Online Video Cropper, the process will provide a lossless quality and will retain the 100% resolution of the original quality.

Why Cropping video a necessity? For video enthusiasts, cropping videos provide a clean and more enhanced overall appearance on their project video. It is an essential technique to remove black borders, product logos, and unwanted parts that are not needed on the video project.

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