How to Fix Apple iPad Black Screen of Death - 5 Effective Ways

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iPad black screen of deathYou were watching a show or playing a game on your iPad when something suddenly went wrong. Its screen display has gone completely black or stuck in what is commonly referred to as the Black Screen of Death iPad. Happening such a situation on your iPad can be frustrating since you cannot use your device. Many iPad users are left in wonder what causes their iPad's black screen of death and how to fix it. The causes for this might range from physical damage caused by dropping the device. Also, a failed jailbreak attempt, a broken hardware component, or a software issue might be responsible. Whatever the cause, this article will show you practical solutions to bring your iPad out of this black screen problem. To start with, feel free to scroll down below.

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What Causes My Apple iPad Black Screen of Death?

1. It is possible that your battery is running low or the charger you are using is damaged. Otherwise, the cable you are using might not be compatible with your iPad model.
2. There may be nothing wrong with your iPad. Instead, your screen could be dark because the brightness is set too low. You can either ask Siri to increase your device brightness or open the Control Center and do it yourself.
3. It is also potential that the problem is hardware-related. You might have dropped and damaged your iPad's screen display. Or else, water might have gotten inside and damaged your logic board. According to your device warranty, your local Apple shop shall repair any hardware damage for free.
4. Other issues of iPad black screen of death issues can be due to software glitch or your iPad software system is outdated.

causes of apple iPad black screen of death

Workable Solutions to Fix iPad Black Screen of Death

The iPad black screen of death is almost like other users' iPad white screen issues, and interestingly, the solutions are most likely the same. So, follow the steps outlined below to get your iPad up and running again. Begin with the simplest solution and work your way through the most rigid possible solutions.

Solution 1. Restart Your iPad Device

The most common way to solve many issues on iOS is by restarting the device. In fact, this solution has already proven itself to many, and it's the first thing people try if they're having problems with their devices. Restarting an iPad device is very easy, even though you will follow a different process, depending on the device you own. If you're using an iPad device with a power button, press and hold the wake/sleep button and the home button simultaneously for at least 30 seconds. Once the Apple logo appears on the screen, release the buttons, and your iPad will start to reboot and hopefully function normally again.

restart ipad device with home button

If your iPad has no Home button, swiftly press and release the volume up button, then the volume down button, and finally the top button until the Apple logo pops on the screen. You will likely need to press the top button for 25–30 seconds.

restart ipad device without home button

Solution 2. Charge Your iPad Device

There is a likelihood that the Apple iPad black screen of death issue you are dealing with is not due to a severe software or hardware fault. Rather, you could just be confined to a black screen due to a dead battery. Allow your iPad to charge for around 30 minutes before attempting to turn it on again.

charge your ipad device

If you have charged your gadget, but it still does not work, it is possible that your charger is faulty. Or the charger could also be incompatible with your iPad model. That's why Apple suggests using only approved charging hardware, especially if you're experiencing such problems.

Solution 3. Update iPad OS Using iTunes

Another cause why you're experiencing a black screen of death iPad is an outdated OS on your device. In this case, the best solution you can engage is to update your iPad OS. But since your iPad is on a black screen, you will be using iTunes to help you update your iPad device.

  • First, connect the iPad charger cable to the iPad before connecting it to the computer.
  • Open iTunes on your computer, then get your iPad and long press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons. Even if you see the Apple logo display, keep both buttons pressed.
  • If the computer prompts you to enable the computer to access your iPad, click "Continue." Similarly, on your iPad, hit "Trust."
  • Click the iPad symbol on the left side of the toolbar in your iTunes Library on a PC, then select "Summary." Click "General" in the Finder on a Mac.
  • Now, click "Check for Update." iTunes will then look for an iPad update on Apple's servers.
  • If an update is available on your iPad, click "Download and Update." Keep your iPad connected for as long as the update takes.

update ipad os using itunes

Solution 4: iPad System Restore Using iTunes

A system restore is another solution you can try to fix the iPad black screen of death issue as well as iPad white screen error. However, you have to note that doing this solution erases the data on the iPad. If you backed up your data to the cloud, your data would be reinstalled after the restoration is completed. If you have not already, take your iPad to an authorized Apple repair expert to determine if the screen is broken or if another hardware issue is affecting your iPad. You may not need to do a system restore after your device has been fixed. In case you still need to complete a system restore on your iPad device, follow the instructions below.

  • Connect the iPad charger cable to the iPad and the computer you're using.
  • Launch the iTunes app on your computer. Ensure that you have the iTunes latest version installed on your computer.
  • On your iPad device, press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons.
  • Continue to hold both buttons down, even after the Apple logo shows up.
  • When you see the option to "Restore or Update," select "Restore."

ipad system restore using itunes

Best Way to Solve iPad Black Screen Without Data Loss

Unique Feature: It has two distinct repair modes: Standard and Advanced Mode. Standard Mode is for minor issues, and all of your data is protected. While the Advanced Mode is for serious issues that require resetting your device and erasing all of your data.
Supported Devices: It supports almost any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch model.

If all of the solutions provided above didn't fix the iPad black screen of death issue on your device, it's time to use a professional tool. With that being said, allow us to introduce AceThinker iOS System Recovery. This tool is one of the top-rated desktop applications that you can install on both Windows and Mac computers. Besides, it's a multi-functional program that can fix more than 50 iOS system-related issues, including the black screen of death on your iPad device. What's even more impressive about AceThinker iOS System Recovery is that it can solve various iOS system issues without leaking or modifying any personal information on your device. Another notable feature is user-friendliness, as the tool provides all the necessary operations you need. And they are well highlighted so that you will never get confused.

Kindly follow the walkthroughs provided below to start fixing the Apple iPad black screen of death issue on your device using the tool.

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Step 1: Install the iOS System Recovery Software.

The first step is to save the tool on your computer. To do so, hit one of the download buttons embedded above. Make sure to grab the compatible version of the tool based on what computer OS you're using. Once the tool's installer has been downloaded, run the file, and start the installation process. The program will automatically launch right after the installation completes. On the tool's main interface, click "iOS System Recovery."

fk main interface

Step 2: Connect the iPad and Start the Process.

Connect your iPad device to your computer by using its charging cable. When the tool recognizes your iPad device, a notification will show up that it has successfully connected. Select "Screen issues" and hit the "Start" button since you're experiencing a black screen issue on your iPad device.

screen issues option from acethinker ios system recovery

Step 3: Confirm Your iPad Device Details

As you can notice from the image below, the tool will show the details of your iPad device. You can see your iPad's name, status, device type, system version, and others from here. Once you've verified that it's your device, click the "Fix" button.

acquired from the resource tree

Step 4: Choose Mode to Fix Black Screen on iPad

Because we are only attempting to repair the iPad screen, the Standard mode is recommended. In this mode, the program will repair your iPad device without removing or losing any important data from it. Proceed with the process by clicking the "Confirm" button.

select mode of fix

Step 5: Download the Necessary Firmware

The program will look for suitable firmware that is both available and compatible with your iPad. You must download the firmware that the tool provided to complete the procedure. After that, the tool will begin to repair your device. Before removing your device from the computer, you must wait at least 10 - 15 minutes. Click "OK" to complete repairing your iPad, and you can now use it normally again.

final process of ios system recovery


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