The Reliable Ways to Solve iPad Home Button Stuck Down

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iphone home button not workingWhen your iPad’s Home button is not working or becomes unresponsive, it can be frustrating and annoying. Apart from the screen, the iPad’s Home button is the most used element of the device; hence proper function is essential. It is the only button that performs many functions and is essential to the proper functioning of the iPad. If you are experiencing the same problem with other iPad users, the first thing that will come to your mind is to replace the button. This would require you to take your device apart. However, this process is complicated and not recommended, especially if your iPad is still under warranty. So to help you fix the iPad Home button not working problem, we listed five effective solutions for you. Read them through to learn more.

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The Best Solution to Fix iPad Home Button Stuck

1. Enable AssistiveTouch

Apple provides a built-in virtual button that appears on the screen of your iPad. It was a temporary solution when your iPad home button stuck down. Also, turning on the AssistiveTouch will lessen the over usage of your Home button, making it rest for so much press. With this feature, you can turn on/off your device, go to the Home screen, switch apps, and a lot more. To enable the AssistiveTouch on your iPad, follow the guide below.


  • Go to your iPad's “Settings” and look for the “Accessibility” tab from the options.
  • Then, tap on it and hit the “Touch” button to launch the “AssistiveTouch.”
  • Toggle “ON” the “AssistiveTouch” to enable it. Afterward, a small black square icon will appear on your iPad’s screen.

tap settings, go to accessibility, tap touch, turn on assitivetouch

2. Clean iPad’s Home Button

One of the primary reasons you experience the iPad Home button stuck issue is dirt, debris, and dust. So, you have to clean the button to make sure that there is no blockage on the Home button. To do that, use rubbing alcohol and pour a few drops on a cotton swab or polishing cloth, then clean the button. Also, you can use your finger to clean the Home button of the iPad. You can pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on your finger, rub the Home button and push it around its corner. Furthermore, make sure to clean the iPad’s Home button gently.


3. Remove the iPad Case

Even though it’s unlikely, there is a possibility that the iPad Home button broken problem is because your case stops you from pressing it down. Remove the iPad case and press the Home button again to solve this problem. Besides, if you are using a Home button sticker protector, take it off as it may cause the problem. Once you remove them, press the Home button to see if the problem is solved.

remove the ipad case to solve ipad home button not working

4. Force Restart the iPad

Another solution that you can do is to force restart your iPad. Force restarting the iPad is another easy troubleshooting method to fix the iPad Home button not working problem, and it works for many iPad users. This method can repair minor glitches like stuck apps, overheating, and more that could be causing the problem. Moreover, read the user guide below to know how to force restart your iPad.


  • Press and hold the “Power” button on your iPad until you see the slider.
  • Then, pull the slider to the right side to shut down your iPad and wait for a few seconds.
  • Now, long-press the “Power” button again to turn “ON” your device. You can now press the “Home” button and see if the issue is fixed.

press and hold power button and drag the slider

Fix iPad Home Button Stuck Down Using Professional Tool

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If you reached this part, it is most likely that software errors caused the iPad Home button stuck problem. In that case, you can use related iOS repair tools, like Fone Keeper - iOS System Recovery. iOS System Recovery is a dedicated software that can repair iOS software issues on iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices. What makes this tool stands out is that it can resolve more than 50 iOS problems without removing any data using its “Standard Mode” feature. Besides that, you can also opt for its “Advanced Mode” to solve severe iOS problems, but it will wipe out all your data. Additionally, the tool can upgrade or downgrade the iOS version of your iPad while repairing the issue. To discover how you can fix the stuck iPad Home button, make sure to follow the walkthrough below.

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Step 1Install the iPad iOS Repair Tool

The tool supports both Windows and Mac OS, so make sure to get the appropriate installer that you can see above. The left button is for Windows OS, while the right button is for Mac OS. Now, run through the wizard window until you ultimately save the tool on your computer. Once completed, open the tool and click the “Device issues” to begin.

fk-isr interface

Step 2Scan Your Device

Next, use your lightning cable to connect your iPad to your computer. After that, let the tool scan and confirm your device. When the tool recognizes your device, it will give you an option to fix the issue in 60 seconds using the “Free Quick Fix” button. However, we recommend using the “Fix” button to solve the iPad Home button stuck with a high success rate.

 fk-isr scan and confirm device's details

Step 3Select the Repair Type

Now, choose your preferred repair type by clicking the circle button beside them. Nevertheless, we suggest using the “Standard Mode” to fix the problem while preserving all your data. After that, hit the “Confirm” button to proceed to the next step.

fk-isr select the mode

Step 4Download Firmware and Finish the Process

The tool will give you a set of compatible firmware for your iPad. Choose your preferred firmware and download it first to go through the process. Afterward, the tool will initially repair the iOS software issue that causes the iPad Home button to be stuck. Wait until the repair process is 100% complete. Then, hit the “OK” button to finish it, and you can use your iPad normally again.

fk-isr final result


The cause of the iPad Home button not working is unrecognizable unless you will open your device's hardware. However, this is inappropriate, especially if you are not a licensed electronic technician and your iPad is still under warranty. That's why we listed all the possible solutions to help you repair the issue without causing any harm to the iPad. You can perform all the troubleshooting methods to see what best works for you. Also, you can directly opt to use the Fone Keeper - iOS System Recovery tool to repair the software issue that caused the problem indeed. If other solutions can be helpful to other readers, you can drop them in the comment box below.


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