How to Repair iPad Keeps Restarting Apple Logo Issue

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ipad keeps restartingRandom restarts on mobile devices are often among other performance bugs, usually from software problems and damaged components. Some devices that experience this problem are iPads. Although when we hear about iOS devices, the first thing that comes to our minds is their best quality and impressive specs. The problems that users may experience with this device are minimal. However, if the bug is not fixed immediately, it may cause life-long and deeper issues on the device that may become completely unusable. Therefore, you have fixed the issue as soon as possible. Furthermore, this post aims to help you if you are experiencing the same problem on your iPad device. We will present the five best and most effective solutions to repair iPad keeps restarting issues. Without further ado, continue to scroll down to know more about it.

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Why Does iPad Keep Rebooting Randomly?

Learning what makes your iPad restart randomly is as essential as finding suitable solutions. You can act immediately on the situation after knowing the main reasons, and the most primary reasons are written below. Regardless of the cause, we will help you make your iPad stable again in the next section.

  • Wrong Lightning Cable and Adaptor. Suppose you find the iPad keeps restarting Apple logo while charging. In that case, you need to consider if the lightning cable and USB adaptor are third-party or broken ones.
  • Outdated Software. If your iPad restarts when you are using a specific app, the app is likely the source of the glitch.
  • Overheating. Overheating can be a significant cause of the issue. If your device is overheated, you need to cool it down.
  • Battery Problem. If you have been utilizing your iPad for a long time, its battery will not work in good condition as it was before.

ipad keeps restarting

The Best Solutions to Solve iPad Randomly Restarts Issues

1. Hard Reset the iPad

Restarting your iPad is the easiest method to apply to your device, and it works in most cases. Many problems on iOS devices (iPad or iPhone) triggered by system errors and minor app glitches are usually fixed by a forced restart. This solution works the same as a soft reset when fixing random systems imposed by data corruption and minor glitches. That includes iPad stuck at Apple logo, white screen issues, and many more. Besides, it can remove unwanted bugs and system failures without resulting in permanent data loss as it does not affect any saved information. There are two options to hard reset your iPad according to its model. Follow the guide below to know how to fix the iPad reboots randomly problem.


  • If your iPad device has a “Home” button, long-press the “Home” and “Power” buttons simultaneously. Then release both of them at once when you see the Apple logo on your screen.
  • Meanwhile, if your iPad does not have a “Home” button, quickly press the “Volume Up” button, then release it instantly. Afterward, do the same process in the “Volume Down” button.
  • Lastly, long-press the “Power” button and release it when the logo of Apple appears. You can now use it to see if the iPad rebooting itself issues are solved.

force restart ipad to solve ipad keeps restarting

2. Check and Delete Faulty Apps

The chances of some apps bugging and interrupting your device are incredibly high. If you have installed apps that are not trusted and not fitted to your iPad, you may need to remove them from your device. This method is recommended in case the problem only occurs after you installed an app. To know what specific apps are causing the iPad randomly restarts problem, you have to open each app and see if they are loading correctly. Also, see if the app is stuck on a black screen and has some glitches. If so, detect the faulty app, tap and hold its icon, and select the “X” sign. Then, it will delete the selected app from your iPad. You can also read this post to see more information if your iPad gets stuck in recovery mode due to default apps.

 check faulty app, tap and hold it and select x sign to remove the app

3. Reset iPad’s Settings

Another method that you can perform is by resetting your iPad settings. If you have lots of changes to your iPad, something may have affected the device, and it could be causing the constantly restarting problem. Resetting the iPad will erase all the customized settings you’ve done, including updates that caused system functions and services problems. But luckily, it will not require you to create backups beforehand as it won’t affect your saved details on the internal memory. Furthermore, you can try this solution if your iPad Pro manages to boot up after doing a hard reset. See the listed guide below to solve iPad restarting on its own glitch.


  • Hit the “Settings” icon from your iPad’s home screen, and move to the “General” tab.
  • Then, scroll down and tap the “Reset” button. Select “Reset All Settings” from the options.
  • After, enter your passcode when asked to continue. Finally, hit the option to confirm the reset.

tap settings, choose general and hit reset all settings

4. Update iOS via iTunes

iTunes is one of the go-to apps that iOS users use to fix many issues from their devices. Installing the newest iOS version available for your iPad is also recommended. Because aside from providing the latest features, iOS updates also fix patches and codes that are programmed to remove existing bugs like iPad keeps rebooting on its own. Then, a better way to update an iOS device in this situation is through iTunes. Also, you will need to use a Windows or Mac computer to perform this update process. Once everything is complete, go through the steps below.


  • Link your iPad to your computer using a lightning cable. Then, open the iTunes app on your computer and hit “iPad” when it shows up.
  • Now, click the “Summary” panel on the left side of the iTunes main interface. Afterward, click the “Check for Update.”
  • If an iOS update is available, hit the “Download and Update” button and tap your passcode to proceed. Lastly, follow the onscreen commands to complete the update.

tap summary, hit check for updates, then click download and update

Solve iPad Suddenly Restarts Issue Without Data Loss

Supported iPad Devices: It supports iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and all iPad models.
Pricing Plan: $31.95/one-time payment for two computers

If the above process did not work, it would be best to use a professional third-party tool like Fone Keeper-iOS System Recovery. It is a robust software that can repair over 50 iOS issues, including random restart on iPad. The excellent feature of this tool is that you can repair the issue without losing all your data through the “Standard Mode.” This is an advantage since there’s no need for you to create a backup for your essential files. Besides that, you can use the tool to repair iPad constantly restarting issues on both Windows and Mac OS. Aside from device issues, the program can repair screen issues, iTunes issues, and iOS Mode issues. This tool has an advantage in repairing the issue as it only requires minimal effort. Learn how to repair iPad random restarts with the help of the tutorial below.

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Step 1Get the iPad Random Restart Repair Software

First, install the program on your computer. Click any of the “Download” buttons displayed above for your computer OS. Let the computer analyze the installer until you see the setup window. Follow the command from here until you successfully launch the tool. When done, hit the “Device issues” section and look for the “iPhone keeps restarting” button to start. This is also the same button for iPad devices.

 install app, click device issues and tap iphone keeps restarting

Step 2Confirm the Device Information

Afterward, the tool will require you to confirm the details of your iPad by connecting it to your computer. Then, you can hit the “Free Quick Fix” button to repair the glitch in a minute. But since the issue is out of reach, we suggest continuing and clicking the “Fix” button to repair the iPad keeps restarting over and over in other modes.

connect ipad, check details and click fix button

Step 3Choose Repair Mode to Fix iPad Suddenly Restarts

Once you hit the “Fix” button, it will lead you to the repair type window. Here, you can choose between standard or advanced modes to repair the issue. Now, choose the “Standard” button since the issue is minimal and does not require a complete reset. Hit the “Confirm” button to continue to the last step.

select mode of fix

Step 4Get the Compatible Firmware and Finish the Process

To complete the process, you need to get the firmware for your iPad. The program will recommend all the compatible firmware, and you need to choose one and download it. After downloading, the tool will initially proceed in fixing the issue. Finally, you can now enjoy your iPad without randomly restarting.

select the firmware and hit next button to repair


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