Tutorial on How to Troubleshoot iPad Does Not Charge Problem

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ipad not chargingThe iPad is a brand of iOS developed by Apple Inc. It is the successor of the Newton MessagePad and a PowerBook Duo-based tablet computer. iPad has initially used the iPhone's iOS operating system, which was later developed as iPadOS. Its OS comes with better support for the hardware and a user interface customized for the larger screen. Since it was officially launched in 2010, it is now recognized as one of the most influential inventions used in healthcare, business, education, and more. Even so, each gadget has drawbacks, and the iPad is not an exception. Multiple users reported on the Apple Support forum experiencing iPad not charging. If you are experiencing the same problem, this can be pretty frustrating, but do not worry about it. We have done comprehensive research to help you troubleshoot and fix it. Check out all the details below to learn more about it.

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Why is My iPad Does Not Charge?

When your iPad device doesn’t charge, there’s a problem with one of the four major parts that work together to charge your iPad—the iPad charger, lightning cable, charging port, or iPad software. Also, there may be various reasons why you experience these problems.

  • Your iPad may not be receiving enough power from the charger, and that could be a hardware problem.
  • For instance, dirt and debris in the charging port device are what we are looking for. This prevents your iPad from making proper contact with the lightning cable.
  • Besides that, a software problem may also cause the iPad says not charging. There is a chance that a bug in the iPadOS is causing this.

Now that you know all the possible causes of your problem, please proceed to the troubleshooting methods below to fix it. Make sure you follow them correctly to get the best result.

The Ultimate Ways to Solve iPad Will Not Charge Problem

1. Check Your iPad Charger

iPadOS can detect changes in power from the iPad charger you are using. Those power fluctuations can be analyzed as a threat or safety risk to your iPad. So rather than attempting to “power” through it, your device may stop charging entirely. Try charging the iPad with different chargers. That includes every USB port on your surge protector and the wall charger that arrived with your iPad when you purchased it. If you see that your device is charging well with some chargers but not others, you have identified that the problem was your charger and not your iPad. Moreover, you can now change your charger to a working one to fix the iPad charger not working issue.

check the ipad charger to fix ipad not charging

2. Use MFi-Certified Cables

If you are not aware, MFi means “Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod.” It is a program that producers of accessories for iOS devices must go through to have their hardware approved by Apple Inc. It is a strict process, but when the cable you are using is MFi-certified, you can be sure it’s safe to use. Moreover, we would like to warn you about the dangers of using lightning cables that are not MFi-certified. These are the types of cheap and fake cables you will usually find at your local convenience store. Besides, these cables didn’t run through Apple’s standards and are of lower quality. They can overheat and harm the internal components of your iPad. You will know if the iPad battery not charging because of not MFi-certified cable. That is when a “This accessory is not supported by the iPad” notification appears after you plug it in.

this accessory is not supported by the ipad appears on screen

3. Don't Charge the iPad on Computer

If you encounter an iPad not charging on PC, the device draws more current than smaller devices smartphones. Also, most computers, especially old models, do not have high-power USB ports that can deliver enough energy to charge an iPad. You cannot damage your iPad if you charge it to your computer, but, likely, your computer won’t be able to charge your device competently. You can tell if a USB port can’t deliver enough power when you see a “Not Charging” message on the upper right corner of your iPad. So, the best solution is to plug your iPad into a power outlet using the adapter that came with your iPad.

not charging displays on ipad screen

4. Clean iPad's Charging Port

After trying different cables and chargers, it’s now time to take a look inside your device. Grab a flashlight and closely inspect the charging port of your iPad. Specifically, we are looking for any gunk, lint, dirt, and other debris that could be preventing your lightning cable from creating a clean connection to your iPad’s charging port. Furthermore, the old iPad model has eight tiny pins that connect to the cable during the charging process. Meanwhile, newer iPad models have a USB-C port that has 24 pins. Therefore, if any pin is covered by debris, it may not be able to form a connection with your charging cable. This can cause the iPad plugged in but not charging problem.


  • Cleaning your device with a tool that can conduct electricity may damage the internal components of your iPad. So, we recommend using an anti-static brush to clean the charging port of your iPad.
  • If you don’t have an anti-static brush, you can use a brand new toothbrush as a substitute. Then, gently brush out what is inside the charging port.
  • You may be surprised how much dirt comes out. After that, try to charge your iPad again to see if it works.

use anti-static brush to clean the charging port

How to Fix iPad Not Charging Using iOS Repair Tool

System Requirements: For CPU, use 1GHz Intel or AMD CPU and above/For RAM, 1GB and higher is recommended/For Hard Disk Space, more than 200MB free space is recommended
Distinctive Feature: The tool can help you solve the iPad problem in 60 seconds with the option to save or delete all the data.

After trying all the solutions for hardware troubleshooting and still not being satisfied with the result, it is now time to look for an alternative solution. As we mentioned in the first part of this post, a software glitch can be caused by the iPad does not charge issue.

So before going to the Apple Support Center, you can try using Fone Keeper - iOS System Recovery tool first. It is a unique iOS repair tool that can help you fix 50+ common and severe iOS problems. There’s no harm in trying this tool, as it won’t affect all your data when you start the process. Plus, the tool supports popular computer OS, like Windows and Mac, making it more convenient to use. Additionally, the tool will give you all the compatible firmware that you can use to repair the issue safely. Check out the steps below to discover how to utilize this fantastic software.

Try it for Free

Step 1Get the iPad Repair Tool

First, click any of the provided “Download” buttons presented above. Then, follow the instructions on the dialogue box that will appear on your computer screen. Once installed, launch the tool and proceed to the iOS System Recovery tab. After, hit the “Device issues” button and choose “iPhone can’t charge” from the options (this is the same button to repair iPad). Now, hit the “Start” button to continue.

hit device issues and choose iphone can’t charge, then click start

Step 2Select Your Preferred Mode

Next, the tool will let you choose the repair type that you can use. For instance, you can use the “Standard Mode” to keep all your files while fixing the problem. Meanwhile, you can use the “Advanced Mode,” but it will remove all your files along the process. We suggest using the standard mode as your files are not worth sacrificing. Then, click the “Confirm” button and proceed to the next step.

select mode of fix

Step 3Download the Firmware

After confirming the repair mode, a new window will appear that displays the available firmware for your iPad. Select your preferred firmware and download it. Wait for the download process to complete. Once finished, click on the “Next” button to do the final steps.

select the firmware and hit next button

Step 4Finish Fixing iPad Says Not Charging Issue

Once the firmware is downloaded, the tool will repair the charging issue on your iPad. Then, you can see on the progress bar when the process is complete. When the process is 100% complete, you can now hit the “OK” button and safely disconnect your iPad from the computer.

fk-isr final result


Repairing iPad charging problems is quite complicated as it requires thorough research about the cause of the problem. Apart from the mentioned troubleshooting methods in this post, we suggest visiting an Apple Service Center. Since the problem is too technical, it may cause a hardware issue. The problem should be handled by professional and licensed technicians of Apple Inc. With that, you can get your iPad repaired permanently. Also, this is convenient if your iPad is still under Apple's warranty.


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