Five Most Useful Solutions to Fix iPad Power Button Stuck

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ipad power not workingWe know that the iPad is a fantastic gadget that transforms how we know so best for education. It also changes the way you work. The demand for this device increased because online transactions are trending nowadays. Furthermore, an iPad device is quite costly, with an average price of $599. So purchasing a new one is not the first option when users experience some problem using it. One of its most-reported problems is the iPad power button not working. Many iPad users claim that after updating their device to the newest iPadOS, their device's power button is not working properly. If you are facing the same concern, you can perform effective methods to solve it. You can check out the details we will share below to discover how to do it. Without further ado, let's get started!

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Quick Solutions to Fix iPad Lock Button Not Working

1. Use AssistiveTouch

The AssistiveTouch feature of iOS devices is a massive help as it can be a substitute for the Home and Power buttons. It is an Accessibility setting with a virtual button directly displayed on your iPad's screen. This feature is a great temporary way when the physical buttons of your iOS device are broken and malfunctioning. Besides, it is entirely customizable, wherein you can lock, take screenshots, increase/decrease volume, turn on/off the device, lock rotation, and a lot more. To use this temporary solution while the iPad power button stuck, make sure you follow the guide below.


  • Move on to the iPad's “Settings” and find the “Accessibility” button from the selection.
  • Then, tap the “Touch” button to launch the settings for AssistiveTouch.
  • If the setting is not enabled, tap on it and toggle it “ON.” Afterward, the AssistiveTouch will appear on your iPad's screen.

 tap accessibility and touch button, enable assistivetouch

2. Remove iPad Cover

If your iPad has a cover made up of rubber material, that can block the iPad power button from working well. Also, cheap quality iPad cases usually cover extra hardware, including the power button, sensors, camera, and others. Plus, it might be blocking or trapping debris that can cause the iPad on off button not working correctly. To add more, using the wrong size of cases could damage the device itself. If the iPad case is too tight, you risk warping your device and bending it a bit. Meanwhile, if it's too loose, it might fall and shatter. So, it is best to remove the case or always use the compatible sizes of cases. Then, try using your iPad power button again and see if the solution works.

remove ipad case

3. Shut Down the iPad

Another method that also works most of the time is restarting your iPad. Excessive usage of any device, including the iPad, may cause harm to its software and hardware components. One of the parts that may damage is the power button. So, restarting the iPad can make the device function better. However, the primary source of restarting the iPad is the power button, but since we can’t use it, you need to shut down the iPad on its settings manually. Furthermore, continue the process below to learn how to shut down your device and fix the iPad on off button stuck.


  • Tap on the “Home” button and hit the “Settings” icon from the home screen. After that, scroll down to the settings and tap the “General” button from the options.
  • Now, navigate the part until you see the “Shut Down” button. Tap on it to shut down your device.
  • Then, let your device rest for a few minutes. Afterward, try to press the power button again to check if it's now working properly.

go to settings, tap general, and hit shut down button

4. Visit Apple Service Center

If your iPad device is still covered by a warranty, you have the advantage of getting your device repaired. You can use the AppleCare+ that comes with your device when you purchase it. AppleCare+ is complimentary for each Apple product you buy. It will give you 90 days of phone support for your device and a one-year warranty on its hardware. Moreover, if your AppleCare+ expires, you can still purchase it, starting at $199 yearly. Just a heads up, if your iPad top button not working after coming into contact with liquid, Apple won't touch and repair your iPad. That is because AppleCase+ doesn't cover liquid damages. If not, then you may move to the nearest and authorized Apple Service Center to get your iPad repaired.

visit apple service center to fix ipad home button not working

Alternative Way to Fix iPad Lock Button Not Working

Pricing Plan: It costs a $31.95-one time payment for two computers that come with free lifetime support and upgrade.
Distinctive Feature: It has unique repair modes: Standard and Advanced Mode. The Standard Mode is dedicated to fixing minor issues without data loss. Meanwhile, the Advanced Mode is for severe problems that require resetting your device and wiping out all your data.

If you encounter the iPad power off button not working after you update your iPadOS, then there's a chance that this caused the problem. Also, if you don't have enough time to go to the Apple Service Center, you may use a dedicated iOS repair tool first. With that being said, let me recommend using Fone Keeper - iOS System Recovery. This software is one of the top-rated tools that you can install on both Mac and Windows computers. Plus, it is a multi-functional tool that can fix over 50+ iOS-related issues. That includes power and home button not working, black screen, stuck on DFU mode, and more. Additionally, the program can downgrade and update your iPadOS version while fixing the problem. Kindly check the tutorial below to fix the iPad power button issue using this unique tool.

Try it for Free

Step 1Install the iPadOS Repair Software

The first step to be taken is to install the tool on your computer. So, hit the suitable “Download” buttons embedded overhead. Ensure to get the compatible version of the software on what computer OS (Windows or Mac) you are using. After downloading the installer, run the file until the tool's interface appears on your screen. Then, hit the “iOS System Recovery” and choose the “Device issues” to start.

fk-isr interface

Step 2Connect and Scan the Device

Get your charging cable and connect your iPad to your computer. When the program analyzes your iPad, a notification will appear saying that it has successfully connected. Then, you will see all your iPad device details on the tool. After that, hit the “Fix” button to continue with the process.

scan device on ios system recovery and hit fix

Step 3Select the Mode to Repair iPad Power Button Stuck

Since we are only attempting to repair the power button of your iPad through its software, the Standard Mode is suggested. Here, the tool will repair the iPad issue without sacrificing all your essential files and log-ins. Once done, you may proceed by hitting the “Confirm” button.

select mode of fix

Step 4Get the Suitable Firmware

Next, the tool will look for available and compatible firmware for your iPad. Once you see it, download your preferred firmware by hitting the “Download” button. Once downloaded, the tool will start to repair the issue on your device. Then, hit the “Next” button at the bottom part to proceed.

select the firmware and hit next button

Step 5Finalize the Process

Now, a progress bar will appear on your screen. Here, you can see all the details being done on your iPad. Once it reaches 100%, that means the process is finished. Finally, tick the “OK” button and wait for a few minutes to disconnect your device from the computer. You can now use your iPad power button again as nothing happens.

fk-isr final result


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