Lost Photos on iPhone: All the Possible Causes & Solutions

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photos disappeared from iphoneiPhones are popular for having excellent camera features. They have high megapixels, editing functions, filters, and other features, no wonder many users use them. They capture amazing photos and videos and store them on their album or camera roll. However, some users complain about the iPhone photos disappearing after updating their software to iOS 15. This is not impossible since every new iOS software update comes with a few glitches, especially its beta version. Furthermore, this can be stressful if you are in the same situation, mainly if you don’t own backups or copies for lost photos. Although this may cause a slight panic, it is worth noting that there s something you can do to recover your missing photos. This post outlines the other possible causes of why photos disappeared from iPhone, and how to recover them. Let us discover them in detail in the next part.

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The Possible Reasons “Why All My Photos are Gone iPhone”

There can be various factors on why your iPhone's photos disappeared. iPhone photos missing from your camera roll are a common problem in the present. There are also moments when it's not only your camera roll experiencing missing photos. Also, with some iPhone albums of third-party camera apps. Moreover, some of the common reasons why photos gone from iPhone include:

  • You have low storage because of heavy apps, videos, multiple photos, and other data occupying your iPhone's internal memory.
  • There is an iOS software upgrade or other background operations set in your iPhone without your knowledge.
  • You are turning off "Photo Stream" or making other changes to your "Camera Roll" settings.
  • Log in to a different iCloud account, or you have accidentally disabled "iCloud Photo Sync."
  • You restore your iPhone from an unknown backup.

photos disappeared from iphone

How to Recover Photos Missing from iPhone

1. Check Your iPhone's "Recently Deleted" Folder

If your recent iPhone photos are accidentally deleted in your "Camera Roll," they will automatically go to your iPhone's "Recently Deleted" folder. This album is dedicated to having a backup for 30 days of your previously deleted photos. You can either recover a specific photo or choose to delete them permanently from your device during that time. To know how to recover iPhone photos disappeared from camera roll, follow the user guide underneath.


  • Tap the "Photos" app on your home screen, and hit the "Albums" tab from the bottom part of the screen.
  • Then, navigate to the bottom and tap on the "Recently Deleted" under the "Utilities" directory. If your missing photos are in the "Recently Deleted" folder, tap "Select" and choose the photos you like to recover.
  • After that, hit the "Recover" button and confirm it. The recovered photos will be back on your "Camera Roll."

tap album, hit recently deleted and select photos, then tap recover

2. Enable iCloud Photos Library

Another thing you can do to get access to your lost photos on iPhone is by turning “ON” your iCloud Photos library. This will sync all your photos from the iPhones’ camera roll to the iCloud driver so that you can access them anytime on all your devices. You don’t have to worry about your missing photos as they are still available on your iCloud. For instance, if your iCloud Photos Libray is not yet synced on your camera roll, do the same process below and recover photos from iCloud.


  • Hit the “gear” icon from the home screen to launch the iPhone “Settings” and move on to the “Photos” from the menu.
  • After that, check if the “iCloud Photos” is enabled. If not, toggle it “ON” to enable iCloud Photos.
  • This will automatically sync all your previous and future photos to your iCloud Drive. With that, "my photos disappeard from my iPhone" problem is solved.

tap photos and enable icloud photos

3. Unhide iPhone Photos

In case you hide videos and photos, you will only see them in your "Hidden" album, and it might seem like they are missing. This feature helps you hide your albums so they won't appear in the library, other albums, or the Photos widget. Nevertheless, there are cases where you might forget about these hidden photos and albums. It may cause you to locate them anywhere without knowing that they are just in your Hidden album. So, always check your Hidden album to see if there are photos that need to be unhidden. Check out the tips below to see pictures disappeared from iPhone on your Hidden album.


  • Launch your iPhone's "Photos" app and scroll down to see the "Hidden" album.
  • Tap on it and check if there are any photos within the album. If you see the missing photo you are looking at, hit the "Select" button to choose it.
  • Then, hit the share button and select "Unhide" from the options. All the unhide photos will be moved back to your "Camera Roll."

 tap hide, choose image, hit chare button and select unhide

4. Use Third-Party Recovery Tool

System Requirements: For CPU-1GHz Intel and higher is recommended/For RAM-1GB or higher/For Hard Disk Space-200MB and higher is recommended
Installation Packaged Size: 141.90MB

If none of the troubleshooting methods above serves to fix your problem and iPhone photos are still missing, be prepared as they might have gone permanently. Your best workaround is to use third-party software to recover all photos disappeared from iPhone in this situation.

Fone Keeper - iPhone Data Recovery is a versatile tool that can retrieve deleted files, photos, notes, messages, and other data on your iPhone. The tool comes with three unique recovery modes: Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup File, and Recover from iCloud. You can choose the “Recover from iOS Device” to recover files without the need for your Apple Account. Also, the “Recover from iTunes Backup File” if you want to retrieve data from iTunes backup. Meanwhile, the “Recover from iCloud” will help you recover data from iCloud backup. Furthermore, the tool can do the process without worrying about data loss. So, rest assured that all your iPhone files are safe. Plus, it supports all iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch models, making it more convenient to use. Learn how to recover lost pictures on iPhone with this excellent tool through the steps below.

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Step 1Install the Missing Photos Recovery Tool

First, get the installer compatible with the computer OS (Windows or Mac) that you are using. Run the file and get through the instructions from the setup box. Once the tool is completely installed, hit the “iPhone Data Recovery” from the menu to launch the tool’s interface.

fk-idr interface

Step 2Connect and Scan the iPhone

Next, hit the “Recover from iOS Device” tab to recover photos without any log-ins. After, get your charging cable and link your device to your computer. Wait until the tool recognize your iPhone until it appears within the tool. Then, hit the “Start Scan” button and let the tool start to scan all your data, including the deleted photos.

fk-idr connect the device

Step 3Select Missing Photos to Recover

Now, navigate the “Media” tab and tick the box beside “Camera Roll.” The tool will display all the photos on your camera roll, including the missing photos you want to recover. Once you access them, check the box beside their file name to select specific photos. Afterward, hit the “Recover” button at the bottom right corner of the tool.

fk-idr start recover (image)

Step 4Start to Recover Photos Missing from iPhone

Once you hit the “Recover” button, a new window will appear, allowing you to choose the output folder for the recovered files. Then, hit the “Recover” button on the same window and let the tool start to recover your missing iPhone photos. When the procedure is complete, you can check the recovered files on the output folder that you set.

fk-idr result (image)


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