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recover deleted bookmarks safari iphoneSafari, the built-in web browser of iOS devices like the iPhone, provides valuable features. This makes the searching experience of every user more comfortable. It has a bookmark feature for keeping most-visited pages to oneself, making revisiting a specific webpage. Also, this feature saves you from scrolling through hundreds or thousands of search results to locate a target site you want to go to. Furthermore, people are ready to save bookmarks on iPhone Safari for quick repeat access. There could be reasons why the bookmarked pages are missing. There are chances that you accidentally deleted them, device glitches, or upgrade failure. When this loss occurs, it could be a heart-sinking moment. Fortunately, you don’t have to lose hope as the situation is not alarming as it seems. You can usually solve the issue by yourself to recover deleted bookmarks Safari iPhone. Find out below how to do it using the guide we researched and tested!

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Different Solutions to Restore Safari Bookmarks

1. Retrieve Safari Bookmarks with iCloud Backup File

iCloud backup is a helpful app for iPhone that can help you backup any pieces of information and data saved on your device. If you usually use and enable your iCloud, then your iPhone device should have a backup on iCloud services. Aside from photos, iCloud also backup Safari bookmarks, songs, videos, notes, and other essential files from your iPhone. Also, you can restore messages from iCloud easily through this process. So if you deleted your Safari bookmarks, you can retrieve them through your iCloud backup. If you don’t know how to restore bookmarks iPhone, check out the guide below.


  • Open your iPhone “Settings” and move on to the “General” tab. Choose “Erase All Content and Settings” to delete all your data. Do this once you have backed up your files ahead.
  • Next, hit the “Restore from iCloud Backup” from the options and sign in to your iCloud account.
  • Now, select the iCloud backup file that includes the Safari bookmarks and favorites on iPhone. With this process, it will recover deleted bookmarks iPhone.

click general and choose icloud, then hit restore from icloud backup

2. Restart the Safari App

When Safari bookmarks gone iPhone, you can try the most straightforward troubleshooting method. That is by restarting the Safari application of your iPhone. Sometimes, glitches, bugs, and even a slow internet connection can cause this error. Restarting the Safari app will refresh the data and other settings that can help to display your previous bookmarks. The steps below are provided to help you along the process.


  • Double-tap your iPhone's "Home" screen and see the recent application you used.
  • Look for the Safari tab and swipe it up. This will restart the app and refresh its service.
  • Finally, relaunch the Safari app and check the bookmark folder. You can move on to the following part if the restarting process does not resolve the issue.

double-tap home button and swipe up safari app

3. Recover Safari Bookmarks with Time Machine

Apple Inc. includes a feature that can help back up your information on your Mac computer. This backup feature is called Time Machine. It can backup personal data, like Safari bookmarks, apps, photos, emails, documents, and many more. Furthermore, Time Machine creates hourly backups for the past 24 hours, making it convenient like iCloud. Having a backup enables you to recover deleted bookmarks iPhone. Even so, keep in mind that Time Machine is only available for Mac computers. So if you are a Mac OS user, read the guide below to learn how to do it.


  • First, press the “Command + N” option or launch “Finder” on your Mac computer. Afterward, hold down the “Option” button to access the menu folder. Here, choose the “Library” button and open the Safari folder.
  • Then, tick the “Bookmark.plist” file that keeps all Safari bookmarks. Next, launch the Time Machine backup tool and choose the “Enter Time Machine” button. Your Mac computer will let the device run the Safari folder. Now, go back to when you accidentally deleted your bookmarks.
  • After entering the exact time and date, you removed them, hit the restore button. Then wait for the restoration process to finish. Also, make sure that the iCloud account you are working on Mac is the same account you are using on your iPhone. This will make the restoration sync to your iPhone.

 launch time machine and choose safari, then hit restore

4. Restore with iTunes Backup File

Another way to restore Safari bookmarks is by using the iTunes backup file. This method is applicable for users who are not using iCloud to back up their files. It's a good thing that iOS devices have a lot of backup tools like iTunes, iCloud, or Time Machine that users can use according to their preference. So if you are currently using iTunes as your backup tool for your data, this method is written for you. Observe the following tips below to know the iTunes backup location and restore deleted Safari bookmarks.


  • Connect your iPhone with your computer and ensure that the latest iTunes app is already installed. Then tap the “Trust the Computer” button and allow iTunes to connect your iPhone.
  • After that, launch the iTunes app and move on to the “File” tab. Hit the dropdown menu, click the “Devices” button, and tick the “Restore from Backup” option to recover the missing Safari bookmarks.
  • Finally, select the Safari application to retrieve all your files. Then, hit the restore button and wait until the process is completed. Now, go to your Safari app and check if the bookmarks have been retrieved.

 launch itunes, hit devices and click restore from backup

Safari Bookmarks Missing? Recover with iOS Data Recovery

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If you reach this part, there is a huge possibility that the above solutions are not working on your end. It is best to opt for a solution that will guarantee a higher success rate to recover deleted bookmarks Safari iPhone. So, we recommend using Fone Keeper - iOS Data Recovery.

It is a versatile tool responsible for any data loss issues for your iPhone device or Mac computer. It enables you to recover various file types. That includes Safari bookmarks, contacts, text messages/iMessages, Safari history, and more. Besides, it uses three features to recover your iPhone data. That includes Recover from iOS, Recover from iTunes Backup File, and Recover from iCloud. Each recovery mode can retrieve files in every situation. To recover Safari bookmarks, we suggest using the “Recover from iOS” to restore them to your device without backup up any files. Also, the tool allows you to store your recovered data on its system for future reference.

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Step 1Install the Safari Bookmark Recovery Tool

Before we start recovering your missing Safari bookmarks, install the tool first. To do so, hit the “Download” button shown above this step. Then run through the installation prompts until the installation process is complete. Once done, launch the recovery tool to familiarize its features and navigation.

fk-idr interface

Step 2Link iPhone Device to your Computer

Next, connect your iPhone to the Fone Keeper tool with the help of your original lightning cable. Once the connection is confirmed, access the iPhone Data Recovery feature to access the three modes. Then, choose the “Recover from iOS Device” mode to perform the recovering process without resetting your iPhone.

fk-idr connect the device

Step 3Start to Restore Safari Bookmarks

Now, let the tool analyze your data and files. It will sort out every piece of detail on every data it scans. Then, under “Memos & Others,” move on to Safari bookmarks and hit the box alongside its icon. This will give you access to retrieve your Safari bookmark. Afterward, hit the “Recover” button to start the process.

launch memos & others and hit safari bookmarks, then click recover

Step 4Check Recovered Safari Bookmark

Lastly, carefully disconnect your iPhone from the computer. Afterward, launch your Safari browser and go to your bookmark tab. Check if the Safari favorites have been retrieved. You can now browse your previous deleted bookmark as nothing happens.

launch safari on iphone click favorites

Extra Tip: How to Bookmark Page on Safari

Safari bookmark, known as "Favorites," is unavailable on iPhone 4 and below. Moreover, if you upgraded your iPhone to the latest model like the iPhone X series and above, you might wonder how to bookmark a page on Safari. The listed steps are provided below to help you add your favorite pages to the Safari app.

  • Hit the Safari icon from your home screen to launch it. If the tool is not available on your iPhone's home screen, swipe left to access the App Library.
  • Then, search for your most visited and favorite web page. Afterward, tap the "More" icon at the lower part of the web browser. Hit the "add bookmark" to save the link on your "Favorites."
  • Finally, tap the "Save" button at the iPhone screen's top-right corner to ultimately save the URL.

hit add bookmark and save the folder


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