How to Recover Deleted Photos from WhatsApp iPhone: 5 Ways

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recover deleted photos from whatsapp iphoneWhatsApp Messenger, simply known as “WhatsApp,” is an internationally available freeware service owned by Meta Platforms. It allows users to communicate through text and voice messages, voice and video calls, and share images, user locations, documents, and other content. You may accidentally lose important WhatsApp photos or intentionally delete them to save storage space. However, you need them again to use them for various reasons. Luckily, all your data, like photos saved on your iPhone, is stored using the “SQLite” database. So, if you delete any of your data, it is not officially removed or erased immediately from your iPhone device. Instead, the space consumed by that data is marked as “Available” or “Free.” Your deleted WhatsApp photos are still within your iPhone but in a hidden state. Then, here comes the data recovery and backup tool become handy. Furthermore, we introduced different yet effective ways to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp iPhone. Find out about them and free your worries to nothing!

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Different Methods to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Photos

1. Use iTunes Backup File

If you back up your iPhone using iTunes, you can restore any deleted files like WhatsApp photos from the backup. iTunes is one of the standards of data back-ups and restores apps that iOS users rely on. It not only backs up existing data on your iPhone but also your previous files as long as iTunes is your default backup app. Moreover, keep in mind that the latest version of the iTunes app is needed for this process. Once all the requirements apply to you, check the guide below about how to recover deleted photos in WhatsApp iPhone from the iTunes backup file.


  • First, get your USB cable and use it to connect your iPhone to the computer. Let iTunes recognize your iPhone by hitting the “Trust the Computer” from your mobile screen.
  • Then, hit the menu and click the “Devices” button from the options. Afterward, click the “Restore from Backup” button to proceed.
  • Now, choose the WhatsApp application to recover all the photos you need. Hit the restore button and wait for the restoring process to finish.

launch itunes, hit devices and click restore from backup

2. Use WhatsApp Backup

WhatsApp comes with an internal feature that can backup and restore files without installing other apps on your iPhone. It uses iCloud or Google Drive as the storage location to keep your backup files. Since you deleted the photos, restoring the latest WhatsApp backup is your best bet if it hasn't been long. Also, remember that you must have enabled the WhatsApp backup feature to use this feature. So if you have not backed up in the past, this process is not the option. Another requirement is to uninstall and install your WhatsApp for it to work. Check the availability of WhatsApp backup and learn how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp iPhone below.


  • Navigate to WhatsApp "Settings" and launch the "Chats" tab. Then, select the "Chat History" from the options. This will display when the latest backup runs.
  • Once verified, uninstall the app and reinstall the latest copy of WhatsApp from the Apple Store. You will have to confirm your mobile number again.
  • Afterward, you will see a prompt asking to restore your data from a backup. Accept this, and WhatsApp will restore all your data, including lost photos, messages, and more.

hit settings and choose chats and calls, then hit chat history

3. Use iCloud Backup

In this method, we will help you learn how to retrieve deleted photos from WhatsApp iPhone. Like iTunes, iCloud is another backup tool that you can use on your iPhone. The difference between iCloud is that you can access backup anywhere on any device and are saved in the cloud. Meanwhile, iTunes backup can be accessed only on trusted computers. The backups are saved locally on Mac or Windows computers. Furthermore, if you want to save time restoring missing photos from WhatsApp, always use iCloud as your backup tool. By enabling iCloud, all your data are saved even if you delete them within your iPhone.


  • Launch the “Settings” of your iPhone and make your way to the “General” tab. Select “Erase All Content and Settings” to erase all your data. Remember to do this once you have backup your files ahead.
  • Now, tap the “Restore from iCloud Backup” from the menu and enter your iCloud account into the email box.
  • Finally, choose the iCloud backup that has the WhatsApp photos on iPhone. Then it will recover deleted WhatsApp photos that you can check on your camera roll.

click settings, choose icloud and hit restore from icloud

4. Recover WhatsApp Photos from Someone Else

If you wonder how to recover WhatsApp images deleted by sender on iPhone, this is the perfect solution. You must check if the person you talked to if they still has a copy of the message with the deleted photo attached. If you uploaded an image to a WhatsApp conversation and then deleted them yourself. Then someone else within the group chat or your chat partner could still have it on their device. If so, you can ask the person to check their WhatsApp chat for the photo. Once they have it, you can ask them to forward it to you. This process is suitable if you tap "Delete For Me" on a photo. It is possible if you tap the arrow button and hit the "Delete" button, then tap the "Delete For Me." That means the photos won't delete for everyone, and they can still access them on their end.

 tap delete for me in whatsapp

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone with Data Recovery Tool?

Distinctive Feature: It allows you to preview WhatsApp photos before restoring them and selectively recover the deleted photos you prefer.
Pricing Plan: It costs $49.95 one-time payment for two computers.

If the deleted photos are unavailable from the sender and you don’t have any backup for your WhatsApp photos, it is best to opt for a third-party tool. We highly suggest using Fone Keeper-iPhone Data Recovery. It could recover data from your iPhone even if you did not backup them ahead. This process doesn’t need your iCloud and iTunes backup file. The tool can recover lost photos from WhatsApp, missing notes, messages, Safari bookmarks, and a lot more. Furthermore, iPhone Data Recovery securely retrieves every lost file on your iPhone without the need for your Apple ID. Then while recovering your deleted photos, all important files are safe and will not overwrite the existing data.

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Step 1Launch the WhatsApp Data Recovery Tool

Click the compatible “Download” buttons above to get the installer suitable for your computer OS. Then pass through the installation process on the prompt window to save the tool altogether. Once the installation process is complete, start it and familiarize yourself with its navigation.


Step 2Connect and Scan the iPhone

Next, get an original lightning cable and use it to link your iPhone to the computer. After that, click the “Recover from iOS Device” and hit the “Start Scan” from the bottom part of the tool. Let the tool analyze the data within your iPhone and wait until the scanning process is complete.

fk-idr connect the device

Step 3Select WhatsApp to Recover

After scanning your iPhone, the tool will launch your data, including WhatsApp. To launch it, scroll to the “Media” panel and tick the box beside the “WhatsApp Attachment.” This will launch all the deleted photos and videos from WhatsApp that you can select one at a time or choose them all to save time. Then, click the “Recover” button to start recovering them.

select whatsapp attachment and choose photos, then hit recover

Step 4Finish the Restore Process

Finally, choose the output folder where you want to save the recovered WhatsApp photos. Afterward, hit the “Recover” button to finish the process. You can now check the recovered photos by going to the output folder you set a while ago. Also, you can transfer them on your iPhone or backup them to ensure that they are safe.

choose output folder and hit recover

Conclusion: The Truth About WhatsApp Photo Recovery

Unfortunately, the only accurate way to restore deleted media files from WhatsApp comes from having a proper backup ahead. WhatsApp does not keep your chat history within its server, and this is due to its nature of being end-to-end encrypted. You can't even contact the company to recover messages or files. You can't use a file recovery program like Recuva if you wonder. These apps cannot scan modern smartphones, like iPhones, to recover files. Today's latest phones don't use the USB Mass Storage protocol that external drives do. So once you delete photos, you can only recover them through a backup file or use an advanced recovery tool like Fone Keeper-iPhone Data Recovery.


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