Four Best Ways to 4k Ultra HD Video Songs Free Download

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download 4k video songAs we all know, One Direction is one of the most popular boy band groups that parted ways the way their fans did not expect. One Direction's 4K UHD video songs are the best ways to make them in one direction. Nowadays, videos that are produced in high-quality are authoritative. Most music videos of music video creators are in 4K UHD quality. You will surely enjoy watching these types of videos is incredibly satisfying, especially if you are a fan of music videos. Below are the best ways we curated for you to download your favorite video song.

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Best Way to Have 4K Resolution Video Songs Free Download

Distinctive Feature: It has a built-in advanced search engine.
Output Formats: MP3 and MP4

Music Mate is the best tool that allows you to have a 4K KD video song download. This tool allows you to download media files with lossless quality. Aside from that, it also has many advanced features you can't see from other tools, including a built-in media player and web browser. With the tool’s built-in media player, you can view and play the media files you download using the tool. While with the built-in web browser, you can download any song or video from your browser or social media account without leaving the tool. Also, you can set the audio quality to up to 320kbps. Plus, you can organize your files on its built-in library, where you can also rename and share the files. Lastly, it allows you to download videos or songs from sites like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Step 1: Install the Music Mate

Before you do 4K video songs Hindi free download on Music Mate, you first need to download the Music Keeper installer. To start, click the download button for your operating system below. Once the tool is completely downloaded and installed, launch it to access the main interface.

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Step 2: Find 4k Resolution Video Songs Free Download

Once the tool is ready to use, access the tool's main interface. Click the search bar and search for the 4K video song you want to download using the Music Keeper. Type in any related keywords, paste the video song link, and hit the "Search" icon.

copy the url and paste on the search bar of the tool

Step 3: Download 4K Video Song

As you enter any keyword or link, wait for the download list to show. Select the video song you want to download from the download list, then click the “More” button to select the MP4 output format for your downloads. Then click the “Download” button and wait till the file is completely downloaded.

click download, select audio quality, hit download button

Step 4: Play Downloaded 4K Video Song

To play the video song you just downloaded, click the “Downloaded” tab and see the video file you just downloaded. Then, right-click the file name, and select the “Play Video” option. The video song will automatically play in the tool’s built-in media player.

hit downloaded tab and play the file

Another Way to Have 4K Ultra HD Video Songs Free Download

1. MP3 Downloading Software

Distinctive Feature: It allows you to download audio and video files on popular web browsers. That includes Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini, and Safari.
Output Formats: MP3 and MP4

Next on the list of tools to have 4K HD video song download is the help of MP3 Downloading Software. This is an entirely free tool that you can rely upon to download video songs of your favorite artists. This online tool allows you to download audio and video files from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Audiomack, Soundcloud, etc. Aside from that, this tool let you choose the video quality from 420P to 1080P for a crystal clear result. Moreover, this tool allows you to download video songs with lossless quality at up to 320kbps.

mds interface

2. 4K Video Downloader

Distinctive Feature: It can perform a batch download.
Output Formats: MP4

If you are looking for an installable tool that allows you to download SoundCloud video songs, check out the 4K Video Downloader. 4K Video Downloader is available and compatible with Mac and Windows OS. This tool allows you to download videos by pasting their link on the tool's input button. Primarily the tool allows you to download videos from sites like YouTube. Aside from videos, it can also download annotations and subtitles. Also, it allows you to download 3D and 360 degrees videos. This tool is perfect if you want to download 4K videos like movies.

download 4k video song 4kvd

3. VidPaw

Distinctive Feature: Vidpaw allows you to download videos via URL.
Output Formats: MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV, and more.

Vidpaw is an online-based tool that you can rely upon to download high-quality videos from YouTube and other video-sharing sites. With Vidpaw, you can choose the output quality you want for your video, such as 480p, 720p, and 1080p up to 8K. VidPaw is available on almost all popular web browsers, such as Chrome, Bing, Opera, Safari, etc. Downloading Karaoke video songs with this tool is truly enjoyable since it has a simple and fast user interface. You can paste the URL of the video you want to download in the tool’s input field.

download 4k video song vidpaw

FAQs About 4K UHD Video Songs

1. Is UHD the same as 4K?

4K and UHD are the same. UHD means Ultra High Definition. It allows users to have excellent picture quality. 4K or UHD are always seen in movies and videos. Most of the movies you can view on Netflix and Amazon are produced in UHD or 4K quality for a better experience.

2. Which app is best for video song downloads?

The best 4k video songs free download tool is the Music Keeper. It is not just for video but also available when downloading audio files. Music Keeper is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. This tool is free to download and install on desktop computers only.

Comparison Chart

Features Quality Output Batch Download Ads
Music Mate 240p to 1080p Supported None
MP3 Downloading Software 480p, 720p, 1080p Unsupported None
4K Video Downloader 240p to 4K Supported Free version has.
Vidpaw 480p to 8K Unsupported Minimal


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