Best 10 Must-Access Websites to Download Albums For Free Online

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download albums freeMusic is always part of human evolution. In a study conducted by the researcher and author Daniel Levitin, music came first even before humans could talk. With this evolutionary passion for music, we created different services to soothe and indulge in its artistic harmonies. Music streaming services are one of the key points why music is still striving today. These platforms have modernized our way of consuming and playing music. Also, they provide high-quality audio resolutions whenever you stream on their services. Some of the leading music streaming services today are YouTube Music and Spotify. These two dominate most streaming services and provide functional features, including ad-less streaming amenities. With the great outcome they provide comes a notable fallback. These music streaming services are not suitable to save and store music files on a computer or external device. Therefore, we collected ten different sites to download albums free MP3 on your device.

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Best 10 Websites to Download Albums Free Online


Available Music Genre: R&B, Jazz, Class, Punk, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: 166.1 thousand visitors worldwide.
Price: You can download music in MP3 format for free.

As the name implies, is an Afro beat-centered free album download music site. This website focuses on the internet marketing of future South African urban releases and celebrity news, entertainment news, and even music videos. However, it's not only limited to that. Within site, you also have the opportunity to download the music from your favorite international artists. As you access the site, you can see four tabs that you can browse on. These tabs include the "Download MP3 Music," from which you can save single songs from various artists. Next is the "Download Album ZIP," a section where you can download music albums of your favorite singer. The other two are the "Entertainment Gist" and "Download MP4 Video," preferably for other users who want to read about artists' upcoming album releases or download their latest released music videos.

the official website of

2. Audionautix

Available Music Genre: Electronic, Ballad, Country, Ethnic, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: 299.8 thousand visitors worldwide.
Price: The site is totally free, and you can donate any amount to help the site improve even better.

Audionautix is a renowned music streaming platform that you can access online. It supplies you with a wide range of music that suits your moods as well as the most recent updates, making Audionautix an ideal site to download high-quality MP3 and music albums. Audionautix expands your song search queries by including mood and tempo music categories. It is one of its advantages compared to other music websites that only allow you to download your favorite songs based on their genre. Audionautix can pick the music for you based on your mood and whether you want to listen to the rapid, medium, or slow music at the time! Moreover, Audionautix has a broad range of song categories and an easy-to-use interface making it a popular streaming site for many music lovers.

the official website of audionautix

3. Free Music Archive

Available Music Genre: Reggae, Urban, Soul, Ambient, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: 1.3 million visitors worldwide.
Price: Free Music Archive is and remains free.

Another highly popular and ultimate source for free complete album downloads is Free Music Archive. It contains a massive selection of all types of music and any music genre that you can think of from your favorite artists. The website is nicely organized and designed that you will have no trouble discovering your favorite songs. There is a simple one-click download option next to any music you want to download, which is the most admirable feature of FMA. Suppose your music tastes are old classical music. You can discover a lot of them on the site. All you have to do is hover the mouse pointer over the "Genres" option at the top and select "Classical." There, you will find a plethora of classical music and additional subcategories under classical from which you may download songs. Aside from that, FMA also gives popular last week, last month, and all-time charts where you can learn about the top songs of that period.

the official website of free music archive

4. MP3Juices

Available Music Genre: Funk, Hip-hop, Polka, Metal, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: 25.7 million visitors worldwide.
Price: You download albums free online with MP3Juices.

MP3juices is a completely free MP3 search engine. It allows you to listen to and find music from YouTube videos and download your favorite songs. One of the advantages of using this service is that it works quickly when obtaining music and video keywords. When you type the name of an album or an artist into its search box, it will quickly return relevant results. What's even more impressive is that MP3Juice allows you to convert music videos into MP3 and even MP4 format. This service is very straightforward as it provides simple download buttons and navigations. You can use this web-based app without installing other apps or registering. You can either type in related keywords of the album you would like to download or paste a URL link. Moreover, MP3Juice is free and compatible with browsers on computers and smartphones.

the official website of mp3juices

5. Free Sound

Available Music Genre: House, Lo-Fi, Soundtrack, Pop, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: 2.1 million visitors worldwide.
Price: Users can stream and download music albums for free.

Free Sound is widely used for obtaining music samples, instrumental music, sound patches, and a plethora of free sounds from various genres. This website not only lets you download music albums. But, it also lets you choose the audio format, sample rate, channels, bitrate, and other options. Furthermore, Free Sound makes use of collaborative databases licensed under a Creative Commons license. You can also locate music by simply putting the titles of the albums into the search box at the top of the page. However, in order to download entire music albums, you must first register with the website. Overall, the website's interface is not very pleasing, but the sound quality is incredible and easy to download.

the official website of free sound

6. Bandcamp

Available Music Genre: Country, Jazz, Mellow, Soul, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: 30.9 million visitors worldwide.
Price: It's a free platform. But, users can go for their Bandcamp Pro, which costs $10 per month.

Bandcamp is another top-rated music streaming platform among music enthusiasts. The site became popular in July 2010 when famous artists started selling their albums on Bandcamp. What's incredible about Bandcamp is that it allows artists to produce and upload their songs and set their prices. Yet, some of the albums you can find on the site are available for free download. However, you must create an account to be able to download full albums from various artists. Nevertheless, if you purchase the music or albums, you can view the lyrics and send the album as a gift. Bandcamp has attractive and well-organized content on the homepage in terms of interface. Users can quickly discover the content they are looking for by using various filters like "All", "Best-selling," and "any format." Plus, you can get plenty of genres and download albums free MP3 without paying a single penny.

the official website of bancamp

7. ITD Music

Available Music Genre: K-pop, Alternative Rock, Trip-Hop, Latin, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: 403.5 thousand visitors worldwide.
Price: All music albums can be downloaded for free.

Another site to download music album for free online is ITD Music. You can expect all of the latest music albums from your favorite artists as the site updates regularly. Besides, the site is very easy to circumnavigate. On the main homepage of ITD Music, all of the navigations are well-organized horizontally. Under the Music tab, you can find extensive albums, singles, EP'S, and Soundtracks of different local and international artists. You can even find music videos on the site initially released from Apple Music and Tidal in MP4 format. Although ITD Music is said to be a free album download site, you can also purchase albums from various artists by navigating to the "Purchases" tab. Besides this "Purchases" tab is another two tabs where you can browse new and hot album releases and download them. What if the album from the artist you want to download is not available? Don't worry, as the site allows you to have a section to request albums to be added to the site.

the official website of itd music

8. Jamendo

Available Music Genre: Electronic, Indie, Metal, Ballad, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: 1.2 million visitors worldwide.
Price: It offers free music downloads. But, the user has the option to purchase its standard license for 49$.

Jamendo is one of the most popular music-related websites for music enthusiasts. If you enjoy listening to fantastic music, there's a high likelihood you've previously visited this website. Jamendo allows you to download the most recent, trendy, and diverse music! It is the place to go if you want to listen to music or download entire albums for free. Jamendo has over 37,000 albums from which you can choose your favorite music and download it in a matter of seconds. Besides, Jamendo not only allows you to download free music. But, it also allows you to make money through commercial licensing. In addition, Jamendo's user interface is pretty uncluttered, and there aren't many selections to confuse you. When you first arrive on the homepage, you'll notice a Start button. By pressing the Start button, you will have access to the world of music. At that moment, you can choose music from any category or genre and have it downloaded by creating a Jamendo account.

the official website of jamendo

9. SoundClick

Available Music Genre: Blues, World, Urban/R&B, Hip Hop, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: 598.7 thousand visitors worldwide.
Price: The site is free, but users can go with their Pro account, which costs $8 to $15 per month.

SoundClick is a fantastic service that allows people to download any music immediately. This site has an extensive database of artists, music, and registered users. The most excellent part about SoundClick is that it makes it simple to listen to, purchase, and sell albums and beats. The website's interface is current and user-friendly. The music on the website is organized into several categories such as artists, genres, weekly searches, and much more. And you can listen to or download music according to your preferences. Still, you must first register or sign up for the website before downloading any song. Another fantastic feature of this downloading music site is the ability to construct your personalized radio station and collaborate with other SoundClick users in the forum section. Not only that, but SoundClick also enables you to send unique e-cards to anyone with Valentine's Day, birthday, wedding, or party songs by uploading text and background music of your choice to the website.

the official website of soundclick

10. YouTube

Available Music Genre: Gospel, Children Songs, Pop rock, Folk songs, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: 35.9 billion visitors worldwide.
Price: Free to stream. Yet, if you need to avail of its premium access, it costs $11.99 per month.

The last tool that you need to take consider is YouTube. It became a propelling music platform that provides better music quality to its patrons. Whether you are longing for that music album that you want to hear or vibe with the latest songs, YouTube can cater to that service. Initially, it offered music videos at an audio resolution of 128Kbps. Eventually, it revolutionized the quality of its music videos with 192 Kbps audio resolution, which is the maximum bitrate of the AAC format. What is good about this platform is that it offers easy access to every channel of each artist you want to listen to. Unfortunately, this platform does not have it all; it has a well-known fallback for audiophiles like you. This platform only offers downloading music only within its app. Meaning once you download a specific song, it will not be saved on your device's folder. The downloaded music is only playable within its app. Therefore, if you want to know how to download albums and store them on your device, refer to the next part of this article.

the official website of youtube

How Do I Download Albums From YouTube Site?

Unique Feature: It supports an advanced multi-threading technology that speeds up the download process 3x faster than any other app.
Supported Music Streaming Sites: YouTube, Soundcloud, Jamendo, Mixcloud, and other 1000+ sites.
Price: $35.95 for personal use with lifetime support and upgrade.

Knowing how to download music albums from YouTube might lie between easy and hard setup, depending on the tool you're using. Let's suppose you are one of those users looking for a simple yet advanced album music downloader. In that case, AceThinker Music Keeper is the perfect tool for you. Music Keeper is one of the most trusted tools that can download single music tracks, playlists, and albums on YouTube in one go. In terms of audio quality, this MP3 album music downloader allows you to download high audio quality files ranging from 128K to 320K for a more refined listening experience. Its built-in player is also handy. It allows users to play downloaded audio files without needing a third-party audio player. To know how to download albums music from YouTube using this tool, follow the guide below.

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Step 1:Install the MP3 Music Album Downloader

First and foremost, you need to download the tool's set-up file. To do so, click one of the download buttons provided above. Make sure you click on the correct version of the tool based on what computer operating system you're using. Once downloaded, run the set-up file and install Music Keeper on your computer. Don't forget to launch the tool once the installation process has been completed.

main interface of acethinker music keeper

Step 2:Copy the URL of the YouTube Music Album

The next step is to open a web browser and access YouTube. Search for the music album you would like to download from the YouTube site and open it. To copy the link to the YouTube music album, click the "Share" button and select "Copy."

copy the url of the youtube music album

Step 3:Batch Download the YouTube Music Album

Now that you have copied the link to the YouTube music album, you need to switch back to Music Keeper. Hit the "Paste URL" button on its main interface and let the tool parse the YouTube link. Once the tool has done parsing the link, it will present you with each music album track. To start downloading the whole album track, click "Batch Download" at the right-hand corner and tick the radio button beside the audio quality format you prefer. After that, tick the "Selected" option and hit the "Download" button.

batch download music album on music keeper

Step 4:Locate the Downloaded YouTube Music Album

Downloading each track of the YouTube music album will not take time as long as you have a stable internet connection. Once all music tracks have been downloaded, you can locate them under the "Music" section under the "Downloaded" panel. From here, you can now right-click the downloaded album music track. It will give you a list of actions where you can either play the music immediately or add the track on your playlist within the inbuilt music player.

play the downloaded music album on music keeper

Top 10 Best Selling Music Albums of All Time

1. The Dark Side of the Moon - by the band Pink Floyd.
Released Year: 1973
Main Genre: Rock

2. The Bodyguard - by Whitney Houston featuring various other artists.
Released Year: 1992
Main Genre: Pop/Official Film Soundtrack

3. Bad - by Michael Jackson
Released Year: 1987
Main Genre: Pop

4. Black in Black - by the band AC/DC.
Released Year: 1980
Main Genre: Hard Rock

5. Bat Out of Hell - by Meat Loaf, which real name is Michael Aday.
Released Year: 1977
Main Genre: Hard Rock

6. Thriller - by Michael Jackson.
Released Year: 1982
Main Genre: Pop

7. Saturday Night Fever - by the band Bee Gees featuring various other artists.
Released Year: 1977
Main Genre: Disco Music/Official Film Soundtrack

8. Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) - by the band Eagles.
Released Year: 1976
Main Genre: Rock

9. Come on Over - by Shania Twain
Released Year: 1997
Main Genre: Country Music

10. Rumours - by the band Fleetwood Mac.
Released Year: 1977
Main Genre: Pop Rock

Comparison Chart of the Sites to Download Albums

Free Album Download Music Site Requires Users Registration Year Founded Advertisements & Pop-ups No 1997 None
Audionautix No 2004 None
Free Music Archive Optional 2009 None
MP3Juices No 1997 Few
Free Sound Yes 2005 None
Free Album Download Music Site Requires Users Registration Year Founded Advertisements & Pop-ups
Bandcamp Yes 2007 None
ITD Music No 2002 Intrusive
Jamendo Yes 2004 None
SoundClick Yes 1997 Few
YouTube Optional 2005 Few


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