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mp3 worship songsChristian songs are a form of music that originated in Monastic life, also known as “Divine Service.” Christian worship songs are designed and used for church activities like worship or thanksgiving. Today we curated the best sites and platforms that you can use to find any worship song you like. Aside from that, we also gathered the best ways for you to download them in the best quality they can. In this time of uncertainty, worship songs can help you generate hope and love in your life. Continue reading below as we present these fantastic songs of faith, love, and hope to you.

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Background of Christian Worship Songs and their Popularity

Pandemic has caused so much pain to people who lost their loved ones due to this ongoing health problem. But there are many things you can do to get your high hopes. One of them is listening to MP3 worship songs. Worship songs are for everyone, not just for Christians. According to WorshipLibrary, music is a vital element that plays a significant role in a church or temple. Since music can bring the greatest solemnity to a person, this means you are being solemn or dignified. If you are a God believer or not, this is still applicable to you since music is for all people. To know more about music click here.

how to download worship song

Free Sources of Worship Song List

1. YouTube

If you are looking for general worship songs online, you should visit YouTube. YouTube is not just for videos but also for music. You can find lots of worship songs on this platform, and you can even watch and listen to different versions of them. One of the most viewed worship songs on YouTube is the Oceans, uploaded by Hillsong UNITED. This song is inspired by the bible verse Matthew 14: 22-23, where Jesus calls Peter to walk on water.

youtube worship songs finder

2. Spotify

Another source of worship songs that can be mixed by creating your playlists is Spotify. This music-sharing site has a lot of worship and Korean songs to offer, and you can find the most finest worship songs here on Spotify. Aside from that, this tool has an advanced search engine that allows you to locate your favorite worship songs quickly. Hillsong Worship is an organization known on Spotify, and they produce worship songs on this platform. One song, entitled “What A Beautiful Name,” has reached over 129 million streams on Spotify.

spotify worship songs finder

3. Jamendo

Jamendo is another site you can visit whenever you want to listen to worship songs. This platform has lots of amazing songs to provide to you for free. Jamendo is a platform where you can join as an artist or listener, and it allows you to upload or add your music to their platform. So if you are looking for royalty-free songs that you can use for commercial purposes, you should check out Jamendo. Aside from worship songs, you can also find many songs with different genres from different parts of the world.

amendo worship songs finder

4. Gospel Hotspot

Many Christians love to listen to their favorite worship songs on Gospel Hotspot. This worship song source has lots of devotional materials to offer to you. Aside from songs, you can also find news, video, lyrics, and devotionals. These features are offered for free. You can also find the newly released worship songs on Gospel Hotspot. One of the most recently released is the song entitled “I Trust in You” by Minister Jayclef. The song is all about trusting God’s plan in the life of one individual.

gospel hotspot worship songs finder

5. Worship Together

Last on the list of worship songs finder is the Worship Together. This platform offers users access to the worship song’s lyrics and chords. With this tool, you will find the most popular worship songs streamed for free. Surely their provided songs will encourage you to listen to the words of God and can make you inspired. One of their free songs is entitled “Panting After You - Jaycel”. Their songs are always in the chart of most streamed worship songs.

worshiptogether worship songs finder

Download MP3 Worship Songs Online

Price: Free
Supported OS: Online Based Tool

Now that you found the best worship sites provider, you definitely want to download them for offline viewing; the MP3Juice Downloader is perfect for you. This online-based tool has a fast processor that saves a lot of your time. MP3Juice Downloader works as long as you have a web browser on your device. This tool is compatible with almost all popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and more. Aside from that, MP3Juices Downloader supports a wide range of music and video sources like YouTube, Dailymotion, Bilibili, and more. If you want to know the best way to download worship songs, continue below.

Step 1: Open Browser

To begin downloading worship songs, you first need to open your web browser. Search for the official page of AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader, then launch the tool. Browse through the tool’s primary interface with a URL bar where you can insert a worship song link and title.

download MP3 worship songs with mp3juice downloader 1

Step 2: Copy URL

The next thing to do is copy the URL link of the worship song you want to download, then go back to the tool’s main interface. Click the URL input bar, then paste the worship song’s link and hit the “Download” icon beside the bar.

download MP3 worship songs with mp3juice downloader 2

Step 3: Download MP3 Worship Songs

After that, wait for the song to show, then click the “Download” button. Then below that, the output options will show. In that way, you can change the output quality and format you want for your song. Once you are done customizing, click the “Download” button.

download MP3 worship songs with mp3juice downloader 3

Step 4: Play Worship Song

Since the tool does not offer a built-in media player, wait for the song to be fully downloaded. Locate it to your device’s output folder, mostly named “Downloads.” If you want to download another song using this online tool, repeat the mentioned steps earlier.

download MP3 worship songs with mp3juice downloader 4

How to Download Worship Songs with Music Keeper

Price: $9.95 for one month.
Supported OS: Windows and Mac

If you do not want to use an online tool for downloading worship songs, check out Music Keeper. This tool is a video and music downloader that allows you to download high-quality worship songs. It also offers extensive features such as a built-in web browser that allows you to detect songs and videos easily. Aside from that, it also has a built-in media player that can be used to check your downloaded files. This tool is the best tool when it comes to downloading worship songs. Lastly, Music Keeper can also download subtitles files. But for, we will provide you with the easiest and simple steps to use this worship song downloader.

Step 1: Download Music Keeper and Install

The first thing you need to do is download the tool’s installer. Click the provided download button below for you to access the tool. Then once it is wholly downloaded, launch the installer and install the Music Keeper, wait for it to be fully downloaded.

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Step 2: Launch Music Keeper

After the installation, the tool will automatically launch. Explore the tool’s navigation, buttons, and features for you to be familiar with it. So that you can share the tool with your family, friends, or co-workers; after that, open your browser, then locate the worship song you want to download then copy the song link.

download MP3 worship songs with music keeper 2

Step 3: Paste URL

Once you have the link copy, go back to the tool’s main interface. Click the “Paste URL” button to begin processing the song to the tool’s system. Wait for a short moment for the result to show below the input bar.

download MP3 worship songs with music keeper 3

Step 4: Download Song

Click the “Download” button beside the song. Then to check out the downloading process, go to the “Downloading” tab. Once the song is finished downloading, it will be stored in the tool’s “Downloaded” tab or your computer’s output folders.

download MP3 worship songs with music keeper 4

Recommendations and Comparison Chart

We recommend using these two mentioned tools to download worship songs from the internet. These tools are used by many music and video lovers worldwide and use them now while they are free. Below is another tool we recommend to you Video Editor can help you create your worship song lists in a snap. Download the tool using the download button below if you want to know-how.

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Features Installable application? Offers other music? Advance Features
YouTube Available Yes Allows users to create their channel.
Spotify Available Yes It provides users with concerts near the area.
Jamendo Not Available Yes Allows users to upload their original songs.
Gospel Hotspot Not Available No Provides lyrics and chords.
Worship Together Not Available No It has an advanced search engine.
MP3Juice Downloader Not Available Yes it allows downloading any song. Allows users to download videos and songs in high quality.
Music Keeper Available Yes it allows downloading any song. Offers built-in web browser and media player.


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