Top 10 Must-Visit Hi Res Music Download Sites with Complete Review

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high resolution music download sitesThere’s nothing more satisfying for audiophiles than listening to high-quality music. Streaming music on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and other platforms takes us to the next level of getting lossless quality music. Even rising artists visit these sites to source legal audio to complete their following songs. With the great minds and generosity of other artists and developers, there are now other places where you can download high-resolution music. You can visit them as an alternative to paid music streaming platforms and get the exact services you need. However, finding hi-res music sites might be tricky and challenging. That is why we are here to support you in your quest. Read on to discover where you can visit the most reliable and safe high resolution music download sites. We have gathered ten sites with an informative review that you can read thoroughly. Satisfy your music cravings by reading below.

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The Best Hi-Res Music Download Sites

1. iMyVid Free Online MP3 Downloader

User-group: It is best for users that want to download lossless music from different platforms.
Supported Music Genres: All music genres.

iMyVid Free Online MP3 Downloader is a robust web-based hi res music download sites that can help you download music of various qualities. You can select from 128kbps, 256kbps, or 320kbps for lossless output. There's no need to subscribe to other paid streaming apps, like Spotify or YouTube Music, as this tool can >download high quality MP3Step 1Launch the Hi-Res Music Downloader

First, go to the official website of iMyVid Free Online MP3 Downloader and acquaint yourself with its main interface. After that, copy the URL of the music you want to download or type a related keyword on the search bar. In this tutorial, as an example, we will type a keyword on the search bar to quickly get the result.

free mp3 downloader interface

Step 2Select the Audio Quality

Once you type a keyword, hit the “Download” button on the search bar to see the results. You can play the file first to double-check it. Then, click the 320kbps “Download” button to get a high resolution result for your music. Afterward, the download process will start, and the file will be saved on your computer.

click download button, select quality, and hit download

Step 3Play the Downloaded Hi-Res Audio

Finally, hit the “File Menu” on your computer’s taskbar and go to the “Downloads” folder. Locate the downloaded lossless music and double-click on it to play. Then, the music player will appear to play the music. You can also transfer it to other devices, like smartphones, to play it anywhere.

click downloads, double-click file name and play

2. Internet Archive

User-group: It is best for users downloading old music.
Supported Music Genres: Classical, hip hop, blues, reggae, funk, and more

Internet Archive is another popular free high resolution music download sites that you can try. The site literally archives all sorts of digital materials, like high-res music, ebooks, movies, radio show, and more. It holds more than two million free audio files you can safely download and access. You will get netlabels, live recordings, and other lossless audio categorized by collection, creator, and others. Furthermore, the Internet Archive has a search option so you can instantly see a specific genre or artists you want. Also, you can upload your music to the site and let other people listen to it.

internet archive interface

3. Jamendo

User-group: It is recommended for users that download a custom playlist.
Supported Music Genres: All music genres.

Jamendo consists of updated radio stations and playlists that you can freely stream and download in lossless quality. By creating an account, you can create a playlist within the site and download them at the same time. In addition, some artists on this site sell licensed music that you can use for videos, movies, or commercial purposes at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, much independent music is free to download or share on popular platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and VK. Then, you can find music based on its genres, countries, or popularity.

jamendo interface

4. Free Music Archive

User-group: It is best for users looking for royalty-free music.
Supported Music Genres: Electronic, Country, Rock, Pop, and more

Free Music Archive has been on the market since 2009. While the site is free and open to anyone regardless of registration, written and audio content is curated. Also, permission to upload or edit content is granted on an invitation basis. Nevertheless, you can get royalty-free music in Free Music Archive, which is perfect for background music on a video. Before downloading, you can customize a playlist by adding your preferred music. Aside from music, you can also get podcast series and online radio shows. Plus, you can download all of them in their default quality, which is lossless for a fantastic listening experience.

fma interface

5. J-Pop Music Download

User-group: This site provides all the mainstream J-Pop music readily available for all users.
Supported Music Genres: J-Pop, K-Pop, C-Pop, and more

Have you felt binge-listening to Asian music nowadays? Well, J-pop Music Download is one of the websites you need to visit. This website caters to most mainstream J-Pop music with high-resolution quality. This hi res audio download site is equipped with a chic yet intuitive interface. It provides quick access to hi-res songs, lossless quality music, and rhythms stored in MP3 files. What makes this platform differ from other downloading sites, it enables users to add comments on every song it has. This feature allows users and uploaders to communicate and interact regarding their albums and songs.

 j-pop music download interface

6. Musopen

User-group: It is best for music teachers or users learning to play classic songs on the piano, flute, and other instruments.
Supported Music Genres: It categorized the music according to moods, like relaxing, sad, energetic, happy, and more

Another one of the must-visit hi def music download sites is Musopen. Musopen provides a vast number of songs that are free of copying restrictions. It allows you to browse music by instrument, genre, composer, period, or a related keyword. There’s no need to buy copyrighted music from other platforms, as this site allows you to get all the background music you need in lossless quality. You can use them on YouTube videos, video games, independent films, and more. Additionally, Musopen has more than 100,000 classical sheets ready to download in PDF files to learn and play them on music instruments quickly.

musopen interface

7. Bandcamp

User-group: It is best for users looking for a site to download hi-res vinyl songs.
Supported Music Genres: Electronic, Metal, Pop, Acoustic, Classical, and more

Bandcamp is famous for allowing independent artists to sell their music. However, its lossless download option is not widely known. Aside from that, you can also browse free-to-download music, and the only way to locate them is through tags like “creative commons” or “free download.” There’s no price for this music. However, you need to share your email address with them. Furthermore, you can preview the music and add them to your playlist before downloading it. Also, you can utilize the “Search Bar” to find your favorite artists, album, or track quickly.

bandcamp interface

8. ProStudioMasters

User-group: It is suitable for users that want to download music albums.
Supported Music Genres: All music genres.

ProStudioMasters is among the high resolution music download sites that claim to have a list of music obtained straight from record labels and companies. So, all the music on this website is HD lossless to download. The audio quality can be set in 24-bit or MQA with 44.1, 96, or 192kHz playback. However, the music on this site comes with a price that starts at $1 per song. Also, a comprehensive range of prices is available for an entire album that mostly comes with various discounts. So, there is no excuse not to visit this site as all its music is available, even for commercial use.

prostudiomasters interface

9. YouTube Audio Library

User-group: It is best for YouTube vlogging users for free background music.
Supported Music Genres: All music genres.

YouTube is a place of the most famous music and videos on the internet, but there is more to it than you may know. It has a YouTube Audio Library channel where you can get music and sound effects for free. You can also use the tracks in any of your YouTube videos, including the videos you monetized. In addition, all of the music in this channel is in 320kbps default quality to assure that you will get the best quality. You can also download music in moods like bright, dramatic, happy, funky, and more.

 youtube audio library interface

10. DatPiff

User-group: It is recommended for users that love rap songs.
Supported Music Genres: It offers mixtapes and hip hop genres of music.

The final hi res audio download sites that offer amazing lossless music is DatPiff. DatPiff is a fantastic place to discover new artists and hear music from some of the biggest names in the hip hop genre. Famous artists like Drake and Tyga post music free to download at 320kbps as a gratitude gift to their avid fans. Moreover, the site allows you to listen to fan-generated music compilations and updates you to newly added music. However, the site has a download limit of up to 3 songs per day. Still, you can get hi-res music on this site without purchasing.

datpiff interface

Comparison Chart of the Hi Def Music Download Sites

Sites Supported Audio Formats Registration Needed User Friendliness
iMyVid Free Online MP3 Downloader MP3 None It doesn't; have any disturbing ads for a smooth downloading experience.
Internet Archive FLAC Optional It offers a preview option to check the file first.
Jamendo MP3 Required It offers many interface languages, like English, Spanish, Italian, and more.
Free Music Archive MP3 and FLAC Optional It has a chart of the most played and downloaded music.
J-Pop Music Download MP3 and FLAC None This site update its music almost every day. It gives you an option to look at the hottest, newest, and trendiest Asian music in your area.
Sites Supported Audio Formats Registration Needed User Friendliness
Musopen FLAC Required It allows you to “Favorite” the music for later download.
Bandcamp MP3, WAV, and FLAC Required The site has an app that is available for Android and iOS devices.
ProStudioMasters FLAC, AIFF, and MQA Required It has a “Top 100” feature to see the 100 most played music.
YouTube Audio Library MP3 Required It lets you see the duration of the music to check how long it is.
DatPiff MP3 Optional It has a Facebook and Twitter account where you can request music that is not available on the site.


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