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mp3 birthday songWe celebrate our birthdays at least once a year. That is why it is worth it to get a stress-free day and enjoy the day with your loved ones around you. Listening to the best version of the Happy Birthday song will spice up the mood. While celebrating your birthday, it would be nice if you use the best Happy Birthday song as your background music. That is why today, we prepared the most straightforward way to download MP3 birthday song featuring the updated list of different versions of birthday songs. So without further ado, let’s head on to the most anticipated reasons why people are looking for birthday songs.

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Happy Birthday Songs

According to, a Happy Birthday song is a song that used to be sung when someone is celebrating their birthday. At a birthday party, people sing the Happy Birthday song as a cake lit with candles presented to the birthday celebrant. It has become a tradition whenever someone has their birthday, people gather in the same room, and someone carries the cake. Then people will begin to sing and wish the celebrant a happy birthday. YouTube is a platform where you can find many Happy Birthday songs in different versions from many artists. You can also find many versions of a funny Happy Birthday song MP3 on Spotify. If you want to know the lists of Happy Birthday songs provided by that platform, continue below.

celebrate birthday with mp3 birthday song

Where to Listen and Download MP3 Birthday Song

1. YouTube

Subscription: $6.99/ Monthly
OS Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge, Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu

YouTube is a platform wherein you can find Happy Birthday songs. You could listen and download them directly on YouTube if you purchased one of their subscription plans. YouTube provides millions of free videos and music that you can enjoy online. You can have unlimited streaming of different versions and Happy Birthday Song download styles. Aside from Happy Birthday songs, you can also find other songs and videos on YouTube or on sites like MP3juice. Many video creators and editors have been popular on YouTube, also known as YouTubers. Below are the different kinds of birthday songs provided by YouTube and other platforms.

find mp3 birthday song on youtube

2. DailyMotion

Subscription: $12.5/ Monthly
OS Compatibility: Opera, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Android, iOS, and Windows.

DailyMotion is another platform to get an MP3 birthday song download free. DailyMotion has a lot of Happy Birthday songs to offer to you; this includes the funny version and more. This platform is known as a music and video provider that allows its users to add their videos to this platform. Aside from that, it also allows its users to save and share their videos on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. With DailyMotion’s millions of videos and songs, you can stream them in high-quality resolution. DailyMotion is a platform that could help you find the best Happy Birthday song for your celebration.

find mp3 birthday song on dailymotion

3. 1HappyBirthday

Subscription: Free
OS Compatibility: Web Based

If you want to have a personalized Happy Birthday Song, you can check out 1Happy Birthday. This page provides free Happy Birthday songs with names. You have to find your name using their search bar. They have thousands of ready-made birthday songs with different names. Aside from traditional birthday songs, you can also find other versions like Spanish, funny, Mexico, and even for your pets. You can play the song, download it, or share it via Email, Facebook, Text, and WhatsApp. Once you find your name download it and listen to it for free.

find mp3 birthday song on 1happybirthday

Types Link from YouTube Link from DailyMotion
General or Traditional Happy Birthday Song Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to you
Funny Birthday Song Minions Happy Birthday Song Chipmunks Funny Birthday Song
Birthday Song for Son My Son Happy Birthday Birthday Song Kids
Birthday Song for Daughter My Daughter Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Baby Girl!
Birthday Song for Senior Acapella Happy Birthday Song Happy Birthday (Classic Version)

Happy Birthday Song Download Free

Subscription: Free
OS Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Bing, Opera, Safari, and more.

MP3Juice Downloader is one of the most popular tools when it comes to free music downloads. This tool has an excellent and fast processor downloader. Although this tool is web-based, it does not waste your time; you can get your favorite Happy Birthday song downloaded in a snap with just minimal clicks. You can use MP3Juice Downloader on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader supports a wide range of video and music platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, and more. Apart from that, you can save your videos or music in high quality with the help of this tool. Below is the detailed process of Happy Birthday song download.

Step 1: Open Browser

Once you have your browser open, click this link (Free MP3 Downloader). After that, you will be directed to the tool's official page. You don't have to download or install anything to download your song with this tool.

download mp3 birthday song on mp3juice downloader 1

Step 2: Copy and Paste

After that, go to your song provider or platform, copy the URL, and go back to the MP3Juice Downloader. Paste the URL in the link bar. Then click the Happy Birthday song download button. Wait for a few seconds to load the results.

download mp3 birthday song on mp3juice downloader 2

Step 3: Download MP3 Birthday Song

Once the Happy Birthday song you want to download appears in the result, click the "Download" button beside the song. Then select the available audio quality and hit the "Download" button near it. Wait until the song is completely downloaded.

download mp3 birthday song on mp3juice downloader 3

Step 4: Check Downloaded Happy Birthday Song

To locate the downloaded Happy Birthday Song, go to your device's downloads folder or output folder. Click the downloaded song to play it then check the song if it is downloaded properly. If you want to download another song, just repeat the steps mentioned above.

download mp3 birthday song on mp3juice downloader4

Happy Birthday Song Download MP3 with Music Keeper

Subscription: $9.95/Monthly
OS Compatibility: Windows and Mac

AceThinker Music Keeper is considered the best music downloader for desktops. You can download your Birthday Songs with names in this tool. Music Keeper provides you a fast and free download. This tool offers no limit trial period, which means you can use the tool to download unlimited songs for free. Additionally, this tool has a built-in browser that allows you to detect your Happy Birthday song from different music sources quickly. This tool offers various music resources, including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, and more. Aside from music, you can also download videos and subtitles with Music Keeper.

Step 1:Install Music Keeper

Before downloading, you first need to install the AceThinker Music Keeper on your computer. Below are the download buttons that you can use to download the tool’s latest version. The left button is for Windows users, and the rest is for Mac users. Complete the process, then launch the tool.

Try it for Free

download mp3 birthday song on music keeper1

Step 2:Copy and Paste Music Link

Once the Music Keeper is ready, go to the music source like YouTube or DailyMotion, copy the URL, and then return to the tool’s interface. Click the “+” button to paste the link and wait for the Happy Birthday song to show as a result.

download mp3 birthday song on music keeper2

Step 3:Download Birthday Song

After that, click the “MP3” button to download the Happy Birthday Song on your computer quickly. Check the downloading process in the “Downloading” tab. Once the song is completely downloaded, it will be stored in the tool’s “Downloaded” tab and your downloads folder.

download mp3 birthday song on music keeper3

Step 4:Play Happy Birthday Song

Go to the “Downloaded” tab, find the downloaded Happy Birthday Song, then right-click and select the “Play Music” option to play the song in the tool’s built-in media player. If you want to download other songs, repeat the steps mentioned earlier.

download mp3 birthday song on music keeper4

Say Happy Birthday in Different Languages

Language Happy Birthday
French Bonne fête
Portuguese Feliz aniversário
Italian Buon compleanno
Malay Selamat Hari lahir
Filipino Maligayang kaarawan

Comparison Chart

Features Batch Download Ads Trial Period
YouTube Not Supported Free Trial has ads. Supported
DailyMotion Not Supported Free Trial has ads. No annoying ads.
MP3Juice Downloader Not Supported No annoying ads. None
Music Keeper Supported No annoying ads. None


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