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About Free Online Audio Recorder

Do you have Spotify, Pandora, or any other music streaming platforms on your device? You might wonder, but most of these apps won't allow you to download their content. So, if you want to record music, try this Free Online Audio Recorder!

Record Audio in Various Ways: This free streaming audio recorder lets you capture the sound in several ways. It enables you to capture the system sound, perfect for recording any music playing on your computer. Also, you can insert narrations and voice-over since it also records any external microphone plugged into your PC.

Free and User-Friendly Audio Recorder: You don't need to register a user account or download any file to use this free audio stream recorder. The online tool is also accessible to any web browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

How to Use Free Online MP3 Recorder

The free online voice recorder lets you record any sound from your device with 3 easy steps. Just set the recording source, start it, and play the sound you want to capture, and let the tool do the rest of the work!
  • Go to the free online sound recorder's official website and click the "Launch Free Recorder" button to open it.
  • Choose the audio source between "System Audio," "Microphone," or both. Then, click the "REC" button to begin.
  • Once done, hit the "Stop" button, and the recording list will show. From here, click the "Play" icon to listen to it.

FAQs About Online Audio Recorder

Is it safe and private? Yes, it is! Even though you need to access it online, Free Online Audio Recorder will not upload the recorded file on its server. Also, you can delete the recorded file anytime you want if you need to be sure.

How to record the computer audio and microphone at the same time? Make sure that you have your microphone plugged in on your computer first. Then, simply click the System Audio and Microphone buttons, ensuring they won't have any "X" mark on them. Finally, hit the REC button to start recording both audio sources simultaneously.

Can I use it on my Mac computer? Of course. Since it is an online tool, it is accessible to almost any computer. Using your Mac computer, just launch Safari and visit its official website to launch the tool. Then, you can start recording any music or sound you prefer on your Mac computer.

User Reviews

Great Online Audio Recorder!

It definitely exceeds my expectations! I am amazed how clear the sound when I tried to record my singing voice using this. I will definitely recommend this app. Thank you!

- David

Easy & Fast Way to Record Songs

I like the way how simple the app looks. With just few clicks on its button, I definitely recorded an entire album that I needed for my jogging.

- Grace

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