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game recorder feature imageAs the year goes by, the internet provides a lot of exciting technologies to human society. It provides social media access, learning materials, and gaming materials. Computer games or PC games were developed as early as the internet was introduced in our daily lives. Though console games are now on-trend, PC games or computer games are still on demand and patronage. Moreover, PC gaming up to this date is still supported by different gamer communities. For the reason of, not only for its satisfaction that it provides. Also, for its most popular content to produce on different video sharing platforms. This includes Twitch, YouTube, etc. Due to expanding demands for live-stream videos and gaming content. Many viewers and game content creators make use of different screen recorders. To be able for them to watch, share and enjoy their recorded game videos. In this article, you are about to read the ten best PC game recording software that game watchers and game content creators utilize.

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Top 10 Best Game Recording Software

1. Screen Grabber Premium

Distinctive Feature: A task schedule feature lets users capture and record anything on their PC screen in a predefined time.
User-Friendliness: It has comprehensive navigation and flexible settings; even newbies can quickly get to know the process.

A professional and powerful tool that can capture anything on a PC screen, Screen Grabber Premium must be on this list. This tool is essential to record your gameplay video because it can capture the PC screen into superb quality on different formats like MP4, WMV, etc. It can also save videos up to 60 fps; thus, it can guarantee a smooth showcase for impressive graphics of your gameplay. Furthermore, while capturing gameplay videos, users can utilize annotation to add text, shapes, lines, arrows, etc., to emphasize and highlight a specific area. Users can make their videos instructive and precise by utilizing and customizing the recording area. Moreover, users can freely record gameplay video with computer system sound or input commentary voice lines by utilizing microphones while recording.

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sgp interface

Utilize and modify the hotkeys according to your preference to record your gameplay without clicking any button.

2. Bandicam

Distinctive Feature: It has a built-in compressor that can make the recorded video size smaller by packing and reducing the media data.
User-Friendliness: This tool describes every tab that the mouse cursor points at.

Bandicam is one of the most well-known software in terms of PC game recording software. However, this recording tool is only available for Windows OS. This tool is top-rated because it supports different languages such as English, Korean, Japanese, etc. This screen recorder for Windows 10 can record and save gameplay videos with high bitrates and frames up to 4K Ultra HD resolution. Also, users can customize the recording area any way they want to record, full screen or not. It also has a Game Mode Recording feature that allows users to record gameplay while showing FPS. Moreover, it also has a Device Mode Recording feature to record external video devices such as Webcam, Xbox, IPTV, etc.

game recorder bandicam

To enhance the recording and capturing ability of Bandicam, try the hardware-accelerated H.264 encoder.

3. Gamecaster

Distinctive Feature: Take advantage of the latest NVIDIA and AMD technology to make sure users can record and stream lag-free on even the most demanding games.
User-friendliness: It has understandable navigation and customizable themes. Also, it lets users experience world-class streaming and recording gameplay video.

Gamecaster is one of the best gameplay recording software out there. This tool made recording and streaming gameplay very simple. On this software, users can choose the setup of its features from 2 different buttons; "I mainly stream" and "I mainly record." It is supported. This software supports 12 different languages. Some examples are English, German, Spanish, and more. It also has different hotkeys to use by its users; these shortcut keys can be modified depending on users' preferences. Also, users can adjust their recording setups, such as audio input, camera source, and others. This software allows users to share their recorded gameplay from different video-sharing platforms. That includes YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more.

game recorder gamecaster

Utilize and enable the HD recording by clicking the CTRL+Tab hotkeys.

4. Movavi Screen Recorder

Distinctive Feature:This software is equipped with a powerful API. It enables plugins and scripts to arrange further customization and functionality.
User-Friendliness:It is lightweight and has inclusive navigation.

Considered as one of the best game recording software due to its functional features. Movavi Screen Recorder allows users to capture and record gameplays easily and quickly. It can utilize a webcam, microphone, system sounds, and whole screen to source the recording. Additionally, it has many general features that users can utilize while recording. These are injecting annotations and texts. It can also disable the countdown to capture gameplay instantly and rapidly directly. Also, users can disable and hide the control bar to remove distractions and the spotlessness of the recorded gameplay. Besides, users can adjust their video's fps to have a smooth and flawlessly captured gameplay video.

game recorder movavi

Users can enable Intel hardware acceleration for lag-free and smooth recording.

5. OBS

Distinctive Feature: To have better audio quality, users can use an intuitive audio mixer. It allows adjusting the per-source filters like noise gate, noise suppression, and gain.
User-Friendliness: A bit confusing for newbies, but it is easy to manage due to its extensive navigation.

This best free game recording software, OBS is an open-source screen recording software. It is used by different professional bloggers, and game streamers use. It has no duration limitation, perfect for capturing long gameplay videos. This desktop software can also capture a part of the user's screen to emphasize a specific portion. Even so, it can also record the entire screen. Besides, it has customizable shortcut keys or hotkeys that can help users control their gameplay recording. It can export videos into different video formats like MP4, WMV, and a lot more. These are compatible with many sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and many more. This tool also allows schedule screen recording tasks at a predefined time.

game recorder obs

To have better audio quality, users can utilize an intuitive audio mixer with per-source filters like noise gate, noise suppression, and gain.

6. Action Screen Recorder

Distinctive Feature: It can record gameplay up to 360 fps, perfect for recording gameplay videos.
User-Friendliness: Features are located on the right side of the software. This allows users to control their recorded videos easily.

Action is considered as one of the favorable game screen recorder that exists on the internet. It can capture an entire screen or an area of the screen. Also, it can export video up to 2160p which is available in two formats; MP4 and AVI. It uses advanced technologies such as Intel Quick Sync Video, Intel Quick Sync Video HDR10, and many more. This is helpful to have smooth and flawless gameplay recordings. Furthermore, the audio can be modified and amplified up to 200 percent allowing users to capture during gameplay. It has a preview feature that consents users to review their recorded video.

game recorder action

The Time-Shift feature keeps recording all user’s current gameplay actions in a short loop buffer. With Time-Shift, users will not lose any spectacular video game actions or scenes.

7. Xbox Game Bar

Distinctive Feature: It is a free and simple tool to record high-quality gameplay videos.
User-friendliness Light and simple navigation.

Are you looking for the legit best screen recorder for gaming? Xbox Game Bar is the perfect solution that you need. Video recording and gameplay capturing while using this tool are serene and smooth. Within a few clicks, users can capture anything and everything on their screen. By utilizing Windows + G shortcut keys, the tool will automatically appear on your screen. Also, it has a widget menu that users can use, such as audio input, capture options, and many more. The main downfall of this tool is that it is only available for Windows 10. Additionally, this tool allows users to capture gameplay videos up to 30 to 60 fps and 1080p quality output. Thus it is still considered as one of the impeccable tools to use as a game screen recorder.

best game recorder xbox game bar

Users can easily access this tool by pressing Windows + G on their keyboard.

8. Wondershare FilmoraScrn

Distinctive Feature: Green screen allows users to easily replace a part of the video with green screen backgrounds.
User-Friendliness: Easy to navigate with its lightweight interface.

FilmoraScrn is a game screen recorder PC that game content creators commonly use. It has multiple features to offer; one of these features is screen drawing which enables users to draw lines, shapes, and more. It has a spotlight feature that can attract audiences' attention by highlighting a part of the screen. In addition, it can also pan and zoom in a specific recording region to emphasize demonstration in designated areas. It can export recorded video into MP4, MOV, and GIF. Aside from that, it has three different cursor effects to help content creators to express their ideas.

game recorder filmora

Modify the FPS setting up to 120fps for smooth gameplay recording.

9. Dxtory

Distinctive Feature: The codec that Dxtory uses is capable of recording original pixel data as it is. Thus, users can obtain the highest quality possible.
User-Friendliness: This software is very confusing for casual users or newbies.

Dxtory is a screen capture software for DirectX and OpenGL applications. Using this tool will let data directly be acquired from a surface memory buffer. So it is a very high-speed tool and works perfectly for high fps gameplays. Also, users can attach any audio input using two materials; in-game sounds and microphone sound. Additionally, these two audio inputs can be edited separately. It has plenty of customization options that users can utilize while recording gameplay videos. Furthermore, this tool has shortcut keys to navigate and traverse its features.

game recorder dxtory

This works appropriately on low-end PC. Users who have lower performance components can use this software for recording gameplay videos.

10. Debut Video Capture

Distinctive Feature: Can record from IP cameras.
User-Friendliness: It has reliable and comprehensive navigation perfect for newbies.

Debut Video Capture is the best PC game recording software due to its reasonably intuitive interface. It can capture video in Webcam, Screen, and Camera overlay. Moreover, its main interface has four elements. One of these is the "Main Toolbar." This consists of options to select the capture method, locate and play recordings, and the ability to configure and modify fps. Another is "Recording Controls," which consists of options like play, pause, record, and many more. The other is "Record as Section," which allows users to configure the output format, encoder options, video options, and more. Last is the "Preview Area," which allows users to preview a recorded gameplay video.

best game recorder debut video capture

It can record video from a webcam and other connected devices like IP cameras. Thus, users could set the software to record from a security camera overnight.

FAQs About Game Recorders

1. Does game recording decrease my gaming experience?

Yes, recording your gameplay has a slight effect on your gaming experience. If you are playing a game that is less CPU intensive, it won't affect the performance. But, if you are using a GPU-bound encoder, it will affect your gaming experience.

2. What is the best game recorder for PC?

The presented tools above are the best game recorder that you can search online. Because of their versatility, you can use them in recording other videos aside from gameplay. It is up to you to decide what's best for your requirement when it comes to recording gameplay.

3. Why game recording software is used?

They are a huge help for someone who streams their gameplay. Aside from that, game recorders offer real-time editing during the recording process. Also, you can set up a scheduled task to capture your computer screen in high quality.

Comparison Table

Software Price OS supported Size of setup file
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium Personal - $42.95 for two computers with lifetime support and upgrade. Windows: Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 and above (including macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave)

2.55 MB
Bandicam Free Trial, $60 for 1 license Windows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista 1.05 KB
Gamecaster Free, Premium Licenses starting at $8.32/mo. Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 7.6 MB
Movavi $30 Windows and Mac OS 3.44 KB
OBS Free Linux, Mac, Windows 1.O4 KB
Action Free Trial, $29.95 per user Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 8, 7 and Vista 94 MB
Xbox game bar Free Windows 10 One of the features of Windows.
Filmora $23.991 Year/PC Mac and Windows 1.11 MB
Dxtory Free Trial, $35 for 1 license Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, 8.1,Vista and XP 5.75 MB
Debut Video Capture $59.99 Mac and Windows 1.5 MB


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