6 Most Reliable Firefox Screen Recorder Add-ons and Tools

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featured image firefox screen recorder Mozilla Firefox is one of the most trustworthy open-source web browsers developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The web browser's continuous development became more popular. It is acclaimed for its speed, security, and addons compared to Internet Explorer. Moreover, Firefox comes with integrated search systems. That includes tabbed browsing, incremental search, download manager, private browsing, and more. With these features, people can search for different videos, music, movies, search articles, and more. In fact, the increasing number of Firefox users makes the need for a Firefox screen recorder more evident. That is, if they want to record a video or audio and other page content. Thus, whatever people want to record in Firefox, they need a Firefox screen recorder to make it possible. This article will walk you through the excellent and reliable Firefox screen recorder extension you can find online.

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Best Browser Firefox Extension

1. Awesome Screenshot Plus

OS: Windows and Mac
Distinctive Feature: This Firefox record screen lets users access saved images and videos across devices anytime via awesomescreenshoot.com.

Awesome Screenshot Plus is a free Firefox screen recorder addon. It allows users to capture browser screens without restarting Firefox. With this tool, users can record the desktop activities, recording a specific window tab or recording the entire screen. While recording, the tool will only show a recording status without the video content. This makes some users a little intrigued about the output of the recorded file. The video output can be downloaded in MP4 format. Aside from recording, it allows users to take screenshots of any browsing tabs. This online video recorder has many functions for screenshots that include crop, blur, or putting shapes on the pictures like lines and arrows.

firefox screen recorder awesome screen recorder

It enable users to store and manage their screenshots and recordings on awesomescreenshoot.com.
It lets users share a video link after finishing the recordings.
To access this Firefox screen recorder add-on, users need to log in with a valid email address.
Users can screen record videos up to 30 seconds in the free version for the longer duration video users need to upgrade to the paid version for $5/month.

2. Live Recorder

OS: Windows
Distinctive Feature: While recording a video, the tool shows the file size to monitor the size of the output file.

With this firefox screen capture video tool, users can record videos and audio online. Users can access this add-on for free, and it will automatically appear on the toolbar of the Firefox browser once downloaded. Besides, this Firefox screen recorder does not limit the size or length of the videos users want to record. Moreover, it is a plus that the tool does not add a watermark to the recorded video. After recording, it allows users to preview the recorded file and lets the users preview the recorded video before saving it on the computer. So if you like to record a video, Live Recorder is the perfect tool for you.

firefox screen recorder live recorder

The output recording does not contain any watermarks.
Users need to play a video in order to access the tool.
The tool does not include any editing features.

3. Screen Recorder (Add-On)

OS: Windows
Distinctive Feature: When saving the file, the tool has an option on which application it can be opened.

Record Firefox screen with this extension in real-time. Aside from Firefox, this tool is also available for Chrome. It also supports different platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Screen Recorder has an option which browser can be recorded, or it allows to record the entire screen. When recording a video, the tool is simultaneously sharing the video on the Firefox trusted browser. Users can stop the sharing process by clicking on the tool's Stop Sharing button. The recording is available for download if users want to save it on their computer or save it to Google Drive to access it on different devices.

firefox screen recorder SC

It has a smooth interface where new users can easily use this Firefox screen recorder.
The tool grants users to record videos without limitation
The tool does not support screen capture, and it does not have any editing tools.

Best Online Firefox Screen Recorder

1. Free Screen Recorder Online

OS: Windows and Mac
Distinctive Feature: This tool allows users to save the recorded output in popular video formats such as AVI, MOV, MP4, and more.

Free Screen Recorder Online is a browser recorder that can record anything from Firefox. This browser recorder Firefox allows users to include the audio on the recording. It can record the system sound and input audio using the microphone or work them simultaneously. Furthermore, this tool lets users record or capture the entire screen or choose a specific part of the area desktop. Also, the tool has a basic editing feature. It lets users add annotations such as shapes, lines, arrows, and text to make the real-time video even more informative.

fsr interface

This lightweight tool lets the user record without any watermarks.
It has straightforward navigation that even a new user can easily use the tool.
As it is an online tool, it mainly relies on the internet.

2. Screencast-O-Matic

OS: Windows and Mac
Distinctive Feature: This screen recorder has an option to add images and stock music to your recording.

This browser recorder Firefox makes screen recording with facecam even more efficient. With its smooth navigation, even a new user can easily use this tool. It also lets the users add audio narration to the recording using the microphone to make the recording even more informative. In addition, since Screencast-O-Matic is an online screen recorder. The tool can be accessed on various platforms such as Windows and Mac. The recorded file can be directly uploaded to Screencast-O-Matic, Google Drive, or YouTube.

firefox screen recorder screencast o matic

It has a trimming tool to edit the start and end of the video.
It enables users to quick-share the recorded file on Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, and more.
Although users can record multiple times, the duration of the recording is only 15 minutes.

Best Software to Record Firefox Screen

OS: Windows and Mac
Distinctive Feature: The tool has a unique feature called "Task Scheduler," which grants users to set a task to record a video automatically. This feature is helpful to record a video even if the user is not in front of the computer.

Screen Grabber Premium is a recommended screen recorder since it can record video up to 4K resolution. This screen recorder lets you screencast Firefox and is the most convenient way to record anything. Users can record videos, gameplay, video chat, business demo, webinar, and more. It has a user-friendly interface that even a new user can follow. The tool also allows users to customize the recording area by selecting a region or recording the entire screen. Furthermore, it has a feature capable of recording the mouse cursor move perfect for gamers. Besides, the tool allows users to annotate real-time videos. It provides shapes, lines, text, and arrows to highlight the crucial details of a video recording. Start using the tool by following the steps listed below.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Get and Install Screen Grabber Premium

Since this tool is available for both Windows and Mac, select the compatible version with your PC by clicking any button provided above. Once downloaded, launch it and follow the setup wizard app to complete this tool's installation on your computer. After finishing the installation, open the software to see the simple interface of the tool.

sgp interface

Step 2 Set Up the Tool

Browsing the tool before using it makes it more effective to use. On the upper panel of the tool, click the gear icon to access the different settings it provided. You can configure presets for the recording format, output folder, hotkeys, the color of the mouse cursor, and more. After that, click the "OK" button to apply all the changes.

firefox screen recorder sgp

Step 3 Start Recording Firefox using Screen Grabber Premium

On Firefox, search for the video you want to record. Before you start the recording, set the recording aspect ratio by clicking the "Custom" button. You can customize the region or just choose a fixed region provided by the tool. And, to start recording, click the "REC" button on the tool's right side.

firefox screen recorder sgp

Step 4 Add Annotations while Recording

Upon clicking the "REC" button, the recording toolbar will appear on your screen. It will allow you to pause, hide the toolbar, take screenshots, and most, control the recording. From here, you can click on the "PEN" icon at the upper right panel of the tool to access the editing tools. It lets you draw lines, arrows, shapes, and text while recording.

firefox screen recorder sgp

Step 5 Play the Recorded Video

Lastly, click the "Stop" button at the floating toolbar's upper left panel to end the recording. The tool will open a video playback where you can preview the video you recorded. After that, you can click the "Save" button to keep the video on your computer.

firefox screen recorder sgp

The tool allows users to record the screen and webcam simultaneously.
Users can freely choose to record video with the system sound, the microphone's voice, or use them simultaneously.
Save the recorded video in different formats like MP4, MOV, WMA, and more.
The tool-free trial version only allows users to record a video with three minutes duration.

FAQs About Firefox Screen Recorders

1. Do Firefox extensions safe or not?

Although extensions are practical to use since they save us from installing other software, they are not the safest option. There are many security issues being reported related to these extensions through the years. Thus, we can say that addons threaten your browsing experience.

2. Does Firefox has a pre-built screen recorder?

Firefox does not come with a pre-built screen recorder. That's where addons and software come in. You can use third-party tools to screen records on Firefox without any hassle. Make sure that the screen recorder is compatible with the Firefox browser.

3. What is the best screen recorder for Firefox?

If you prefer a free tool, we recommend using the tools mentioned in this article. But if you like to record using more advanced software, we highly suggest using Screen Grabber Premium. Because of its ability to record up to 4K resolution, rest assured that your recordings are of high quality.

Comparison of Firefox Screen Recorders

Tools Supported OS Output Format Editing Tools
Awesome Screenshot Plus Windows, Mac MP4 Yes
Live Recorder Windows WebM No
Screen Recorder (Add-on) Windows WebM No
AceThinker Screen Recorder Online Windows, Mac MP4, MOV, WMA,GIF Yes
Screencast-O-Matic Windows, Mac MP4, AVI, FLV Yes
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium Windows, Mac MP4, MOV, WMA, GIF,TS, AVI, F4V Yes


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