Best 10 Free Screen Recorder No Watermark for Windows/Mac

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featured free screen recorder no watermark Various screen recording enables users to record or capture any computer and mobile screen activities. It can capture streaming video, video chat, webinar, learning courses, gameplay, and more. For that reason, developers took the advantage to develop many screen recordings that anyone could use. There are countless screen recorders available online. Still, people tend to look for the best and free screen recorder without watermark. Because truth to be told, a recording output with a watermark can be disturbing as it makes a recording output almost useless. To fix the problem, here we sort out a list of the best screen recording without watermarks. Keep on reading the article to know them all. Let us start!

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Best 10 Free Screen Recorder Without Watermark

1. Free Screen Recorder Online

Distinctive Feature: It has an alternative on how the user can save their recording, either GIF or MP4.
OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Record any computer screen activity with a light-weight online screen recorder no watermark. With that, we suggest using Free Screen Recorder Online. Users can record video and audio using the webcam with high quality up to 1080P without a time limit with this online screen recorder. To make the recording even more perfect, users can include or exclude the system sounds. Also, they can arrange the audio input to use the microphone or use it simultaneously. Furthermore, users can record full screen or choose to record a specific desktop area with its advanced feature. It's a plus that users do not need to register an account to use this online recorder. For all it requires are a reliable connection and a web browser.

fsr interface

Concise navigation that even a new user can easily use the tool.
The online recorder allows users to use annotations such as lines, arrows, shapes, and text in real-time.
Users need to download a launcher to use it for the first time.
Since it's an online tool, it relies on the internet.

2. Free Cam

Distinctive Feature: The tool has a built-in audio and video editor that lets users make any video into a well-rounded video lesson.
OS: Windows

With this free recording software, no watermark lets the users create a screencast easily. Free Cam provides a complete set of features for creating professional video lessons and tutorials. First, the user can select a recording area, record full screen, cast a selected area of the screen or a single window. Make a video lesson more informative with a voice-over using the microphone and make it entertaining with the system sound. While recording, the user can point up the essential details or steps. That is by utilizing the highlight of the mouse cursor and mouse sound clicking.

screen recorder no watermark freecam

It has an option to cut unnecessary parts of the video.
It has an option to add or share the video recorder directly to YouTube.
To download the tool, users need to provide a valid email.
The highest quality of the recording is 760P.

3. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Distinctive Feature: It allows users to place an unlimited number of scenes. They can be switched smoothly and continuously using custom transitions.
OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux

OBS is a free screen recording and live streaming tool. When it comes to screen recorder PC no watermark, OBS cannot be left out; with its high-performance in real-time video and audio capturing. It has an intuitive audio mixer with per-source filters such as noise suppression and noise gate. Furthermore, this software is available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. However, this free open-source screen recorder does not support any editing tools in real-time, making it the tool's downside.

screen recorder no watermark obs

Since it's more compatible for gamers, the tool supports broadcasting the recorded video directly to YouTube or Twitch.
Allows customization of advanced settings. This gives access to various configuration options to adjust the broadcast or recording.
The interface of the tool can be a little overwhelming, especially for new users.
There is no option to pause the recording.

4. ActivePresenter

Distinctive Feature: It has a choice called FlexBox that allows users to make a layout in the presentation.
OS: Windows and Mac

ActivePresenter is a free screen recorder no watermark no time limit. As the tool itself's name, this tool is designed for eLearning contents like manuals, training tutorials, handouts, and more. It can easily convert regular projects to responsive ones. It comes with functions that enable users to record the screen, take screenshots and even record webcam with audio. The recorded video can be saved up to 1080P, and it grants users to use annotations while recording. Furthermore, the tool has an option for editing videos such as text animation.

screen recorder no watermark activepresenter

Menus and bottoms are organized for the user to navigate the tool easily.
Light themes and dark themes help the user work more efficiently at night or in a low-light environment.
It cannot record FPS (Frames per Second) gameplay like Dusk, Call of Duty, and more.

5. Tiny Take

Distinctive Feature: This tool gives the user free online storage up to 2GB.
OS: Windows and Mac

Another screen recorder for PC without watermark is Tiny Take, a capturing and video recording tool designed by MangoApps. It records the screen with high-quality up to 1080p. This screen recorder allows users to capture images and add a comment when sharing them. Also, this tool provides editing features. Users can add annotation, making the video more presentable and informative. Users can categorize it as free because it allows them to record the screen but with a limitation of five minutes, making it the tool's downside. Recording webinars, gameplays, and online movies will not be possible with this tool.

screen recorder no watermark tinytake

It lets users capture in different modes such as Capture Region, Capture Window, Capture Fullscreen, and more.
Apart from downloading the application, users need to create an account to access the tool, making it a little annoying.

6. Screencastify

Distinctive Feature: Screencastify can capture audio from a microphone. This feature is not expected for other Google Chrome extensions, making it more useful.
OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Say goodbye to pricey software and a long registration process. With this Chrome browser extension, Screencastify, anything is possible. Users can record the browser tab, desktop screen, or webcam. Also, it can record the microphone's audio with this free screen recorder without watermark. The tools support a feature wherein it can embed the webcam anywhere in the recording. Keep the audience focused on what's necessary with the help of annotations and mouse cursor highlights. Besides, the free video capture tool is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

screen recorder no watermark screencastify

Recordings are automatically saved on Google Drive, and users can instantly share the Google Drive link.
Take advantage of the export option of the screen recordings tool as an MP4, animated GIF, or MP3.
The tool has a limitation of five minutes to record any activities on the computer screen.

7. ShareX

Distinctive Feature: It grants users to add customized watermarks.
OS: Windows

ShareX screen recorder without watermark PC lets the user record or capture the computer screen. It can record an active window or a specific region of the desktop screen. The tool's interface is easier to navigate among the open-source tool because the options are arranged on the left panel of the tool. Once the recording is done, the recording output is automatically saved on the computer's local drive. Before using this tool, users can customize keyboard shortcuts for their convenience. Besides, it supports image annotations such as shapes, lines, and arrows.

screen recorder no watermark sharex

The recording output can be sent directly to various social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.
Recording or embedding the webcam is not supported by the tool.

8. FluVid

Distinctive Feature: Worry no more as the recording tool secures the files with its password protection feature. You can protect sensitive content and control the restriction of recordings output.
OS: Windows, Mac, and Linux

The next free recording software no watermark is FluVid. Record the desktop screen without installing and make the recording output more captivating. Users can highlight over the screen from the collection of multiple colors and marker size options. Furthermore, if users made a mistake while recording, edit by selecting a part of the save video to remove or save it separately. Take advantage of its built-in tools to present and manipulate the video. It’s a plus that this tool is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

screen recorder no watermark fluvid

It grants users to create a cross-platform where the recording can be uploaded.
This screen recording without a watermark lets users customize a logo to place it over the content.
Other features like live streaming need to be added to the browser separately.

9. Screencast-O-Matic

Distinctive Feature: This screen recorder has an option to add images and stock music to your recording.
OS: Windows and Mac

Another online screen recorder no watermark is Screen-O-Matic; it allows users to record screen displays for free. Although it has a time limit of 15 minutes of screen recording, it allows users to record unlimited times. Record full screen or a region based on the requirement users needed and add audio narration from a microphone and from a webcam. Also, after recording, it grants the user to add music and captions for emphasizing information.


Upload directly to Screen-O-Matic, Google Drive, or YouTube or share the link of the recording output.
It grants users to trim or edit the video from the start to the end of the video.
Although, the user, can insert annotation after the recording, users can't use any annotation in the real-time recording.

10. QuickTime Player

Distinctive Feature: It has an advantage for Mac OS users because it does not require any installation process.
OS: Mac

Lastly, QuickTime Player is a screen recorder for PC without watermark. This tool is perfect for Mac because of its multifunctional default video player Mac. It also serves as a screen recorder that can capture or record the desktop screen for free. Split, copy, cut, paste or delete parts or rotate the video after recording based on each preference. Besides that, recorded files are shareable via Mail, Messages, and Airdrop. Users can also upload it on different video-sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

screen recorder no watermark quicktime

It grants users to record audio-only using the microphone.
It's only available for Mac users, and it requires a third-party tool to record the system sound.

omparison of Free No Watermark Screen Recorders

Tool Operating System Area Selection Editing Tool
Free Screen Recorder Online Windows, Mac, Linux
Yes Yes
Free Cam Windows Yes Yes
OBS Windows, Mac, Linux Yes No
ActivePresenter Windows, Mac Yes Yes
Tiny Take Windows, Mac Yes Yes
Screencastify Windows, Mac, Linux
No Yes
ShareX Windows Yes No
FluVid Windows, Mac, Linux
Yes Yes
Screencast-O-Matic Windows, Mac Yes Yes
QuickTime Player Mac Yes No


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