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feature image As we live in the modern world, technology becomes everyone's best friend. There are lots of things that can be done using technology since everything can be searched on the internet. As technology becomes rampant. The use of open-source screen recording software has increased. That is because they have various benefits for each individual. Moreover, they can save any content that plays on your screen, even when having video calls and online streaming videos. But, there are many screen recording applications that you could see on different websites and media platforms. So we thought of introducing to you the ten best free open-source screen recording software.

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Top 10 Open Source Screen Capture Tool for Windows, Mac, Linux

1. Screen Grabber Premium

Screen Grabber Premium is one of the most trustworthy open source screen recording software. This software can record any screen activities on users’ computer desktops, in spite of the websites and platforms used on the screen. It is a professional editing application that can record online videos, capture gameplay. Users can create a video tutorial and even record a webcam. Moreover, users can select their desired output formats such as MP4, WMA, MOV, AVI, and more provided in this tool. Also, they can freely choose audio input for their videos like system sound or microphone. This HD video recorder lets users customize the recording area and annotate while recording.

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sgp interface

Provide high-quality video.
It has customizable audio and video recording settings.
It has many output formats options.
Has mouse effects while recording.
Users cannot take screenshots while recording

2. SimpleScreen Recorder

SimpleScreen Recorder is an open source screen recorder supported on Linux which can record programs and games. It has many features, yet it is easy to use as it has a straightforward user interface. Also, SimpleScreen Recorder for Linux can show a preview during recording. So no time would be wasted recording something only to figure out afterward that some setting was wrong. This tool also lets users choose the output format of the recorded video.

open source screen recorder simple screen recorder

Small components will never block the other components. This results in smoother video and better performance on computers with multiple processors.
Quick and smooth recording.
No sound when recording the speakers with PulseAudio.
The recording occasionally flickers, resulting in the desktop appearing instead of windows.

3. Freeseer

The Freeseer is software that can help capture and stream videos. It allows users to record presentations during conferences, training sessions, and lectures. The good thing about open source screen capture software is that it can be used in broad conferences with hundreds of talks and speakers. It is a free screen recorder open source that is reliable due to its profitability and simplicity.

open source screen recorder freeseer

It can record VGA output or video from external sources.
It is supported on Windows, Linux and will support macOS soon.
It can only run on a desktop or laptop.

4. ShareX

This tool is an open source screen capture with a wide range of video and editing tools. It is a great tool to screenshot programs that can be autonomously exported as an image file. These files can be uploaded on various platforms with a single press of a key. ShareX is an open source screen recorder supported on Windows. It lets you enjoy using its extras and a huge number of its most basic features.

open source screen recorder sharex

It has a vast range of features and editing options.
It is a free and open source screen recorder.
It can only run in Windows.

5. OBS Studio

Included on the list is the OBS Studio. OBS Studio is a free screen recorder open source. It is designed for capturing, compositing, encoding, recording, and streaming video content. This software is also compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. This open source free screen recorder is highly preferred for live streaming. The results are in high-performance video quality with custom transitions. Using other apps like OBS won't give you the high-quality output that OBS does.

open source screen recorder obs studio

Easy to configure options.
It has an advanced audio mixer with noise suppression abilities.
Easy to connect with streaming service providers.
Only a few devices can be networked.
It does not provide frequent updates for the software.

6. XVidCap

XVidCap is a great open source screen capture software. The tool lets users capture videos off X-windows desktop to illustrate and document. It works using an online encoding facility with the FFmpeg libavcodec/ libavformat. Besides that, this open source video screen capture supports MPEG videos.

open source screen recorder xvidcap

It has an online encoding facility.
It can capture movements on an X11 display either as single frames.
It can only record audio if the users have an OSS compatible system and FFMPEG libraries with compiled audio capture support.
Only compatible with Windows.

7. Capture Fox

Capture Fox is an open source windows screen recorder that allows users to record the activity in a window or the whole screen using a Firefox add-on. It is prevalent for many professionals to use this tool to record screen movements and external voice controls. However, add-ons should be installed to make this screen recording software run with your device.

open source screen recorder capture fox

Add-ons can be installed easily.
Users wouldn’t experience any bugs using it.
It does not provide a high frame rate for the screencast.

8. Cam Studio

Cam Studio is a tool that can screencast all the screen movements as well as audio activities. It is a free open source screen recorder wherein users can create bandwidth-friendly type flash videos easily. Cam Studio also lets users add screen captions or video annotation like shapes and highlighting to their recordings. Also, CamStudio produces high-quality videos with much smaller file sizes.

open source screen recorder cam studio

Users can add text comments to videos.
User-friendly interface.
It supports the AVI format

9. Kazam ScreenCaster

Included on the list is the open source screen capture software, Kazam ScreenCaster. This tool is also a screen recording program that can capture the content of the user’s screen and record a video. The recorded video can be played by any video player that supports VP8/WebM video format. Furthermore, using this open source video screen capture, audios can be recorded from any sound input device that PulseAudio supports.

open source screen recorder kazam screencaster

Efficient and straightforward user platform.
It has shortcut keys wherein users can easily click to pause and start the video.
It can only run in Linux.

10. Virtual Dub

This software is an open source video screen capture that is developed for the Windows operating system. Virtual Dub can process linear video streams, including filtering and recompression. This open source desktop recorder is mainly used for AVI files as it can handle sets of BMP images and read MPEG-1.

open source screen recorder cam virtual dub

Fast linear operations.
Batch processing capabilities.
Not available for macOS and Linux.

FAQs About Open Source Screen Capture Software

1. Is Open Source Software more convenient to use than Closed Software?

Open Source Software can be used in various platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. Also, it has a code that can be shared with the public, wherein users can modify and copy it. In contrast, Closed Software can only be used on limited platforms and has a personal code that can’t be shared with anyone. But the catch is these two sources are both free to use.

2. Is Open Source Software safe to use?

Open Source Software is safe to use since many people are working on open source software. That means they could see or discover bugs faster. Users can also review the code themselves and disable any functions they think are not secure.

3. Can Open Source Software be used in any work?

There is various open-source software that can be used in a particular type of work. Still, there is an accurate open source software that works better, and that is precisely made for a specific work.

Comparison Chart

Tools Output Format System Compatibility Editing Options
Screen Grabber Premium MP4, MOV, AVI. FLV, etc. Windows and Mac Available
SimpleScreenRecorder Supported by libavformat Linux Not available
Freeseer Ogg Windows, Mac, and Linux Not available
ShareX MP4, AVI, GIF Windows Not available
OBS Studio Supported by libavformat Windows, Mac, and Linux Not available
XVidCap FFMPEG, MPEG, libavformat Linux Not available
Capture Fox Motion JPEG, Xvid in AVI Windows Not available
Cam Studio SWF and AVI Windows Available
Kazam ScreenCaster VP8 and WebM Linux Not available
Virtual Dub AVI Windows Available


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