How to Record Facebook Live Stream [Desktop, iOS, & Android]

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featured image record facebook live The use of Facebook has become rampant in today's generation. It is an application wherein people cannot just communicate with one another. Still, they can also use this application to introduce their businesses and do online webinars amidst the world's pandemic. Also, through this software, we can disseminate information quickly. We can comment on our opinions while watching live streams on Facebook without having to violate safety protocols. The best news is that we can now watch Facebook live videos anytime by following the few steps to record live streams on Facebook. However, are you having a hard time recording live streams on your devices? Well, you just found the right article that will help and provide the most manageable steps on how to record Facebook live on desktop, iPhone, and Android.

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How to Record Facebook Live Video on Desktop

Distinctive Feature: This tool has a unique feature called the "Task Scheduler," wherein users can set a plan ahead or create a scheduled task which will be automatically recorded at a designated time.

One of the best software that can be used to record live Facebook videos is the Screen Grabber Premium. It is a vigorous live streaming recorder that can record videos of high quality. This tool offers various output formats for more visible and audible videos to save the recorded video into MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG, VOB, GIF, etc. This recording tool allows users to capture the entire screen and activity on their computer, notwithstanding the platforms being used. Using this recording software, we can put annotations using texts, shapes, and arrows to point out essential details while recording. Therefore, this software helps users to record live stream videos in superb quality. Below are the provided steps on how to use Screen Grabber Premium.

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Step 1 Download and Install Screen Grabber Premium

Download the software using the provided link above. Once downloaded, launch the application, then follow the steps that would appear on your computer to install the software. After that, open the application and look at its interface.

sgp interface

Step 2 Arrange the Recording Settings

Next, hit the gear icon at the upper right corner of the tool to locate its “Settings” then select the output format, the color of the hotkeys, and more. After that, click the “OK” button to save the changes.

record facebook live sgp step2

Step 3 Start to Record Live Streams

Now, hit the "REC" button at the upper right corner of the tool to start recording right away. You can set the task schedule time as shown in the picture.

record facebook live sgp step3

Step 4 Watch the Recorded Video

After recording, click the "STOP" button, the application will instantly provide a playback window. From there, you can watch the recorded Facebook live video and save it on your computer. You can click the "Re-record" button if you are not satisfied with the recording.

record facebook live sgp step4

You can also use Screen Grabber Premium if you are interested to record Instagram live.


  • Personal- Lifetime support = $42.95
  • Personal- 1 year = $29.95
  • Personal- 1 Month = $19.95
  • Family License = $79.90

How to Record Live Facebook Video on iPhone/iPad

Distinctive Feature: iOS devices have a built-in screen recorder wherein users can record Facebook live stream videos instantly.

Using iOS devices provides high-quality screenshots as well as screen recordings. It allows you to record live Facebook videos in 1080p resolution without any complications. Users can also open various applications while recording and even visit a website to watch live streaming videos. However, it has to be added to the Control Center to record the phone screen quickly. With that, users have to enable the screen recording feature. To access it, read and follow the provided steps below to record Facebook live on iPhone.

User Guide:

  • First, for iOS users, go to "Settings and choose "Control Center," and proceed to "Customize Controls." Scroll down, then click the plus sign next to the Screen Recording.
  • Next, go to your home screen. Swipe up the screen, then press the screen recording button.
  • Hit the Microphone Audio button if you would like to record audio. Tap the "Start" tab when you are ready to record the Facebook live streaming video or any video you want to be recorded.
  • To stop the recording, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then hit the Screen Recording button, or you can tap the red status bar at the top of the screen.
  • Finally, you can now play and share your recording from your gallery.

record facebook live screen recorder ios

How to Record Facebook Live Stream on Android

Distinctive Feature: Android offers free screen recording applications such as AZ Screen Recorder and Mobizen.

Screen recording on some Android phones such as Samsung allows users to make screen recording videos easily without downloading external applications, but some versions of Android require it. Only phones running Android 10 already have their screen recorder on their system, like Samsung making the screen recording feature easy to access. However, using a third-party app for screen recording always depends on the version of Android your device has. To record, read and follow the steps below to know how to record Facebook live video on Android devices, especially for Samsung users.

User Guide:

  • For Samsung users, swipe down twice from the top of your screen. Tap the screen record icon as pointed by the arrow in the illustration.
  • Next, click the icon to start recording your phone while the Facebook video is streaming. The recording begins after the 3 seconds countdown.
  • After that, swipe down from the head of the screen and tap the screen recorder notification to stop recording.
  • Finally, you can play the recorded Facebook live video by opening your phone's Photos app.

record facebook live screen recorder android


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