The Best Methods to Screen Record Netflix Movies

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featured image record netflixNetflix is a famous American content platform and production company. It is one of the best subscription-based streaming services that offer many films, television series, documentaries, and a lot more. Moreover, Netflix reached 203.7 million subscribers in January 2021, making it the top movie streaming platform worldwide. With that, the company offers a variety of “Netflix Original” through its online library. Unfortunately, Netflix movies can only download directly on the library of the subscriber. There’s no other way that Netflix allows to transfer of downloaded movies to other devices. So if you are one of the Netflix subscribers that want to transfer and share Netflix movies, you have to find another way to do it. Luckily, screen recorders can do the work with ease. In this article, you can have an idea to learn how to record Netflix screen on most platforms. So come and check them out to learn more!

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How to Record Netflix Movies with Screen Grabber Premium

Screen Grabber Premium can help you record Netflix on PC and Mac computer. It is an excellent screen recording software that can capture any on-screen activities, including Netflix movies, podcasts, live streams, and many more. Additionally, you can record any audio and sound from your computer system sound or microphone. With that, you can quickly record music from various audio streaming sites like YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, etc. Screen Grabber Premium offers professional features like annotations, trim, mouse effects, and a lot more. These can help you create eye-catching presentations, tutorials, vlogs, etc. Furthermore, you can create a scheduled date to start and stop your recordings automatically. So if you want to learn how you can record from Netflix to PC and Mac, follow the easy steps below.

Key Features:

  • It has a screen-capture feature to take snapshots from your computer screen and save as JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc.
  • It supports the highest quality available for up to 4K-resolution.
  • No lag during the recording of videos.
  • It can record an unlimited number of videos of any length.

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Step 1 Install the Netflix Recorder

First, click the right “download” button provided above for your OS compatibility. Follow the instructions from the window prompt that will pop out on your screen to completely install it. After that, launch the screen recorder to access its main interface.

sgp interface

Step 2 Configure the Settings

Next, record movies from Netflix in your preferred settings. Click the three-dash line symbol (≡) at the top right corner of the tool and select “Preferences” from the options. From here, you can adjust and change the recording settings, output format, sound, mouse, hotkeys, and other settings. Then, click the “OK” button to store the changes.

record netflix sgp step2

Step 3 Record Netflix Movie

After that, go to the Netflix movie that you want to record and relaunch the recorder. Then click the “Rec” button from the tool to start recording. Once the Netflix movie is done, you can hit the “stop” button from the floating toolbar to stop the recording process.

record netflix sgp step3

Step 4 Preview and Save the File

Once you stop the recording process, another window will pop out on your screen. Here, you can preview the recorded Netflix movie and polish it by removing unwanted parts before saving it. Finally, hit the “save” button to save the file completely. That’s how easy you can capture Netflix stream with Screen Grabber Premium.

record netflix sgp step4

How to Record Video from Netflix on iPhone

Suppose you are an iPhone user. There is a way to record Netflix movies using the built-in screen recorder for iOS mobile devices. Since it is a pre-built recorder, you can save extra storage on your device. Also, you can save your recordings in MP4 format and instantly share them to various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But first, you must check your device’s control center to see if the screen recorder button is there. If you are lucky to have the recorder on your iOS mobile device. Then, you can record any mobile screen activities like movies, gameplay, presentations, etc. Moreover, we provided you below the simple steps you can follow to screen record Netflix on iPhone or iPad mobile device.

Here are the steps to screen record Netflix movies on an iOS mobile device:

  • Go to the “settings” of your iPhone and select the “Control Center” from the options. Then, look for the “screen recording” feature and add it to your device control center shortcut by ticking the “Plus” icon beside it.
  • Next, go back to the “settings of your iPhone and search for the “Microphone” button. Turn it “on” to record the audios and sound from the Netflix movie that you wish to capture.
  • Then, swipe down your screen to access the screen recorder you added to your control center shortcut. After that, tap the “record” button and wait for a three-second countdown. You can now open the Netflix movie on your iPhone that you want to record.
  • Finally, swipe down the control center shortcut once again and tap the “Stop” icon to save it. You can watch and play the movie offline on your iPhone gallery.

record netflix iphone

How to Screen Record Netflix Movies on Android

The latest Android smartphones like Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc., have a built-in screen recorder. This is to have a fair match on its counterpart, which is the iOS smartphones. Therefore, you don’t need to install or buy other screen recorders to screen record Netflix Android. But, you need to activate it first from your device “settings” to have full access to it. Also, you need to ensure that your Android smartphone has a massive amount of storage to avoid inconvenience on your part. Moreover, you can set the resolution, video quality, orientation, frame rate, and other settings of your screen recorder base on your liking. To record video from Netflix, follow the basic procedures written below.

Here are the steps to record movies from Netflix on an Android mobile device:

  • First, go to your device “settings” and search for “Screen Recorder” on the search bar. Next, tap the “Add” button beside it to add the recorder to your Android’s quick toggle.
  • Then, hit the “Screen Recorder” to choose the video quality, orientation, frame rates, etc. Also, make sure to select the “system sound” from your sound settings to record the audio of the Netflix movie.
  • After that, wipe down your mobile screen to access the quick toggle of your device. Once there, tap the “screen recorder” icon and wait for the three-seconds countdown to finish.
  • Lastly, launch the Netflix movie that you want to record and let the screen recorder do the work. Once the movie is finished, tap the “stop” button from the quick toggle of your device. You can enjoy the recorded movie on your phone’s media gallery.

record netflix android

Tips to Download Netflix Movies in the App

When you subscribe to Netflix, one great feature you can take advantage of is downloading its movies directly on its application. You can download any amount of movies in any genre like action, horror, fantasy, and many more. So if you prefer to download Netflix movies on your device instantly, you can watch them offline, anytime, and anywhere you want to. Furthermore, you can watch your downloaded movies on its “Downloads” library. You can also instantly remove them once you are done watching them. You can follow the easy tips below to download your favorite Netflix movie in an instant.

Here are the tips to download Netflix movies in the app on any platform:

  • Make sure to install the Netflix app on your device. Then, sign in to your Netflix paid account on the app.
  • Browse from the thousands of movies and series choices from the Netflix app until you find the movie you want to download.
  • You can search the movie's name on the search bar or look at the “Top 10” trending on Netflix to have a new movie idea to watch.
  • Lastly, tap the movie to preview it or read its synopsis. Then, tap the “download“ button to start downloading. You can check the downloaded movie on the “download” library.

record netflix tips


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