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feature screen recorder no lagToday, screen recording of videos has been a trend either to create professional-looking tutorials, record online video calls, capture gameplay, and more. It’s essential to successfully and efficiently record these moments. That is what screen recording software is designed to do. With the right tool, you can capture footage of your computer’s screen activities quickly. However, as convenient as this may sound, but lagging can make screen recording a bit complicated. Lagging typically happens when your computer’s RAM storage is being highly consumed. This is the result when you have many programs with high RAM usage running simultaneously. But thanks to the great minds of various software developers, different screen recorder no lag are being developed for the convenience of everyone. These tools compete to be the best of the best, but we’ve decided to do a comprehensive review to help you lessen your time in finding what’s best for you. Read about them below.

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Top 8 Screen Recorder No Lag

1. Screen Grabber Premium

Price: $29.95/yearly
Installation Packaged Size: 61.53MB
OS Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Screen Grabber Premium is a highly recommendable and the best no lag screen recorder. The tool can record live meetings, product demonstrations, gameplay, and a lot more for both low and high-end computers. This screen recorder allows you to capture videos and audio simultaneously in HD resolution for up to 4K quality. Furthermore, this tool provides different capture modes for efficient recording, including full-screen, region or window mode, webcam only, and more. In addition, you can annotate your recordings using a microphone or add shapes, texts, lines, callouts, etc., to highlight important details on your recordings. To know more about this lag-free screen recorder, follow the steps below.

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Step 1 Install the No Lag Screen Recorder

You can get the screen recording software by clicking one of the “download” buttons presented above. Click the left-side button if you are using Windows OS. Meantime, hit the right-side button if you are a Mac OS user. Then launch the installer and go along with the setup window to complete the installation. When done, open the tool to access its main interface.

sgp interface

Step 2 Begin the Recording Process

Next, select the “Video Recorder” from the interface and choose the recording region you want to capture. You can record in full-screen or customize the area. After that, turn “ON” the toggle button of the equipment you want to include in the recording. You can now begin recording by clicking the “REC” button of the tool. Once you are satisfied, hit the “Stop” button from the recording toolbar to complete the recording process.

screen recorder no lag sgp step2

Step 3 Play the Recorded Video

Lastly, go to the “History” panel of the tool to access your recordings. Play it by double-clicking its file name. Afterward, a media player will present the recorded video. You can transfer it on another device like tablets and mobile phones or share it on various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. Thanks to Screen Grabber Premium, you instantly record a video lag-free.

screen recorder no lag sgp step3

2. FlashBack Express

Price: $49/one-time payment
Installation Packaged Size: 25.8MB
OS Compatibility: Windows

Another recommended screen recorder without lag is FlashBack Express. FlashBack Express provides almost all the essential features that you need in a screen recorder. This software allows you to capture your screen, webcam, and audio at the same time. You can use this tool to record videos unlimited times at any length in high performance without lag. Additionally, you can make your recorded videos eye-catching by adding stickers, filters, and funny GIFs. To add more, you can crop and trim your files to remove unwanted parts. After recording, you can share them directly on YouTube, Viddler, Revver, and more platforms.

screen recorder no lag flashback express

3. liteCam HD

Price: $29.99/one-time payment
Installation Packaged Size: 33MB
OS Compatibility: Windows

liteCam HD is one of the best screen recorder for gaming no lag. This screen recorder boasts a “Hardware Accelerator” feature that utilizes your computer’s processor to its maximum capacity. Using its game recorder, you can record in 1080P resolution in 120 frames per second without quality loss. Also, you can schedule your recording to start and stop the process after a certain period. Besides that, liteCam HD allows you to add titles, ending credits, pictures, and even watermark to your recordings. Then, you can export your recorded videos into MP4 or WMV format.

screen recorder no lag litecam

4. ScreenFlow

Price: $149/one-time payment
Installation Packaged Size: 86.35MB
OS Compatibility: Mac and iOS

If you want to know a screen recorder with no lag for Mac and iOS, you can use ScreenFlow. ScreenFlow is a screen recorder and video editing tool with powerful features. Whether you are recording multiple screens at once or using a retina display, ScreenFlow can do that without lag. Furthermore, the tool has over 500,000 built-in unique images, videos, and clips that you can add to your recordings to add some spice. With its powerful editing tools, you can rotate, trim and adjust the recordings with annotations, captions, filters, etc. This screen recorder for Mac is best for creating high-quality tutorials and presentations.

screen recorder no lag screenflow

5. Bandicam

Price: $39.95/one-time payment
Installation Packaged Size: 1GB
OS Compatibility: Windows

Bandicam is another best screen recorder for PC without lag that can help you record your display screen in HD quality. Moreover, Bandicam suggested using a hardware-accelerated H.264 encoder to help it become a lag-free tool. It is a robust tool that provides a “Game Recorder” that you can use to record games that use DirectX, Vulkan, or OpenGL graphics technologies. The good thing about Bandicam is it allows you to capture external video devices like webcam, smartphone, Xbox, IPTV, and many more. Besides, you can use its drawing tool to outline your video in real-time. Additionally, you can change the background of the webcam videos through “Chroma Key” while recording.

screen recorder no lag bandicam

6. OBS

Price: Free
Installation Packaged Size: 96.26MB
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux

For many gamers and live streamers, OBS is considered one of the best recorder for Free Fire without lag. Aside from Free Fire, OBS can also record other popular gameplays like Minecraft, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, and other gameplay. The tool has high performance in video and audio recording. It allows you to adjust the volume, noise, suppression, and other sound effects for a clear, crisp audio result. Aside from that, you can put images on the video to make it a thumbnail when you share it online. In case there is some lag, you can downgrade the output resolution and fps to avoid it. Although it’s an open-source screen recorder, the tool can capture videos for up to 4K quality.

screen recorder no lag obs

7. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Price: Free
Installation Packaged Size: 27MB
OS Compatibility: Android

Mobizen Screen Recorder is a great no lag screen recorder Android. With over 200 million Android users, no wonder why this screen recorder was awarded as “Best of 2016 Apps” by Google. This app can record your Android screen in 2K QUAD HD in 60fps without a watermark. Also, you can use its various editing functions to add background music, split video, or increase the quality of the recorded video. Additionally, you can record with a facecam alongside its sounds from your headset and save them to your gallery or external memory. Then, you can also create funny GIFs from your recorded videos instantly.

screen recorder no lag mobizen

8. AZ Screen Recorder

Price: Free
Installation Packaged Size: 13MB
OS Compatibility: Android

AZ Screen Recorder is the last screen recorder without lag for Android. It is a stable and high-quality app that helps you record clear and smooth screen videos in 1080P resolution. AZ Screen Recorder supports recording the device audio or external audio from a headset. Furthermore, it has a “Game Recorder” that you can use to record in the highest quality available. Then, you can edit your videos using its video editor. You can convert video to GIF, trim, merge, add subtitles, or compress the video while preserving its original quality. In addition to that, this app allows streaming of recorded videos to YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms.

screen recorder no lag az screen recorder

Comparison Chart

Tools Output Format Schedule Recording Quality Resolution Take Screenshots
Screen Grabber Premium MP4, AVI, FLV, TS, etc. Yes Up to 4k Yes
FlashBack Express AVI and Flash No 1080P Yes
liteCam HD MP4 and WMV Yes 1080P No
ScreenFlow MP4, MOV, WebM, AVI, etc. No Up to 4k No
Tools Output Format Schedule Recording Quality Resolution Take Screenshots
Bandicam MP4 and AVI Yes Up to 4k Yes
OBS MP4, FLV, MKV No Up to 4k Yes
Mobizen Screen Recorder MP4 No Up to 2K Yes
AZ Screen Recorder MP4 No 1080P Yes


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