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Best Free Online Video Splitter

If you are looking for a service that can split video in two parts online, Split Video Online is recommended. With this tool, you can cut and split as many parts as possible and export them to their original quality. You can visit Split Video Online's official page and get the highlight clips you want from a large video file! It's a versatile tool that supports different video formats to be split. You can split videos currently saved in MP4, MOV, AVI, WebM, and other formats. So whatever format the video you are trying to split, the tool can do that hassle-free. You can use it on all popular web browsers including Chrome, Safari, Edge, and a lot more. With that, there's no need to install other software to split videos making it more convenient.

How to Use Split Video Online

Discovering how to split video into parts online with Split Video Online requires almost zero to no effort. The tool uses top-rated algorithms to split large videos into small clips easily. You can use these clips to upload on your Instagram Reel, YouTube Shorts, or Facebook Story.
  • First, launch the cut and split video online's official website on your web browser. Then, hit the "+" icon to add the video you want to split.
  • Afterward, click the "Start Splitting" button and choose the part you want to split. Once done, choose another part until you successfully get the video clips you need.
  • Finally, hit the "Export all" button to save the video clips on your computer. The video clips can be played on a different media players like VLC since they are exported in MP4 format.

FAQs About Split Video Online

How many video clips can I create? The free online video file splitter allows you to create up to five small video clips. Then, they will be saved on your computer in a ZIP file that you can view and transfer to another folder.

How can I split a video without losing its quality? Split Video Online does not affect the quality of your video, even if you split it into multiple parts. The tool preserves its original quality during the process, so rest assured that your output videos are high quality.

Can I use the tool safely? Yes, you can. Our tool is equipped with strict rules and expert developers to ensure that it is virus and malware-free. Also, all user's information will be permanently deleted after the process.

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