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Private Privacy

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Data: The Way We Collect and Use it

If you read this information, you will understand the way we collect information and put it to use. Make sure to read up on all the terms and conditions of our data policies to clearly understand the manner your data is stored.

What We Do With Collected Information

When we collect information from the user, we use it to find the most suitable product for you. The private data of people that we collect is kept secured and safe with us, and no other party gets to use the information but us. The collected information is also transmitted safely through the world wide web.

a) E-mail Address: We usually capture the email details of all product purchasers. We need to get this email address ID because this is how your license key is generated. We then use your email details to send further information to you. We holistically preserve your email address within our 100% secured database which is used for many events to be used in the future.

b) Information Based on Purchases: Each time that people make payments, or if there is any initiated purchase, certain information about the user is collected. The information we collect is confidential. We have implemented some of the most excellent security protocols in the world to help make sure of a 100% of customer information. All information obtained during the process of purchasing will be stored confidentially and be protected based on our protection policy of private information.

c) Cookies and IP Address: We have cookies on our sites. Cookies are minute files that will be embedded into your browser application after getting your approval. This cookies file is what we use to identify you and offer services that are tailored according to your preferences. We use the following cookies types listed below:

  • Analytical Cookies: These are the cookies that we use to analyze site visits and give us the ability to count the number of visits to our website. Through this, we can make some changes to the website to suit your need as a customer.
  • Mandatory Cookies: The mandatory cookies are used to ensure that the website functions essentially. As essential features of the website, they help make sure that it operates seamlessly without technical glitches.
  • Target Cookies: These are the type of cookies that helps us see the way you use our website. They will then know what to sure you when next you are on our website.

When you are not willing to grant permission to the cookies, this can be disabled by simply changed in the browser settings. But, when you do this, we would be unable to serve you better.

d) Uploaded Files: Some of our products have essential facilities for web hosting. We have a company cloud service that allows you to upload your files and get access to them at any location and time. All files uploaded into our cloud systems are secure and safe. This means that the owner only gets to access them.

Storing the User Files and Data

All the information of users which we obtain is carefully stored out in the cloud system's log files. This stored information includes the ISP., IP address, exit pages, and entry from the website, date and time of visit, your browsing system, etc. We use this information to evaluate users' data, which gives us the needed insight to understand customer preferences. Your information is 100% safe with us and will never be passed on to any customer.

All user files that are uploaded to our cloud systems are 100% safe, and nobody but you will be able to get access to them.


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