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Sales FAQ

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These are some of the most common questions people ask about us.

Inquiry on Pre-Sales Condition

1. What are the details of your user license policy?

The user installation supports either a single user or multiple user licenses.

Single-User License: When a user purchases the single license, the user can only install the product on two of their PCs. The single-user license makes it possible for you to configure the software to a single PC. You also get lifetime tech support and updates without charge. Should have to switch out your computers, a new keycode shall be provided to you.

Multi-User Licenses: With this option, the user can install the software application on certain numbers of PC from a single location, either at their homes or workplaces. The general price will be based on the actual number of people that will be making use of the software application.

In addition, the licensed purpose can be placed into various categories: the personal, commercial, or academic license.

Personal Use: With the license for personal use, the user can install the product with PCs in their homes, offices, schools, or government agencies and be able to use the same for either business or private purposes. Users are not granted permission to profit or sell off the software, any output, or tasks that are obtained by using the software.

Academic Use: With the license for academic use, users could apply the software for cases involving academic use, charity, instructional, or administrative purposes. This way, discounts are provided for school employees, students, non-profits, and government-based institutions. It is not meant for commercial use.

Commercial Use: With the license for commercial use, you could easily install the software in the office, government, academic environment, or home. The software could be used for the creation of output that is meant to be used commercially. This means such things as selling and further activities whose main objective is to make money.

2. Do you have a CD available?

Our products, do not come with CDs. Our system is now fully delivered digitally. If need be, we can be contacted to support you in retrieving your product.

3. Does your site have a safe software purchasing and downloading feature?

Of course, our site is secured fully with the McAfee security suite. Each time you are using our site, your privacy is guaranteed, whether you are browsing, purchasing, or downloading any product. Payment can be received only by trusted gateways online like Digital River, PayPal, Avangate, and so on. You get a checkout process that is fully secured with SSL encryption – this is used to guarantee the protection of all data and information. If you need more information about McAfee, you can check https://www.mcafee.com/us/.

4. Is your tech support available to trial users?

Sure! We are always available to assist both trial and registered users with any technical problems that may encounter. Get in touch with us, and our technical support team, you should get a response in about a day during weekdays and two days during the weekend.

5. Do I get to try the product before buying it?

Most of our products come with trial versions that help users know what the software feels like before they get to buy the product. To start evaluating the product, you can go to our product download page and choose the trial version of any software you want. These trial editions usually come with just minimal functional differences in comparison to the versions that have been registered. To see the differences involved, you can pay a visit to the FAQ page of the software.

6. Do people pay VAT on the listed prices for software?

Certainly not, all software prices are inclusive of VAT.


1. How do you know an order is properly processed?

If you have a successfully processed order, the payment platform you paid with will send you a confirmation email. If you do not get the email, check your junk folders or spam before you follow up. And if you fail to get the email in the given folder, you can contact the payment platform and see if they have recorded the payment. You could also check the status of your order from the payment platform.

Users who order with PayPal could just log in to their accounts to evaluate their transaction records to check whether this order got to the completion point. Similarly, people who bought the product by way of Avangate or different other e-commerce portals could send us the order details to make us assist them.

2. What happens when I buy the wrong software product?

If you accidentally choose the wrong product during the ordering stage, you only have two available solutions:

  • You will get a discount of 20% on the right product if you want to retain the wrong product. Just get in touch with us, and we should set up this offer in your favor.
  • Directly contact the publisher of the software to get a refund, or we would request a refund from the software developers.

The Registration Process

1. How is retrieving my key code possible?

In cases where you are not quickly provided with the registration code, or you need to reinstall your software, and your registration code is missing, you can get in touch with us, and we shall help you retrieve your code. We will give you the needed assistance for this problem to be quickly resolved.

If you need to get faster results, you can get in touch with us by using the registered email address of the license and the product order number. If the email address which you provided is no longer valid, please let us know by sending us an email. In addition, you can attach the original email confirmation, this will help us fast-track this process.

2. How does my software get upgraded by using a new registration code?

In terms of upgrading, there are two ways that this can be done:

1. A Software Upgrade

  • Windows Upgrade: To get any available update, click on the menu of the software at the top right side. While here, you can click the option, "Check for Updates." The software application will check for any available updates and will direct you to an automatic upgrade.
  • macOS Upgrade: Open up the software application and check your preferences on the top left side. While here, you can click on, "Check for Updates" in your list and continue by following the prompt.

2. Download the Software and Reinstall it Over

With this method, you will need to download the most recent updated version of the software from the official webpage and reinstall it. As soon as your software is updated to the most recent edition if you do not get the prompt for your new code for registration, this means that it has already been registered, and you should be ready to use it. If you get a prompt to input your new code, just get in touch with us, and we will update you.

3. What happens if I do not get the key code after buying it?

If you order a product without receiving the key code, you should confirm if you have successfully paid. Typically, if your order has been completed, your confirmation email will get to you in a moment. For successful payments, you will need to wait for several minutes.

When trying to buy a product meant for reselling, there will not be the order details in our product database because of privacy. But, you can get in touch with us for any problem you have, and we would correct it by contacting the people in charge. You should have the following details:

  • Name or registered email address of the order
  • The ID of the order
  • The name of the site where the order was placed
  • Date
  • Amount ordered
  • Ordered product names


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