Must-Follow Solutions to Solve Amazon Prime Not Working Issue

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amazon prime video not workingAmazon Prime Video, or Prime Video, is an American subscription video streaming service. It is offered as a standalone platform or as part of Amazon's Prime subscription. The service distributes films and TV shows produced by Amazon Studios or licensed to Amazon as Amazon Originals. Aside from that, it also hosts content from other providers, like live sports events, content add-ons, and video rental and purchasing services. You need to be an Amazon Prime member to have all these fantastic features. Furthermore, streaming on Amazon Prime Video doesn't always guarantee that there won't be a problem. Many users reported that they encountered an Amazon Prime Video not working issue and were clueless about the reason. Of course, a problem always has its root, and we are here to help you identify them. In addition, we will give you workable ways to help you fix them. So, let's start digging into the world of Prime Video!

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Common Reasons Why Amazon Prime Not Working

Amazon Prime Video has played its part in giving us entertainment and distraction from the daily activities of life. However, just like other video streaming services in the market, it comes hand in hand with some problems connected to it. The following are some of the problems connected to Amazon Prime Video and dive into them to learn more.

  • Video is not playing. The videos you stream tend to stop playing since there might be a problem with the Amazon’s servers.
  • Video black screen. If the screen suddenly went black, the leading cause might be hardware collection problems, an outdated system, or device breakdown.
  • Video failed to respond. Sometimes, Amazon Prime Video fails to connect and doesn’t respond. There might be a concern with your internet connection, or your device is running on low battery status.
  • Showing error codes. As you stream your favorite show on Prime Video, you might encounter an error code that pops-out on your screen and stops the video. Some examples are 7017, 4860, 7135, 5266, and more.

Different Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Not Working

1. Check Your Internet Router

One of the simplest methods to troubleshoot the Amazon Prime Video issue is to check your internet connection. Without a fast internet connection, the Amazon Prime Video you want to stream is unable to load and may lead to an error. Also, there’s a chance that your router was accidentally unplugged from the power source, and you are unaware of it. So locate your internet router and ensure it is working correctly and turned “ON.” Then, proceed to the following tips to see how to fix the Amazon Prime not working on TV issue.


  • First, check if all the cables of your internet router are in the proper place and properly plugged. After that, disconnect it from the power source and wait for a few seconds.
  • Then, replug your internet router to restart it to fix the streaming problem. Another option is if your internet router has a “Restart” button, you can simply press it for a quick fix.
  • After that, you can start connecting your smart TV to your internet and watching Amazon Prime Video. See if the problem is solved.

check router to fix amazon prime video not working

2. Test the Internet Speed

If you check your internet and find out that your network is running correctly, but your Amazon Prime Video is still not working, you need to check your internet speed. Amazon Prime Video recommends a minimum download speed of 1MB/S for standard quality content and 5MB/s for HD content. As for streaming, you need at least 25mbps for a better experience. So, if you are downloading large files or others are gaming on the same internet network as yours, you could be starving Amazon Prime Video of the necessary bandwidth. To learn what to do when Amazon Prime not working on Roku, consider checking your internet speed by following the guide below.


  • To check your internet speed, you can utilize an online speed test app, like Fast, to see your internet's download and upload speed. Launch the site, and it will automatically check your internet speed.
  • After that, try pausing your other activities that may take huge internet bandwidth to improve the internet speed.
  • Then, disable network tools you don't use, like a VPN, to ensure they are not slowing down your connection. Finally, check if you can smoothly stream on Amazon Prime Video.

check internet speed on fast

3. Update Your Browser

Using an updated browser allows you to eliminate unwanted bugs that may affect your streaming experience on Amazon Prime Video. If your browser is outdated, it can be another cause why Amazon Prime not working, and you cannot stream your favorite Prime Video shows. Furthermore, if the internet browser is not on its current version, each site you try to visit may load slowly or freeze. Updating an app or browser can fix minor glitches, like Amazon Prime Video not working, Amazon Prime Video unavailable, and more. The listed steps are provided beneath to help you update the most popular browser.


  • For Google Chrome, click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) symbol on the top-right corner of your browser. Then, choose “Settings” from the menu and move to the “About Chrome” tab.
  • Hit the “Check for Updates” and see if there’s an available new version. If so, it will automatically update your browser. Click the “Relaunch” button to restart the browser.

click about chrome and relaunch

  • For Mozilla Firefox, click the “three-dash” symbol on the upper-right corner of your browser and hit the “Help” button from the selection. Next, choose the “About Firefox” button to start checking for updates.
  • If the latest version is available, it will initially download it. Then, hit the “Restart” button to restart the browser. After updating your browser, try accessing Amazon Prime Video and check if the problem is fixed.

update firefox to fix amazon prime video not working

4. Confirm Your Prime Video Account

Another thing you must do is verify if your Amazon Prime Video account is active. The service's movies, TV series, and other videos are not free. So, you won't be able to stream your favorite shows if your subscription has already expired. Even if you have a monthly or yearly subscription, you still need to confirm your Prime Video account status. Moreover, ensure that you are not using an Amazon Prime Video account on more than two devices. If your account is connected to multiple devices, kindly disconnect the other devices. Then, if the connected devices are limited to two but the problem still exists, proceed to the steps below, as your subscription might cause the problem.


  • Launch the Amazon Prime Video's official page and hit the drop-down icon beside your account name on the top-right corner of the screen. Afterward, select "Account & Settings" from the options.
  • Log in to your Prime Video account to launch the subscription status window. If you find that your account is expired, kindly re-subscribe to the plan you prefer.
  • Lastly, confirm your subscription, and an email will be sent to you saying that you've successfully subscribed to Amazon Prime Video. That means your account is active, and you can now watch on Amazon Prime Video.

click drop-down icon, select account and settings

5. Restart Your Device

The final solution we recommend to fix Amazon Prime Video's not working issue is restarting the device you are using. Whether you are using the app on a smart TV, smartphone, or computer, restarting them might help to eliminate bugs and system errors. This will refresh the system, restart your internet connection, and reconnect you to the Amazon Prime Video servers. In addition, restarting your device ensures that a temporary glitch in the system did not cause a problem with your app. Follow the tips below to solve Prime Video not working on Samsung TV, computer, and smartphones.


  • To restart your Amazon Prime Video on your Samsung TV or computer, disconnect the device from the power source and plug it in once more after a few moments.
  • Then try opening the Amazon Prime Video app again on your TV if it is working. Also, open the Prime Video site and check if the problem is resolved.

unplug computer and tv from power source

  • Suppose you stream Prime Video on your iOS device and long-press both the “Power” and “Volume Up/Down“ button until you see the slider. Drag the slider to the right to shut it down.
  • After a few seconds, hold down the “Power” button to open your device. Check if you can now stream on Amazon Prime Video properly.

long-press power and volume button and power off iphone

  • For Android users, long-press the “Power” button until you see the “Power Off” window. Tap the button to shut down the device and wait for a few minutes.
  • Then, long-press the “Power” button to open your mobile phone. Launch the Prime Video app and see if it is now working.

ong-press power button of android

Glossary: Common Error Code of Amazon Prime Video

There are many different error codes you might see popping up on your Amazon Prime Video screen. If you want to know what all these error codes mean, you are a bit lucky as we provide some of the most common error codes you might encounter. These codes are one of the causes why you are having difficulty streaming hassle-free on Amazon Prime Video. See them below to learn more about them.

Codes Error Meaning
2040 and 3565 It is an error that mainly depicts an issue with your payment or orders.
9345 This error code occurs because of an invalid payment process, especially when you try to buy or rent a video.
1060 This indicates a network connectivity problem on your internet provider or the device you are using.
5004 This happens when trying to log in to your Amazon Prime Video account. The issue could be your login credentials or you are using an unregistered device.
Codes Error Meaning
3521 This appears when users try to sign up for a service they’ve already subscribed to.
7031 It occurs when you are trying to playback Prime Video content.
6084 The issue for this code resulted from a technical problem with the servers.


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