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best bilibili downloaderWatching movies, TV series, Kdrama, Anime, and other online videos have become the most prevailing way of entertainment, the best solution to kill boredom. With all the video streaming services globally, there’s no reason you can’t catch up with the latest films and videos. Furthermore, aside from Netflix and YouTube, many younger generations are hooked on streaming Anime on Bilibili. It is one of the most acknowledged online destinations for Anime buffs. If you are one of the Anime lovers out there, Bilibili can be your best choice as it offers numerous content in different genres. However, like any other online platform. Bilibili requires a high-speed internet connection to stream your favorite Anime shows smoothly. So if you are out of town and an internet connection or mobile data is nowhere to be found, you can turn to some of the beautiful Bilibili downloaders for help. That way, you can keep videos from Bilibili for offline streaming. Below are some of the best Bilibili downloader you can try to get the job done.

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Brief Knowledge About Bilibili

Bilibili is a Chinese video-sharing site where you can submit, share, view, and add overlay commentary on videos. In mid-2010, Bilibili started its expansion to a broader audience from its original market that focused on animation, comics, and games. It is now equipped with unique features and outstanding community culture, different from many western counterparts. Bilibili has a "bullet chat" feature or comments that appear directly on your streaming video in real-time. Now, the platform hosts various videos aside from Anime, including technology, drama, fashion, video games, and more. As of 2021, the platform has grown to serve more than 237 million active users worldwide. Since the site works online, you can't stream videos without an internet connection. Fortunately, we are here to help you save videos from Bilibili on different platforms. Get the best solutions you need by reading through the next part.

best bilibili downloader

The Best Desktop Bilibili Downloader

1. Video Mate

Distinctive Feature: It can download many Bilibili videos at the same time without affecting the downloading speed of each video.
System Requirements: For CPU-1GHz Intel processor or higher versions/ For RAM-512MB or more/ For HDD-200MB or higher
Pricing Plan: $42.95/lifetime license for two computers

The first tool we recommend is Video Mate. It is professional software that can download videos from different platforms, including Bilibili, Dailymotion, YouTube, and more. Unlike other tools, Video Mate allows you to search for a specific site within its built-in browser. You don’t need to leave the tool’s main interface when downloading Bilibili videos. Also, you can set the download quality for up to 4K and 8K resolution, including the video’s subtitle, for a better result. Besides, you have a real-time preview of the downloading process and instantly play the downloaded video. Additionally, you can view the source link of the Bilibili video to instantly go there in case you forget to bookmark its page. Learn below how this best Bilibili video downloader works.

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Step 1Get the Bilibili Downloader

First, locate the appropriate “download” button above that is compatible with your computer OS (Windows or Mac) to launch the tool’s installer. Follow the guide on the setup box to ultimately save Video Mate on your computer. After installing, open the app and acquaint yourself with its interface and features.

vk interface

Step 2Begin Downloading Bilibili Video

Next, go to the tool’s left panel and select “Browser” from the options. Then, search the Bilibili site from the address bar and find the video you wish to download. Afterward, hit the “drop-down” symbol on the bottom-left corner of the tool. Select your preferred video quality, but we suggest using 8K for a UHD result. Once done, hit the “Download” button to begin downloading. You can check the process on the “Downloading” tab of the tool.

click browser, search bilibili, click drop-down icon and select quality, then hit download

Step 3Check the Downloaded Bilibili Video

Once the downloading process is complete, move to the “Downloaded” tab to see the downloaded Bilibili video. Then, click the three-dot icon beside the file name, and hit the “Play Video” option to watch the video. You can also launch its file location and source link or delete it according to your liking.

click downloaded button, click three-dash icon, play the video

2. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

Distinctive Feature: It allows you to convert existing videos to other video or audio formats, like MP4, AVI, etc. with custom resolution and audio quality, like lossless.
System Requirements: For CPU-Intel 15 or higher/ For RAM-2GB or more/ For HDD-1GB or higher is recommended
Pricing Plan: $29.95/lifetime license for one computer

Don’t be tricked by its name, as this tool doesn’t only download YouTube videos alone. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader can download from many video streaming sites. That includes Bilibili, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and adult-only video streaming platforms. The tool fully uses your CPU and bandwidth to improve the download efficiency without affecting computer performance. So, you can download more than 2 hours of video in only a few minutes, making it more convenient to use. This is the recommended tool if you are the type of user who is always in a hurry. Additionally, you can freely select the resolution from 480P and up to 8K, making it one of the best apps to download Bilibili videos.

 itubego youtube downloader interface

3. ClipDown Video Downloader

Distinctive Feature: It lets you download the entire Bilibili playlist or channel in just one click.
System Requirements: For CPU-Intel i3 or any higher Intel processor/ For RAM-512MB or more/ For HDD-200MB or more is recommended
Pricing Plan: $25.95/lifetime license for one computer

ClipDown Video Downloader is another best Bilibili video downloader that you can use for offline enjoyment. Besides that, the tool can download subtitles and thumbnails along with the Bilibili videos. Apart from Bilibili, you can also use the tool to download popular videos from Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, and a lot more. Another fantastic feature of this tool is it can extract the audio from the video and save them to MP3 format. So if you’re a user that loves the background music of the Bilibili video, you can download it separately with this tool.

clipdown video downloader interface

The Best Online Bilibili Video Downloader

1. 9xbuddy

Distinctive Feature: It allows you to view the corresponding size of the video quality to select the best quality that fits your storage space.
System Requirements: The tool requires Chrome 106.0.5249.23.
Pricing Plan: You can utilize the tool feature for free.

9xbuddy is a free online Bilibili video downloader that makes your downloading experience hassle-free. Thanks to this online service, it s now possible to quickly download videos from Bilibili, SoundCloud, MixCloud, and YouTube, to name a few. It works like other paid software, even if it's an online tool. Plus, it can download Bilibili videos for up to 720P quality. Also, it can download the video's subtitles, thumbnails, and storyboards simultaneously, so there's no need for you to download them separately. Aside from that, you can put "" on the Bilibili URL before the "https" and hit enter for instant downloading.

9xbuddy interface

2. YMP4

Distinctive Feature: It has a “Fast Download” feature that allows you to quickly download the video in its original quality.
System Requirements: It requires Chrome 106.0.5249.23 and Safari 5.1.7 for Mac.
Pricing Plan: You can use YMP4 for free.

Another excellent online Bilibili video downloader that you can visit is YMP4. Works with a copy and paste method; this tool completes your downloading experience in a better way. What makes it unique from other online tools is it allows you to download the Bilibili video in different formats at the same time. You can do the process simultaneously, whether downloading the video itself or its audio. The good thing about YMP4 is it lets you choose the video quality between 360 and 480 SD resolution and 720 HD resolution. Then, you can instantly share the downloaded video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

ymp4 interface

The Best Android Bilibili Downloaders

1. Video Downloader & Video Saver

Distinctive Feature: It has a built-in browser that lets you open the Bilibili site or other sites you want to visit for a hassle-free video search.
System Requirements: It requires an Android 5.0 or higher version.
Pricing Plan: This Android app is completely free.

The first best Bilibili downloader 2022 for Android is Video Downloader & Video Saver. The app offers a 4x faster download speed to save videos from the internet to your Android mobile phone in the safest way possible. It allows you to select different resolutions, from 420P, 720P, and 1080P quality. Besides that, the tool has a built-in file manager that lets you create your private folder, remove downloads, rename, and share the videos. Furthermore, there’s no need for you to download an additional media player as the app allows you to play the video, adjust playback speed, repeat video mode, and more within its pre-built video player.

video downloader and video saver interface

2. Private Browser-XDownloader

Distinctive Feature: It has a built-in browser that lets you open the Bilibili site or other sites you want to visit for a hassle-free video search.
System Requirements: It demands an Android 5.0 or the latest version.
Pricing Plan: $2.62/per month and must be paid annually

Private Browser-XDownloader is a powerful Bilibili video downloader for Android. As the name implies, the app allows you to browse video streaming sites on its in-built browser. You can search for Bilibili, TikTok, Instagram, Dailymotion, and other supported sites to locate the video you wish to download. Then, the app auto-detects downloadable videos and lets you save them in HD quality. To add more, it can block all the ads on the site you visit that might be annoying while browsing. Also, it has a built-in video player to watch downloaded videos without leaving the app. You can even fast forward, rewind, or adjust the brightness and volume of the video.

private browser-xdownloader interface

The Best iOS Bilibili Downloaders

1. Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive

Distinctive Feature: It allows you to connect your Google Drive or Dropbox account to directly save Bilibili videos to the cloud to save storage space on your iOS device.
System Requirements: It requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Pricing Plan: $2.99/per month and must be paid annually

Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive is a fantastic app for downloading and uploading files from the cloud drive and website. Whether you want a file downloader or are looking for an advanced media file organizer, the app covers everything. You can use it to download Bilibili videos and other types of videos on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod Touch. In addition, you can bookmark the page you visited to quickly return to it if a new video has been uploaded. While the download process is ongoing, you can watch the video in the background or browse another video you to download. With all the app’s unique features, there’s no doubt that it is one of the best Bilibili video downloader for iOS.

 video saver pro+ interface

2. VideoCopy

Distinctive Feature: It has a “File Manager” that allows you to create folders for your videos and organize them according to your liking.
System Requirements: It requires iOS 13.0 or higher version.
Pricing Plan: $64.99/lifetime license

The final iOS Bilibili video downloader without watermark we suggest is VideoCopy. VideoCopy is a versatile app that lets you download and edit videos from Bilibili, Inshots, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Furthermore, the app lets you save your favorite Bilibili videos in their original quality and play them right away on the app’s media player. Also, you can edit the downloaded videos by adding filters, captions, stickers, trimming unwanted segments, and more. After that, import your videos on your Google Drive, Onedrive, and Dropbox, or share them on Instagram and Facebook. Another helpful feature of the app is it allows you to play the video in the background mode and on the lock screen.

videocopy interface

FAQs About Downloading Bilibili Videos

1. How to download Bilibili videos with subtitles?
Watching an Anime show or other videos from Bilibili with subtitles may help you understand each character's dialogue. With that, learning how to download subtitles alongside the video is essential. Downloaders like Video Mate can help you download the subtitle of the Bilibili videos for a better offline streaming experience. Even if the video has multiple subtitles options, you can download them separately to overlay them on the video afterward.
2. Is Bilibili has a download option?
As a user, you can enjoy fantastic video content, good playback quality, subtitles in multiple languages, and join a community of Anime fanatics, all for free. However, the site doesn't have a download option to protect copyrighted videos and the owner. So, if you like to save videos from Bilibili, you need a third-party MP4 video downloader that supports HD resolution for a precise result. That way, you can also have complete control over the output format of the video.

Comparison Chart

Tools Supported Format Batch Download Supported Interface Language
Video Mate MP4 and MP3 Supported English, Italian, Spanish, French, etc.
iTubeGo YouTube Downloader MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. Supported English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.
ClipDown Video Downloader MP4, FLV, WMV, etc. Supported English, French, Dansk, Italian, etc.
9xbuddy MP4 and M4A Not supported English only
YMP4 MP4, WebM, and M4A Supported English, Deutsch, Indonesian, Spanish, etc.
Tools Supported Format Batch Download Supported Interface Language
Video Downloader & Video Saver MP4 only Supported English
Private Browser-XDownlaoder MP4 only Not supported English
Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. Supported English. French, Traditional Chinese, German, etc.
VideoCopy MP4, M4A, and MP3 Not supported English


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