How to Unblock and Download iview Videos for Offline Streaming

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download abc iview videosABC iview is a catch-up TV and video-on-demand service run by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. This service provides a vast degree of entertainment in arts, documentaries, drama, comedy, sports, and other genres of videos. In 2016, ABC iview had around 50 million monthly users and expanded its platform to smartphones, Smart TVs, game consoles, and other supported devices. However, because of geo-restrictions, ABC iview is only available in Australia. So if you live in another country or travel abroad, you won’t be able to stream your favorite ABC iview content. That’s why you need to find a solution to get your ABC iview to play them anywhere. With that, it is best to download ABC iview videos using a comprehensive video downloading tool for offline viewing. In this tutorial, we will help you save ABC iview videos and present some of the best ways to unblock ABC iview outside Australia.

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How to Download ABC iview on Windows/Mac

Pricing Plan: You can use the tool for two computers at $39.95 for a lifetime license.
Distinctive Feature: It has a “Batch Download” feature to help you quickly download multiple videos or playlists in a single click instead of downloading them one at a time.

Video Mate is an excellent tool that can download iview videos of high quality. You can download your favorite ABC iview videos in various resolutions, like 720P, 1080P, 4K, and 8K, for a good viewing experience. Besides that, the tool can download the video alongside their subtitles, so there’s no need for you to download them separately. Furthermore, Video Mate has a built-in search engine where you can browse the ABC iview official website and download a video without leaving its interface. In addition, Video Mate has a downloading gallery where you can view and rename the downloaded files to find them quickly. Suppose you go on a vacation outside Australia. In that case, this is the tool you need to save ABC iview videos so you won’t miss any episodes and updates.

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Step 1Install the ABC iview Downloader

Locate the appropriate “download” button given above for your computer OS. Pass over the wizard window’ instructions to save the tool on your computer. Once done, Video Mate will automatically appear on your screen. Get used to its features and move to the step,

vk interface

Step 2Get the ABC iview URL

Next, launch the official website of ABC iview and go to the video you want to download, and copy its URL. Then, relaunch the tool and hit the “+ Paste URL” on the top-left part to paste the URL. After that, the tool will analyze the URL and give you the result. Once the video is displayed, hit the “Download” button.

copy link, hit paste url button, click download

Step 3Start to Download ABC iview Video

A new window will resurface where you can select the video quality up to the highest quality. Then, tick the “Download subtitles/lyrics” to download the video’s subtitles for a better streaming experience. Afterward, hit the “Download” button to initiate the downloading process. The video will automatically go to the “Downloading” panel to monitor the process.

select quality, tick subtitle, and hit download button, click downloaded tab

Step 4View the Downloaded ABC iview Video

For the final step, move to the “Downloaded” tab of the tool and locate the download ABC iview video. Then, hit the three-dots icon on the right side to access different menus. You can play the video, open its file location, view the source link, or delete it. If you select the “Play Video” option, a media player will show the video. Afterward, you can transfer them to another device and play them anywhere, even outside Australia.

click downloaded, locate, video, hit three dots icon, play video

Extended Tips to Unblock ABC iview Videos Outside Australia

1. Use a VPN

A VPN like PrivateVPN ensures your internet traffic is encrypted and secured, protecting you from snoopers and hackers. Using a VPN helps you to hide your actual IP address, and your location will be hidden and replaced with those of the server you are using. This method tricks websites and services into thinking you are browsing from a distinct location. That means you can utilize a VPN to unblock geo-restricted platforms, including ABC iview, Amazon Prime Video unavailable, and more. Furthermore, PrivateVPN has 150 servers spread across 60 countries, like Australia. Also, it uses unlimited bandwidth, so you’ll never deal with slow downloads, buffering videos, or time-outs.


  • Install PrivateVPN from its official website and launch it. Click the “Dashboard” from the left panel of the tool and hit the “Location” button to access the servers.
  • Select a server from the search tab according to your liking. Make sure you pick the nearest server or the one that meets your situation.
  • After that, click the “Connect Now” button to initiate the connection to the server. Then, open ABC iview on your web browser and log in to your account. You can now watch the ABC iview video outside Australia.

privatevpn interface

2. Use a Smart DNS Proxy

Another method you can do to unblock ABC iview videos outside Australia is by using a Smart DNS Proxy. This will require you to be handy with a computer and understand its network configuration. A Smart DNS Proxy redirects the responsible traffic for highlighting your physical location. So, the channel will assume you are accessing its app or website from within Australia. Moreover, we suggest using Unlocator as your Smart DNS Proxy. This tool can bypass geographical restrictions of many platforms, including ABC iview, Amazon Prime Video, ABC News, BBC Sport, and more. In addition, the tool ensures that your data details are encrypted to protect your privacy. See the guide below and learn how to use it.


  • First, hit the “Start” button on the bottom-left corner of your computer and select “Settings.” After that, hit “Network and Internet” from the menu and choose “WiFi or Ethernet,” depending on your connection type. Once done, click the “Change Adapter Settings” and right-click the network adapter.

launch the connection type

  • Then, hit the "Properties" button, and a pop-up window will appear. Here, uncheck the "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)." Now, hit on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" to highlight and click on the "Properties" button.

uncheck internet protocol version 6

  • Next, move to the "General" tab that will appear and use "Primary DNS Server:" and "Secondary DNS Server:" After that, click the "OK" button to confirm. This will connect your computer to the Unlocator servers. Finally, try to stream an ABC iview video on your web browser to see if the problem is solved.

use primary and secondary server and hit ok

3. Use a VPN on the Router

As you know, ABC iview has an app dedicated to Smart TVs. It is currently available on Hisense, Samsung, LG, Apple TV, Panasonic, and FreeviewPlus certified TVs. However, like on a computer, you must first change your Smart TV region if you reside outside Australia. Before doing that, you must understand that VPNs are incompatible with Smart TVs. So the best thing you can do is to install the VPN on your WiFi router and connect to an Australian server. In the tutorial below, we use ExpressVPN as an example. Also, you can use any router-compatible VPN according to your liking.


  • Go to ExpressVPN's official website, select your router model, and download the firmware. After that, hit the "Continue" button to proceed. Then, sign in to your router dashboard and select "Connectivity" from the sidebar.
  • Under the "Router Firmware Update-Manual," hit "Choose File" from the menu. After that, select the ExpressVPN firmware you downloaded. Hit the "Start" button and go along with the instructions to update your firmware.
  • Once done, your router will restart, and its power indicator will stop blinking. You can now start streaming ABC iview video on your Smart TV even if you are outside Australia.

select router model, download firmware, and hit continue

4. Stream ABC iview on Smartphones

The final solution we recommend is to stream ABC iview videos on Android or IOS smartphones. If you cannot download ABC iview offline, it is best to stream within the app on your smartphone and let a VPN help you if you are outside Australia. Like computers and routers, you will need a VPN to access geo-restricted apps, like ABC iview, to unblock and enjoy their videos. Streaming on smartphones is more hassle-free than on computers and Smart TVs as it only requires a few steps to set up with a VPN. Check the details below to learn more.


  • Get yourself a VPN subscription, depending on your liking. On your smartphone, change the “App Store” region to Australia if you use iOS devices or the “Google Play Store” if you use Android.
  • Install the ABC iview app on your smartphone and launch the VPN app. Search for an Australian server and connect to it.
  • Finally, activate your ABC iview account and start watching anywhere. You can still change the region of your device if needed.

abc iview interface on smartphones


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