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facebook downloader chromeFacebook is a famous online social media service owned by an American company, Meta Platforms. In July 2022, Facebook had over 2.93 million monthly active users and ranked third among the most visited websites worldwide. Facebook can be accessed from various devices with internet connectivity, like personal computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Users can post videos, photos, texts, and other multimedia files that other users who have agreed to be their “friend” can see. Furthermore, you might find one attractive with all the videos being shared on Facebook, whether an informative video, game review, funny video or live stream. However, there’s no option to download a video from Facebook directly, so you need a third-party tool to do the job. Luckily, we gathered and gave a comprehensive review of the ten excellent Facebook downloader Chrome you should try. Get to know them below and see what best suit your need.

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The 10 Best Video Downloader for Facebook Chrome

1. Video Mate

Installation Packaged Size: 239.69MB
Pricing Plan: $39.95/lifetime license for two computers
Supported Web Browser: Google Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, and more.

The first program that we recommend is Video Mate. Video Mate is one of the best Facebook video downloader in high-quality resolution. You can set the quality up to 8k UHD depending on the video’s default quality. Another amazing tool feature you can’t see in other software is its “Batch Download.” You can simultaneously download many Facebook videos as you want, which saves you time. Plus, Video Mate has a default search engine where you can browse Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, and other social media services. Additionally, the tool lets you download video subtitles for a better offline streaming experience. Check the steps below to download Facebook video on Chrome with Video Mate.

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Step 1Install the Facebook Video Downloader

First, click the compatible installer above for your computer OS. Once the installer runs, a wizard box will appear, allowing you to save the tool ultimately. Then, Video Mate will appear on your computer screen after the installation process. Familiarize its main interface and move to the next step.

vk interface

Step 2Copy and Paste the URL

Next, go to the Facebook video you like to download and click the three-dots icon on the top-left corner of the video. Then, hit the “Copy link” button and relaunch the tool. Hit the “+Paste URL” to paste the URL and let the tool analyze it, and the result will appear. You can preview the video first to double-check it.

Step 3Start to Download Facebook Video

After the steps above, hit the “Download” button beneath the video’s file name to see the video quality menu. See the default resolution of the video and select the highest quality available for an HD result. Then, hit the “Download” button underneath to start downloading the Facebook video. You can check the process on the “Downloading” tab of the tool.

select video quality, hit download button again, check downloading tab

Step 4Play the Downloaded Facebook Video

Once the downloading process is done, the video will automatically go to the “Downloaded” tab of the software. Click on it and play the video by double-clicking the file name. A video player will arise displaying the downloaded Facebook video.

 click downloaded tab, double-click file name

Video Mate

1. It has a pre-built library where you can locate and directly play your downloaded videos.

2. It allows you to download an unlimited number at any length, perfect for downloading movies, streams, and more.

3. It automatically detects the video playing on the built-in browser and gives you the option to download it instantly.

2. Video Downloader Plus

Installation Packaged Size: 270KB
Pricing Plan: Free
Supported Web Browser: Google Chrome

Video Downloader Plus is a Chrome extension tool that you can use to download your favorite videos from Facebook. Aside from Facebook, you can also download videos from popular sites like Vimeo, Twitch, TikTok, Dailymotion, and more. The best part about Video Downloader Plus is it allows you to download without limits and ads. Also, the tool can automatically detect the video playing on your active tab, making it easier to determine the video. Besides that, this FB video downloader Chrome can save the videos between 420P up to 720P to ensure that they will get the best result.

video downloader plus interface

3. VideoProc

Installation Packaged Size: 49.0MB
Pricing Plan: $39.95/lifetime license for one computer
Supported Web Browser: Chrome Google, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox

VideoProc is another one-stop tool that helios you to convert, download, and edit videos and audio. The tool offers 47x real-time faster downloading process while optimizing the video's file size and quality. You can save Facebook online videos in different resolutions, like 720P, 1080P, and 4K. Furthermore, the tool has a built-in editor that lets you enhance the downloaded Facebook videos before saving them. You can cut, merge, rotate, or add subtitles and filters according to your liking. Plus, the tool uses 24x GPU acceleration to speed up video encoding and decoding without compromising quality.

 videoproc interface

4. Video Downloader Professional

Installation Packaged Size: 187KB
Pricing Plan: Free
Supported Web Browser: Google Chrome

Another tool to download Facebook video on Chrome that deserves your try is the Video Downloader Professional. Video Downloader Professional can automatically detect the video playing on your Facebook, allowing you to download them directly. Furthermore, you can manually add videos to its "Video List" to get the information of the video, like the title and thumbnail. Then, don't worry about the video quality, as it supports the default quality of the video so that you can download it at the highest quality available. Also, you can send the Facebook video to your Chromecast to play it on your Smart TV.

video downloader professional interface

5. Savefrom

Installation Packaged Size: None, because it is an online tool.
Pricing Plan: Free
Supported Web Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Opera, Safari, and all Chromium-based web browsers

As the name suggests, Savefrom allows you to save videos from popular websites. That includes Facebook, VK, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other supported websites. Regarding video quality, Savefrom lets you download videos in 360P SD or 720P HD for a vivid result. Furthermore, the tool works on a copy-and-paste basis. So if you want to quickly download Facebook videos without setting up other tools, Savefrom is recommended. Another option is adding “ss” before the word “facebook” on the video’s URL for a faster downloading process. It offers impressive features like other paid software, even if it is a free video downloader for Facebook Chrome.

savefrom interface

6. Social Video Downloader

Installation Packaged Size: 298KB
Pricing Plan: Free
Supported Web Browser: Google Chrome

You can add the lightweight Chrome extension Soical Video Downloader to your browser to download videos from Facebook. The notable thing about Soical Video Downloader is how quickly it can detect any videos on Facebook. Besides, this application has no issues allowing you to save a single or multiple Facebook videos for up to 1080P. Also, many Facebook videos can be detected at once, and you can download them all simultaneously. It's also important to note that this amazing Chrome extension may download videos from other social media platforms, like Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitter, and more.

social video downloader downloading interface

7. VidJuice

Installation Packaged Size: 80.4MB
Pricing Plan: $29395/lifetime license for one device
Supported Web Browser: Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Falkon, and more

VidJuice is more than just an ordinary video downloader. It allows you to download videos from popular websites, including Facebook, Vimeo, TikTok, YouTube, and other 10,000+ supported websites. Also, the tool allows you to set the video quality at 720P, 1080P, 4K, and 8K with a fast downloading process. Another unique feature of VidJuice is that it can download private group videos from Facebook without using a VPN. Plus, it has a built-in browser to quickly visit sites without leaving the tool. In addition, you can trim your videos with its video trimmer making it one of the best Google Chrome Facebook video downloader.

vidjuice interface

8. Video Downloader Ultimate

Installation Packaged Size: 33.08KB
Pricing Plan: Free
Supported Web Browser: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

If you like a browser extension that is solely dedicated to saving videos in high quality, the best tool for you is Video Downloader Ultimate. This lightweight extension for Google Chrome will help you download any Facebook online videos to your PC. In addition, you can play videos before you can download them and ensure that you have the correct file. Besides that, you can select the output path of the videos so you can quickly locate them. Even those videos that Facebook has restricted, this Facebook video downloader can easily download them for you.

video downloader ultimate inteface

9. FB Video Saver

Installation Packaged Size: None since it is an online tool.
Pricing Plan: Free
Supported Web Browser: Google Chrome, Safari, Chromium, Opera Mini, and more

Another secure and dependable tool you have at your disposal for downloading Facebook videos is FB Video Saver. You can use it to download Facebook live videos after the stream has ended. Then, you can select the resolution, like 420P, 720P, or 1080P, for your Facebook videos. Apart from Facebook, you can also save videos from Twitter and Instagram directly on your computer. Simply paste the Facebook video's link into the box provided, hit enter, and the video will begin to download instantly. Also, you can extract the video's audio and save them as an MP3 file.

fb video saver interface

10. 4K Video Downloader

Installation Packaged Size: 54.23MB
Pricing Plan: $45/lifetime license for one computer
Supported Web Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, GNOME Web, and more

4K Video Downloader is a well-known video downloading tool that fully supports Facebook, Bilibili, Instagram, YouTube, and other supported platforms. You can use it as a Chrome video downloader Facebook and save videos for up to 4K or 8K quality. Moreover, the program can save an entire playlist from a Facebook page in a single click. Plus, it has a built-in proxy setup that lets you bypass restrictions set by your country and internet service provider. Another fantastic feature of this tool is you can activate its “Smart Mode” and save preferable settings to all future downloads. So you can save time instead of setting it up again.

4k video downloader interface

Comparison Chart of the FB Video Downloader Chrome

Tools Supported Formats Supported Language System Compatibility
Video Mate MP4 and MP3 English, Italian, Netherlands, Italian, etc. Windows and Mac
Video Downloader Plus MP4, WMV, FLV, SWF, etc. English Windows
VideoProc MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, etc. English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc. Windows and Mac
Video Downloader Professional MP4 English, French, Spanish, Deutsch, etc. Windows
Savefrom MP4 and WebM English, Turkish, Indonesian, Deutsch, etc. Windows
Tools Supported Formats Supported Language System Compatibility
Soical Video Downloader MP4, M4A, and WebM English, Deutsch, French, Italian. etc. Windows
VidJuice MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, etc. English, Mandarin, Italian, Hindi, etc. Windows, Mac, and Android
Video Downloader Ultimate MP4 and MP3 English, Bahasa Indonesia, Filipino, Norsk, etc. Windows
FB Video Saver MP4 English and Russian Windows and Mac
4K Video Downloader MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV, etc. English, Polski, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu


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