How to Make Video Smaller for Discord

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compress video for discordAs we all know, communication is essential for all of us. It is a skill to make a relationship and even break a relationship. Discord has been known for instant messaging. It is a platform for communication. You can use Discord to make calls, video calls, and text messaging. It also allows you to send files like videos and documents. But since this tool is originally for sending messages, it limits its users with some capabilities. It can send videos, but it only allows you to send short clips. Thus, need a Discord video compressor before sending large video files in Discord. Compressors are essential mainly if you always rely upon online platforms where you can send limited files. That is why today, we curated the best ways to compress your large video files for Discord.

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Discord File Size Limit

Although Discord is a free-to-download tool available to almost all popular mobile devices and operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and more, it still has limitations. It has a strict restriction on video sizes when you are sharing them. The average user can only send video files limited to less than 8MB. While for Nitro users, or we all know as those who subscribe to their plan, they can send videos up to 50MB. For a $99.99 one-year subscription, you can only send videos sizing 50MB. Videos nowadays require a lot of space, especially in high-quality resolution. To send large video files on Discord, you need a video compressor for Discord. Below is the best tool you can rely upon compressing large files.


How to Compress Video File for Discord on Windows/Mac


The best tool to compress video for Discord is the Video Master. This tool is a video compressor for large files like videos, audio, and more. Video Master can compress your large video files without compromising the video quality. It means it can compress without any quality loss. Aside from that, Video Master can also convert your files into different formats like MP4, M4A, MOV, and more. It also has an advanced hardware acceleration and multicore processor, making your compression and conversion process easier and faster. Lastly, this tool is equipped with minimal video editing tools you can use to trim, merge, rotate, resize video clips.

Below are the detailed guides you can rely upon compressing video files for Discord sharing.

Step 1 Install the Video Compressor for Discord

You need to install the AceThinker Video Master on your computer to get this process started. This compression tool is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. To make the installation process easy. You can click the left download button if you are a Windows user, and the right download button is for Mac users. You need to wait for a short time until the installation is complete.

vmaster interface

Step 2 Import to Make Video Smaller for Discord

The second step is the importation of videos. But before that, click the Toolbox panel. After that, access the Video Compressor then a new window will pop up on your screen. Click the “+” or add button to import your video files. Browse your files, then select the video you want to compress. To confirm, click the “OK” button to add the file to the tool’s system.

vmaster import

Step 3 Compress Video File for Discord

Once the video file is imported, the compressing panel of Video Master will show. It provides you with a lot of compressing features. It includes altering resolution, modifying bitrate, reducing file size, and more. You can also change the output file folder by hitting the folder icon in the lower part of the window. To confirm the changes click the “Compress” button. Then once done, the preview window will appear.

vmaster compress

Step 4 Play Video to Check

For the last step, play the full video, and double-check the output appearance. Then access your Discord account on your device and select the receiver of your video files. Hit the “+” button select the compressed video file from your album folders.

send video discord

This tool is equipped with a built-in media player that allows users to preview compressed video for Discord.
It has a Media Metadata Editor you can use to edit media information.
It allows users to change the framerate, bitrate, and resolution of videos.
Unavailable on mobile devices.

Best Alternatives to Make Video Smaller for Discord

1. FreeConvert

Price: $9.99/Monthly

Free Convert Video Compressor can reduce the large video file size. It has many advanced options that you can use to have a smooth compression process. These include two video codecs and five choices of compression methods such as percentage, MB, and more. It also allows you to set your target video file size, such as 8MB, which is the file limit size of Discord. Free Convert Video Compressor is a web-based tool compatible with almost all web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and more. Lastly, this tool supports users that like to compress their videos up to 20-75% from the original file.

Step 1 Access FreeConvert

First, you need to open any web browser installed on your device. Search for FreeConvert Video Compressor, then click their official page. Click the “Choose Files” to import your video files into their system. Browse your video files and select the file you want to compress.

access freeconvert

Step 2 Compress Video for Discord

Once the video file is ready to compress, tick the “Output” option if you want to change the video format of your compressed video for Discord. Click the “Gear” icon to access the advanced option. Set your preferred video codec, compression method, and target size. Confirm the changes by hitting the “Apply Settings” then click the “Compress Now” button to compress.

compress free convert

This tool uses the Constant Rate Factor or CRF method that allows video compression without quality loss.
The downside of this online tool is it has no output presets that you can use for different devices.

2. Clideo

Price: $9/Monthly

Clideo is another online based tool that you can use to compress large video files to send them to your friends and families via Discord. Since this tool is entirely online-based, it does not require you to download any plugins or tools to use it. This tool has quick buttons you can use to upload or import your large video files into the tool’s system. Aside from that, this tool has secured encryption that allows you to compress files in a secured server. Lastly, it also allows you to compress your video by changing the video parameters that can help you reduce the quality distortion of the output video.

Step 1 Go to the Official Page of Clideo

Open the web browser on your device then go to the official page of Clideo. Access the import button named “Choose file” located at the center of their main page. Browse the videos you want to compress from your files. Then wait for it to be uploaded.

import video on clideo

Step 2 Make Video Smaller for Discord

Once the importation of the video is done, the video will automatically be compressed. Then above the preview window, the video comparison before and after compression will show. You can save the compressed video for Discord on your GDrive and Dropbox by clicking the dropdown arrow. Click the “Download” button to save your compressed file on your device.

compress clideo

It has fast compression parameters that can analyze video files faster than before.
The free trial version has watermarks on the output video.

Tips to Send Long Videos on Discord with a Mobile Phone

Tip 1: Compress Video Before Sending

To send the entire large video file on Discord, you can compress the file first, then after compressing it to less than 8MB, send it. You can use the tools mentioned earlier to compress your video files. You can also use other tools like the Free Online Video Compressor of AceThinker. This tool is an online-based tool that you can use to compress your files. It is available on mobile devices using any web browser like Bing, Chrome, Firefox, and more.

free online video compressor

Tip 2: Upload on GDrive or other Online Storage

Another fantastic way to send a long video on Discord on your mobile device is to upload it on GDrive or your YouTube channel. Once you import or upload the files online, the web will provide you with a unique link where it allows you to access the file directly. After you upload it on your YouTube channel copy, the link sends it directly to your friends and families on Discord.

share video on youtube

Comparison Chart

Tools Supported Formats Other Functionalities Have Watermarks on the output?
Video Master WebM, MP4, M4V, MOV, MKV, ASF, 3GP, and more. GIF maker, 3D maker, Video converter, enhancer, and Media metadata editor. No
FreeConvert MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV No other features aside from compressing. No
Clideo MP4, M4A, VOB, WMP, AVI, etc. Does not offer other functions aside from the compressor. Yes


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