A Comprehensive Review of 10 Best Music Mixing Software

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free audio mixer softwareUpbeat music sets the mood lively and active, while sad songs and beats bring calmness and sometimes sorrowful feelings. But if you are a music enthusiast, you can come up with a new beat and version of these songs if you mix them using the best audio mixer software. There are many audio mixers that you can find on the internet, but we have tested and gathered these top ten tools that you can rely upon mixing songs. You will discover tools available for both Windows and Mac users that have free and paid versions.

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Top 10 Audio Mixer Software

1. AceThinker Video Editor

Price: $49.95 Lifetime Payment
Supported OS: Windows and Mac

AceThinker Video Editor has a lot of multifunctional tools that you can utilize to create amazing videos. This tool can be your favorite free audio mixer software since it offers a free trial wherein you can mix audio files while adding a voiceover in real-time. Aside from that, you can also edit your audio files with its essential editing tools such as cutting, trimming, and merging other audio files. Then after that, you can produce your output in different formats like MP3, MP4, AAC, WMV, MKV, and more. Since AceThinker Video Editor is functional, you can also produce your videos or audio files into subtitle format.

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free audio mixer software ave

It covers video editing tools.
It has recording features.
Not available on mobile devices.

2. Audacity

Price: Free
Supported OS: Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac

If you are looking for a tech-savvy tool, Audacity is a free music mixing software that is constantly being developed from time to time to improve its tools and features. One of their specialty is the audio mixer which covers almost all advanced and basic audio editing tools. Its user interface has an outdated style, but in terms of functionality and uses, it can cater to all the tools you need to produce an audio mix. Aside from audio mixing, you can also record your voice in a clear sound with Audacity.

free audio mixer software audacity

Very straightforward user interface.
Outdated user interface.

3. Acoustica

Price: $199.90 Full version
Supported OS: Windows and Mac

Acoustica is a tool that can be compared with Audacity since they are both audio mixing software for PC. Acoustica was produced by Acon Digital, which does not offer a free audio compressor with their very recent version, the Acoustica 7. This audio mixer and editor has a lot of powerful tools and features that you can use when mixing audio files. Acoustica is a multi-track editor that is no longer upgrading since it has a new version that you need to purchase before installing it on your device. But with their paid version, you can clean an old vinyl to record a new file, and then you can save it traditionally by a tape recording.

free audio mixer software acoustica

It has a well-organized interface.
They only offer pricey packages

4. Ashampoo Music Studio

Price: $199.90 Full version
Supported OS: Windows

The following best audio mixer software has an interface that enables you to view the waveforms of your audio files; with this function, you can have a smooth editing or mixing process. While the tools, navigation, buttons, and key functions such as trimming, cutting, and pasting are placed below the waveforms. With those tools, you can rearrange your audio clips the way you like. Ashampoo Music Studio is for those editors who want to apply or edit some portion of their files. Aside from audio mixing, you can also edit metadata tags, create CD labels, convert your files into different formats, and rip and burn CDs.

free audio mixer software ashampoo

It is easy to use and handy.
Unavailable with non Windows OS.

5. Ocenaudio

Price: Free
Supported OS: Windows

Ocenaudio is a free download and free song mixing software that you can rely upon mixing your favorite audio files to create a new combination of songs. This excellent tool is an audio editor that can let you check the output in real-time. You can also use cloud servers as the source of your audio files. Ocenaudio provides built-in keyboard shortcuts that can make your mixing process fast and easy. You can also mix large files without crashing the app. That is why this tool is perfect for beginners in editing and mixing audio files or those who do podcasting.

free audio mixer software oceanaudio

Has a clean and simple interface.
Has functional file analysis and spectrogram.
Do not support stack effects.

6. WavePad

Price: $129 MixPad Multitrack Mixer
Supported OS: Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Chromebook.

If you are looking for a less intimidating tool WavePad is for you. WavePad can record your voice, music, and other sounds, then you can mix them and edit with their multiple tools and features like copying or pasting some parts and cutting. You can also do batch processing, like editing your audio files at once. Aside from that, it also has a built-in audio and music equalizer that supports up to 50+ audio formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, VOX, AU, and more. That is why it is known as the best audio video mixer software.

free audio mixer softwarewavepad

Has advanced tools including spectral analysis and speech synthesis.
It allows you to bookmark long audio files.
Do not support voice recording.

7. Adobe Audition

Price: $473.54 Full version
Supported OS: Windows and Mac

Adobe Audition is the best music mixing software that allows you to mix your music for streaming and for professional and educational projects. It is a multi-track music editor and mixer that has a lot of mixing functions that could make your editing process smooth and efficient. The function includes mirror fading, reverb, echo, and many more. It also supports many audio and video formats including those most used and known.

free audio mixer software adobe

It has an organized and clean UI.
The free version limits the tools you can use.

8. Reaper

Price: $225 Commercial License
Supported OS: Windows, and Mac

This digital audio mixer offers multitrack audio that allows you to record your voiceovers and music to stereo. Mix your favorite songs, then produce them in one file in high quality with Reaper. Many of their users experience usable production and an excellent audio environment. With this tool, you can also enhance, improve and beautify your audio file with the help of its primary and advanced editing tools that you can find around its user interface.

free audio mixer software reaper

You can customize the interface.
The UI is not attractive.

9. FL Studio

Price: $299 FL Studio Signature Bundle
Supported OS: Mac and Windows

FL Studio has a lot of audio mixing tools that you can use to create a new mixed song or music. Since FL Studio is known for being the best song mixing software you can find, it can do time-stretching and has a multi-track recording and pitch shifting. It also comes with a mixer that offers multiple features, including chain effects, automation, delay compensation, and more. Aside from that, it also supports various audio formats such as DWP, FLAC, MP3, OGG, SYN, WAV, SF2, and more.

free audio mixer software flstudio

Has a lot of additional native plugins in their paid version.
Pricey for an audio mixer.

10. Mixxx

Price: Free
Supported OS: Mac, Linux, and Windows

Mixx is an open-source tool that many DJs usually use when mixing and playing multiple songs together. It allows you to adjust the song’s tempo, effect, volume, speed to make it more lively or slow. You can mix and edit MOV songs with different formats like OGG, FLAC, MP3, WAV, and many more. It also has four decks that allow you to mix and load four sounds from your device. Aside from those features, while you play a song, you can add any effects to it like reverse playback and short loops, and more.

free audio mixer software mixx

It can offer numerous effects when remixing songs.
It is for professional DJs and audio editors.

FAQs About Free Audio Mixer Software

1. How can I mix audio for free?

You can mix audio for free by installing this fantastic tool called AceThinker Video Editor. Once you have installed the tool, begin the mixing by importing your audio files. Then below the tool, drag the files in the timeline panel audio layer or section. After that, begin the mixing by layering them based on your likes.

2. Is there free mixing software?

Yes, there is a tool that lets you mix audio for free. AceThinker Video Editor lets you use the tool’s features for free, including the audio mixer. Install the tool, then discover its powerful features for free.

3. What is a software audio mixer?

A software audio mixer is a tool wherein you can mix your audio files into one file. We recommend AceThinker Video Editor since it is considered the best music mixing software that offers an unlimited and free trial version.

Comparison Chart

Tool Target Audience License
AceThinker Video Editor Prosumer, Basic Freemium
Audacity Basic Freeware
Acoustica Basic Propriety
Ashampoo Music Studio Basic Propriety
Ocenaudio Basic Freeware
Tool Target Audience License
WavePad Basic Freeware
Adobe Audition Prosumer Trialware
Reaper Basic Propriety
FL Studio Basic Propriety
Mixx Prosumer Freeware


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