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imovie for androidMac users mostly edit videos using iMovie. But since Android doesn't have iMovie, you will know the alternatives or Android version of iMovie in today's article. Apple applications design is fantastic, beginning with their icons and interface mostly functional and practical but limited to iOS users. That is why today we are bringing you the top 8 video editors like iMovie for Android users good as iMovie. These video editors are for beginners and professional editors that you can rely upon when editing videos such as vlogs, tutorials, and educational videos. There are free and payable ones.

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Power Director

Quality Video:: 1080p, 720p or 360p
Price: $19.99 Pro Version
Ads: None

Power Director provides a professional-grade video in a simple, easy, and effortless way that can be all done through your android phone. The tool is arranged in a typical linear timeline view when adding video clips. It also has a layer where you add background music. Since this tool is for Android phones, Power Director only allows you to do basic editing such as trimming, but it is not the same with any other editing software. Power Director takes some of the great things you can get from a typical video editor on a PC. It allows you to do merging also apply various transition effects to choose from, titles, and even special effects that could transform your videos into a very cohesive one that can look like it has a sense of a professional video editor. Power Director is an iMovie app for Android.

imovie for android power director

You Cut

Quality Video:: 1080p, 720p or 360p
Price: $13.03 Yearly
Ads: None

YouCut has two versions, the free and paid version. The paid version has unique features that you can use without limitation. It is considered an iMovie equivalent for Android because of its ability to edit and enhance videos with essential editing tools and features. It is an easy-to-use and readable option because of its simple interface, and it also comes with unique features where you do voice-over while editing your video. It also offers a lot of special effects, filters, stickers, texts, and more editing features. This tool is perfect for creating short movies, vlogs, tutorials, and business presentations. Wherein you can utilize all most all of its tools. YouCut allows you to save your videos up to 4K resolution.

imovie for android youcut


Quality Video:: 1080p HD export
Price: $2.53 Monthly
Ads: It has ads with the free version.

InShot is an Android version of iMovie because it is an intuitive video editing application. Also, one of the fastest video editors enables you to edit your videos quickly with its simple editing tools. It allows you to apply filters and do excellent color correction across your video. InShot supports almost all significant video sizes or formats, making it perfect for creating content for your social media accounts such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. This video editor is different from the other video editor for professionals but is more straightforward and basic yet powerful. Another quality is that it doesn’t have all the extra fancy features and those advanced editing features. Like layering and many more.

imovie for android inshot

Kine Master

Quality Video:: 1080p, 720p or 360p
Price: $17.21 Yearly
Ads: It has ads with the free version.

Next on the list of iMovie video editors for Android is the Kine Master. An application that its editing tools are so easy to find because of its straightforward user interface, not overwhelming. It has a fantastic feature set with lots of advanced controls to utilize, such as audio control and advanced effects and support for multiple video and audio layers. There are also additional powerful cutting and trimming tools that are usually seen on a professional video editing tool. This software is perfect, especially if you are going to edit long and short videos. Aside from that, Kine Master also supports a wide range of file types and exports 4K video files. One thing that needs to improve in Kine Master is their color correction that is not adequately set and doesn’t fulfill its purpose and use.

imovie for android kinemaster


Quality Video:: 1080p, 720p or 360p
Price: $4.99 Monthly
Ads: None

Another iMovie alternative for Android is the WeVideo. WeVideo is one of the most uncomplicated options when it comes to video editors mainly because of its simple interface. It allows you to produce a video efficiently and productive way with the help of its functional tools. WeVideo also allows you to edit online, same with the installable application; you can also use the basic and advanced options of the tool. WeVideo provides you with massive and unlimited storage and sources for your media files. including social media files and other platforms. Some users do editing on their computer then upload it to their Android phones since this software allows collaborative editing. This means you can give access to your projects to another device and do changes.

imovie for android wevideo

Adobe Premiere Rush

Quality Video:: Up to 4K
Price: $4.99 Monthly with access to other Adobe products.
Ads: None

A younger version of the professional video editor for Mac and PC or the Adobe Premiere Pro. This iMovie for Android video editor is a package of features; it is also an application that allows you to do cross-device and cross-platform that makes your workflow so easy and accessible for you. You can do fast editing because you can easily find everything you need without needing to tap and find a lot of buttons. It also allows you to reformat videos quickly, control audio to get your videos on the proper volume levels, apply auto mode that does everything for you, or manually edit according to your preference. One of the noticeable downsides of this tool is it is not available for all Android devices. It requires those high-end phones.

imovie for android adobe

VN Video Editor

Quality Video:: 1080p, 720p or 360p
Price: Free
Ads: No

VN Video Editor has a ton of video editing features giving you a great performance and has multi-track video editing and as usual, has a user-friendly interface. It also provides you with a fast service where you can do quick changes of video formats from the original size of your video to a widescreen format. It also allows you to save and create templates that also allow you to reuse those for future videos. VN Video Editor gives you the ability to adjust and customize your video export settings if you need to adjust some specific settings on your video. This Android version of iMovie enables you to do cross-device compatibility that means you can use the tool on your iOS device or Android and vice versa.

imovie for android vnvideoeditor


Quality Video:: 1080p, 720p or 360p
Price: $10.99
Ads: It has ads with the free version.

Vllo has an easy-to-use and simple interface but it also has advanced features that could make your editing easier. This video editor allows you to view the audio waves on top of the video clips in your timeline making your editing much faster which makes the tool unique. Another amazing feature this tool has is that it has adjustment layers where it allows you to apply effects and other things. Making it easy to apply bulk effects and color grades across your entire video. It also has a great amount of color grade that can be tweaked and adjusted to make the colors on your videos the way you want or to edit and fix any mistake that you might have while you are filming.

imovie for android vllo

Comparison Chart

Softwares Target Audience Watermark Free Hard Drive Space
Power Director Basic No 7GB
You Cut Basic and Prosumer Yes 156 MB
InShot Prosumer Yes 61.41 MB
Kine Master Prosumer No 75 MB
Softwares Target Audience Watermark Free Hard Drive Space
WeVideo Prosumer Yes 1 GB
Adobe Premiere Rush Professional Yes 8 GB
VN Video Editor Basic and Prosumer No 1 GB
Vllo Prosumer Yes 2 GB


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