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youtube trimmerYouTube is a social media platform owned by Google and launched back in the year 2005. During the pandemic, many people socialize on YouTube. Many created their channels and started producing videos or vlogs. As you all know, YouTube provides different kinds of videos such as educational, tutorials, movies, mukbangs, and many more. It also brought a massive impact to many users; it builds new opportunities to be creative. Like those YouTubers or content creators, they use this platform to share their lifestyle, profession, and more; in return, they get paid by YouTube. But due to YouTube’s popularity, many of them use their content to promote products and brands primarily; their promotions aren’t associated with the video. In that case, today’s article is perfect. This article contains a Youtube trimmer that you can use to trim, split or cut videos on YouTube.

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5 Online YouTube Video Cutters with Listed Steps

1. AceThinker Free Online Video Trimmer

Ease of Use: 5/5
Supported Output Format: MOV, MKV, MP4, M4A, and more.
Quick Sharing on Sites: Trimmed videos can only be saved on your device.

AceThinker Free Online Video Trimmer is an online tool that provides a trimmer for your videos. It is mainly used to cut out the unnecessary portion or part of the videos. This YouTube video cutter has a timer on the bottom part to guide you when selecting the exact duration of the clip. You can use its slider to set the time to cut the video clip you wish to trim. This tool also provides a preview of the trimmed videos to have an error-free output.

Steps on how to use AceThinker Free Online Video Trimmer.

Step 1 Add File

First, click the “+” sign at the middle of the tool’s interface to add the video you want to trim. After that, a window will show on your screen containing your documents, video files, and more. Select your video, then click the “Open” button.

youtube trimmer afovt

Step 2 Edit Video

Wait for it to be imported, then slide the slider to the part you want to trim and tick the “Start Processing” button. Finally, wait for it to be processed. Once it is done, the file will be automatically downloaded to the designated folder on your device.

youtube trimmer afovt

2. YouTube Trimmer

Ease of Use: 4.5/5
Supported Output Format: Embedded links
Quick Sharing on Sites: It does not support video downloading but provides links for sharing on other sites.

The second tool to trim YouTube video online is the YouTube Trimmer, a quick and easy-to-use tool designed for YouTube, also equipped with lots of functional features. It can jump from the start to the end of the selection. You can play and pause the video while trimming it. Another way to trim the video is to set the exact starting time and end time. After that, the length of the will show. The tool has a feature where you can resize the video ratio from 16:9 to 4:3. YouTube Trimmer has three ways to share the trimmed video link: copying the URL, embedding code, or viewing the trimmed video with YouTube websites.

The following are the guides to trim videos with YouTube Trimmer.

  • First, copy the link of the YouTube video and then paste it to the input bar and hit the “OK” button. Wait for it to load.
  • The second thing would be trimming, you can either set the time or slide the slider to the portion you want to trim.
  • To save the trimmed video you first need to share it on your social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. To do that copy the URL or the embed link.

youtube trimmer yttrimmer

3. YTCutter

Ease of Use: 3/5
Supported Output Format: MKV, M4A, MP4, MP3, OGG
Quick Sharing on Sites: Trimmed videos can only be saved on your device.

YTCutter is a web-based tool that allows users to trim YouTube videos online. It comes with a straightforward user interface that you can efficiently utilize for your quick trimming of videos. The tool doesn't require any registration or log-in to start trimming videos. It also works well with browsers like Chrome. The YT Cutter has many features to offer. Aside from trimming, you can also use it to download, crop, and screenshot such videos. The tool has an attractive interface, and the design is simple yet functional.

Here are the guides you can follow to trim videos with YTCutter.

  • To begin using the YT Cutter as a YT trimmer, paste the video link to the input bar in the middle of the tool’s interface. After that, click the “Start” button beside the bar.
  • After importing, the video will automatically play, and on the left side of it, there will be a duration time. You can begin the trimming by setting the start and end of the portion you want to keep. The preview button will be clickable after you set the starting and end time. You can view the preview to recheck the trimmed video before saving it.
  • As you get the video ready to save on your device, click the “Download” button.

youtube trimmer yt cutter

4. Online Video Cutter

Ease of Use: 4/5
Supported Output Format: MP4
Quick Sharing on Sites: Trimmed videos can only be saved on your device.

Online Video Cutter is a pack of tools for video editing. It can crop, rotate, resize, adjust speed, volume for stabilization, and insert text. Of course, as a YouTube cutter, it can hold up to 4 GB of files. It also allows you to choose a quality and video format from their wide range of options. You are also secured because your files will be automatically deleted from their server after a few hours of editing your files. With its functional interface, you can do a lot of things for free.

Steps to follow when utilizing Online Video Cutter as a YouTube cutter.

  • The first thing you need to do is to open the video file from your device by clicking the “Open file” button or drop the file directly to the tool’s main interface.
  • The second would be the trimming same from the instructions from the tools earlier, set the time or use the slider as the selector below it you will see the duration. If you want to do some edits you can utilize the tools above the video.
  • After trimming the video you can now save it by ticking the “ Save” button on the latter part of the interface. The final step would be the downloading of the trimmed video by clicking the “Save” button after that the file will be automatically downloaded.

youtube trimmer online

5. HashCut

Ease of Use: 3.5/5
Supported Output Format: MP4, MOV, MKV, and etc.
Quick Sharing on Sites: You can share and at the same time save it.

The last YouTube audio cutter on the list is the HashCut, another easy and simple tool to look forward to when searching for a YouTube to Mp4 cutter. Hashcut is an online tool that you can access using Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. It allows you to cut a particular clip from a YouTube video, any video from YouTube, including music videos, movies, vlogs, and more that you can share on any of your social media accounts. The file can be saved by sharing it to Facebook, Email, and Discord. Lastly, Hashcut will also allow you to watch the preview of the trimmed video or add a text and sticker.

Steps on how to use Hashcut.

  • To begin with, trimming paste the YouTube video link or search the video directly on the tool’s paste or search bar, then hit the search button.
  • When the video is done loading, the video will automatically play to start trimming. Set the slider to when you want to begin the trimmed video, then click the “Start Recording” button. Click the “End Recording” button to end it.
  • After you end the recording, you can play the preview and add text or sticker to the video. Lastly, share it to Facebook, Discord, or send it via email to save the trimmed video.

youtube trimmer hashcut

FAQs About YouTube Video Trimming

1. How to trim a video from YouTube?

You can trim a video from YouTube using the AceThinker Free Online Video Trimmer. Feel free to re-read the steps above mentioned and use them as your guides to trim YouTube videos.

2. How to crop a YouTube video for free?

Instead of using a video editor and downloader, use a screen recorder such as the AceThinker Screen Grabber. This tool will let you record the screen. Play the YouTube video and, at the same time, set the portion you want to record.

3. Does YouTube have a trimmer?

YouTube has no trimmer; but you can utilize the AceThinker Free Online Video Trimmer It is an easy, fast tool, straightforward, and accessible. You will only need the video file, and you are ready to trim.

Comparison Chart

Features Output Quality Ads Target Scope
AceThinker Free Online Video Trimmer Original Quality None Prosumer, Professional
YouTube Trimmer 360, 540p It has ads below the interface Basic
YTCutter 240, 360, 480, 720, 1080p None Prosumer
Online Video Cutter Original Quality It has ads above the interface. Basic
HashCut 360, 720p None Basic


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