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feature free youtube intro maker Starting a YouTube channel these days is fantastic as long as you have a good idea about the content you will be creating. You need to do proper research about a lot of things, and one of them is making the videos themselves. Every part of your videos must be impacting, and it will start with the intro. It is good to make intro professionally with a free YouTube intro maker. This will make your YouTube videos' very beginning attractive, and viewers will watch the whole video. The issue many people face is that they use different devices. Some have a complete setup, while others do everything from their Mobile phones. So, here we have the ten best free YouTube intro maker tools for different devices.

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Best free YouTube intro maker software for Desktop

Most content creators have a proper desktop setup with a powerful computer or a laptop, including Windows and Mac users. So, below are your best offline tools to make a YouTube intro on your Desktop.

1. Wondershare Filmora

If you want YouTube intro maker free download options, then Filmora is one of the best options. Remember that using it is free, but the free version will have a Filmora logo somewhere in the video. You can either pay to remove that or crop the video to get rid of it, but that logo watermark will not cause any issue to your intro if you leave it there. The main attractive thing here is its template mode that allows easy editing. Adding transitions, effects, motion, and filters is very easy with Filmora. All in all, you will have a speedy editing experience here. Some of its benefits include: Library of presets, Color grading features, and Motion tracking feature. Since Filmora is a paid software to use it’s full potential you can also check other softwares just like Filmora, check it here.

filmora as a free youtube intro maker

2. Blender

Next up on the list for YouTube intro maker free download options are Blender. It is an open-source tool that you can use for making 2D and 3D YouTube intros. Blender allows you to work with VFX and animations, and its synchronization makes adding sounds to your intro video more accessible than ever. Along with all of these technicalities, Blender brings the following features:

  • Size adjustment
  • Audio scrubbing and mixing
  • Many film animation options

blender as a free youtube intro maker

3. DaVinci Resolve

Another reliable option for Windows and Mac PC users is the best YouTube intro maker without a watermark on the video. This free tool brings several unique and attractive features that lure you into using it instead of many mobile and online website tools. Although the learning curve here is a little tough to meet, its editing options compensate for that. So, it brings a feature-rich intro-making and video editing experience. Some of its features include:

  • Collaborative usage within teams
  • Several audio tools
  • Color correction features for more prosperous videos

While you select DaVinci Resolve as your best YouTube intro maker without a watermark, please do not confuse it with DaVinci Resolve Studio. This is a paid version, while DaVinci Resolve comes for free.

davinci reslove as a free youtube intro maker

Best free website intro maker for YouTube

Looking for a free YouTube intro maker online can be challenging because there are mostly paid options. However, finding one can make things a lot easier for you. Here are our best picks for the free YouTube intro maker online best options.

1. Clipchamp

It is one of the most famous online websites that you can use to make a YouTube intro for your video or channel. This free YouTube intro maker online has many features, including a compressor that will let you compress MP4, convertor, and other video editing features. It is the best choice for beginners who want to try editing on a website rather than on offline software. It does not lack any features because here, you can add the following things to your video:

  • Overlays
  • Backgrounds
  • Transitions
  • Text and more

These can be found in the library provided by this YouTube intro maker no watermark website.

clipchamp as a free youtube intro maker

2. FlexClip

Your idea about making a YouTube intro will change after you see how easy it is to use the FlexClip website. Even though it is very easy to use, it is a very powerful website, so the whole editing thing will be a matter of a few minutes for you. with its library of over 2.5 million videos, you will easily find all your YouTube videos resources here. FlexClip also has some paid packages that offer you more options and editing features. However, for the YouTube intro-making part, the free version works perfectly fine.

flexclip as a free youtube intro maker

3. VideoToolbox

This website calls itself the future of video editing, and no wonder. The list of features and video editing options from the best YouTube intro maker is second to none. You will find everything here, but the best part is that the experience is very smooth. You will never have to worry about complex features if you do not want to use them. However, you may need to struggle a bit with the interface as it seems too old-fashioned to be the future of video editing.

video toolbox as a free youtube intro maker

Best free Android App intro maker for YouTube

Android phones these days are becoming more and more powerful. With the most powerful cameras and higher RAMs, you can use your Android phone as your YouTube machine. If you are also looking for how to make YouTube intro, these apps will benefit you.

1. Intro Maker

Intro Maker is the YouTube intro maker free download for all your Android devices where you can edit videos and make your YouTube intro. While free, you can get some in-app purchase options to buy more features and editing stuff. This app directly provides you with royalty-free sounds and templates that will never cause any copyright issues for you. You can choose stickers and emojis from more than 140 available options to make the intro attractive. Some of its benefits include:

  • A lot of templates that allow easy customizations
  • There is a rich library of audio files that you can add to your videos
  • The text animation features here are outstanding

intro maker as a free youtube intro maker

2. Videoshop

Another best YouTube intro maker without the watermark is free for you and offers in-app purchase options. If you are familiar with using photoshop, you will know that the experience here is pretty much similar to that of photoshop. If you are working on a clip of a video that you have already made, it will also provide speed-changing and merging options. With Videoshop, you will never need any video editing experience.

videoshop as a free youtube intro maker

Best free iOS app intro maker for YouTube

iOS devices come with unique features and options, and the applications here come with even better optimizations. This way, it can be easier to make YouTube intro on your iOS devices using these apps.

1. Intro Tube

The best app for making intros for all types of videos on your iOS devices. It brings a simplified user interface to offer a good experience for beginners. With the video editing features, you can make a professional-looking intro for YouTube videos within minutes. It brings value to you in several ways, including:

  • 1000+ templates
  • Vast libraries of content to add to your video intro
  • Direct access to the Photos app on iPhones for a more effortless saving experience

So, it not only makes making the intro easy and efficient but saving, exporting, and sharing is also easy enough.

intro tube as a free youtube intro maker

2. Intro Designer Lite

Intro Designer Lite is a free app for iOS devices, and it does not need any experience to use all its features. This app has eight templates that you can select and then edit in numerous ways to make the perfect professional intro for your YouTube channel or video. Real-time preview and vector technology editing make its intro making the process efficient and effortless. On top of everything, it exports your YouTube intro videos in HD quality.

intro designer lite as a free youtube intro maker

YouTube video resources

One essential part of the whole "how to make YouTube intro" thing is to know which resources you need, and it would help if you made it unique and attractive. So, here are the YouTube resources you need to use with the best YouTube intro maker.

  • Sound for intro
  • Video for intro
  • Graphics or illustrations
  • Text that includes all necessary details

All these means you can use them with the best YouTube intro maker. This way, you can create a unique intro for your channel and every YouTube video. One thing to always keep in your mind is that you must select the content that is copyright free, and it will keep things unique and free of any issues.


Every YouTube video starts with an intro, and having a YouTube intro maker with no watermark tool for this is essential. This makes your YouTube video intro professional and unique with a lot of impact on the viewers. However, finding the best one is a challenging task. So, regardless of device, you can use the above-discussed YouTube intro maker no watermark tools for free. Some of these tools are effective enough that you can also use them to edit your YouTube videos in the future. This way, you will get used to the interface, and editing will become efficient.


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