Chromecast Not Working with YouTube? Fix It Here with 5 Solutions!

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youtube chromecast not workingChromecast is a technology device developed by Google. It allows you to use your smartphone to stream your favorite movies, shows, music, sports events, and others to the big screen. It is an easy way to play YouTube videos and Netflix on your Smart TV for a better streaming experience. You can even use your smartphone as your remote control to quickly navigate an app or any activity you want to see on the big screen. However, like any other technological tool and features have some issues once in a while. Therefore, the same situation can happen to Chromecast. YouTube Chromecast not working is one of the standard issues many users face. There are many reasons for this problem. That includes the wrong password, the device not compatible with the current WiFi, or a poor internet connection. Of course, whatever problem you are facing on your Chromecast, there’s always a solution you can do to fix it. Here, we will discuss all the possible solutions you can do to make YouTube work properly on Chromecast and alternative options.

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Ways to Fix Chromecast Not Working With YouTube

1. Check WiFi Connection

If you experience a problem connecting your YouTube to Chromecast, check your WiFi connection first. When Chromecast is having trouble connecting to your WiFi on the setup process in the Google Home app, it will not load any phone activities you try to cast on your Smart TV. There are a few methods you can do to check for WiFi issues. You can unplug and plug your WiFi router in a few minutes and try to retest your connection when your WiFi router has been booted. After that, check the other details below to proceed.


  • Look at your WiFi router and check if there’s anything unusual. Make sure all the cables are precisely plugged in. All WiFi routers are different, so check for missing lights or blinking red.
  • If the WiFi router is working well, move to the settings of your smartphone and locate “WiFi” or “WLAN” from the menu. Tap on it and see if you are connected.
  • Then, do a quick Google search or send a text message to check if it is working. If so, you can now try casting YouTube on your Smart TV with Chromecast.

check wifi router and connection

2. Attach Chromecast Extender

First-generation Chromcasts devices came with an HDMI extender. Unfortunately, this is not included with the later models, and you must purchase it separately. A good HDMI extender starts at $6.99, and the price may vary depending on the brand and quality you purchase. Furthermore, HDMI extenders are used to position the Chromecast to pick up the WiFi signal better quickly. S if you still use Chromecast, you can give this solution a try. You have to plug your Chromecast into the HDMI extender and plug the extender into your Smart TV’s HDMI port. After that, try casting your YouTube from your smartphone to your TV and check if Chromecast YouTube not working issue is resolved.

 hdmi extenders

3. Update Chromecast

Another factor you should consider about why YouTube cast to TV not working, is an outdated Chromecast. When you set up Chromecast for the first time, it automatically installs recent updates. However, the next update must be done by you, and you need to be updated if there is the latest firmware available. There is a way to check the firmware version of your Chromecast. Follow the guide below to see it. We are operating a third-generation Chromecast device for this tutorial as an example.


  • First, visit Google support and check if there’s the latest firmware version for your Chromecast model. Tap your device from the menu and hit “Settings.”
  • Afterward, move to the “device information” and scroll down to see the firmware information. You are up to date if it matches what is on Google support.
  • If your Chromecast firmware is not updated, reboot your Chromecast device then, the firmware update will begin when it turns back on. Finally, cast YouTube again to see if the problem is solved.

check chromecast firmware

4. Do Chromecast Factory Reset

Suppose you have tried everything, and nothing has fixed YouTube not connecting to Chromecast issue. In that case, your last resort is to perform a factory reset. However, remember that doing a Chromecast reset will delete all your data. So, you need to set up the Chromecast device again from scratch. The helpful thing about a factory reset is that it can remove glitches, including that YouTube is not connecting to your Chromecast. The process is straightforward and depends on the Chromecast model you are using. Ensure that your Chromecast is plugged into your Smart TV’s HDMI port, and follow the tips below to continue.


  • For Chromecast 2nd and 3rd gen, hold down the side button of the Chromecast device, and the LED must begin to blink “orange.” When the LED light turns “white,” release the button, and your Chromecast will restart.
  • For Chromecast 1st gen, long press the side button on the Chromecast for about 25 seconds or until the solid LED light flashes “red.” Then, release the button when the LED light blinks into “white,” and your Smart TV turns blank. The Chromecast device should then restart.
  • Once done, start setting up again your Chromecast device and try to cast your YouTube from your smartphone to your TV. See if the issue is solved.

hold down chromecast side button

Alternative Solution if Chromecast YouTube Not Working is Not Solve

Distinctive Feature: It has a pre-built search engine to help you quickly browse YouTube and other supported sites without leaving the tool's interface.

Installation Packaged Size: 239.69MB

If you reach this part, you are open to another solution to play your favorite YouTube videos on your Smart TV. With that, we recommend a tool called Video Mate to make your streaming experience on TV more exciting. Video Mate is one of the ACETHINKERfastest YouTube downloader to help you save videos effortlessly.

The tool offers excellent output resolution for a crystal clear result. You can select from 420P resolution and up to 8K UHD. Furthermore, the best thing about downloading YouTube videos instead of casting your mobile phone on TV is you are free from ads. So, you can watch continuously without disturbance. Also, there’s no need to browse your mobile phone to select a video as you can do a playlist you want to play the following video you want to watch. Besides that, the tool can download the video with subtitles to make your watching experience to the next level. If YouTube not connecting to Chromecast after many troubleshooting attempts, this is the best option you can do.

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Step 1Download and Install the Chromecast Alternative

First, hit one of the “Download” buttons overhead to get Video Mate’s installer. After that, launch it and follow the guide on the setup window for installing the program on your computer. Once installed, Video Mate will appear on your screen. Familiarize its interface to get the next steps quickly.

vk interface

Step 2Configure the Output Format and Quality

Next, hit the menu (≡) icon on the upper-right corner of the tool and choose “Settings” from the option that will appear. Hit the “One-Click Download” button and select “MP4” for the output format. Meanwhile, pick your preferred video quality for up to 8K. The changes will automatically be saved once you close the settings window.

click menu, one-click download, set up format and quality

Step 3Begin to Download YouTube Video

Hit the “Browse” tab on the left side and search YouTube’s official website on the built-in search engine. Select a video you want to save, click the “Download” button, and the tool will initially detect the video. Then, a “Download” button will appear in the lower-right corner allowing you to download the video. Once you hit that button, the file will go to the “Downloading” tab, where you can check the process.

click browse tab, search youtube video, hit download, and check downloading tab

Step 4Locate and Play the Video

Once it is downloaded, it will move to the “Downloaded” tab. Here, you can play the video by double-clicking its file name, and a video player will show up playing the video. You can now connect and transfer the downloaded video to your flash drive and plug it into your Smart TV. Then, enjoy watching it without a problem and disturbances.

 hit downloaded tab, play video

Glossary: Differences Between Chromecast Devices

Chromecast 3rd Gen Chromecast 2nd Gen (Chromecast Ultra) Chromecast 1st Gen (Chromecast with Google TV)
It supports a video quality of up to 1080P in 60fps. It supports up to 4K video quality at 60fps and comes with HDR10 support. It supports up to 4K HDR with customizable FPS of up to 60fps.
The device cost $29.99. It costs $79.99 with the Google Stadia Premiere Edition. It costs $49.99 for a single sale.
You can control it through the Google Home app and voice control (YouTube only) through Google Assistant. It is controllable by the Google Home app and voice control for YouTube with Google Assistant. It has a remote control with Google Assistant.
It is a simple casting device. It is sold as part of the Google Stadia gaming platform. It is the most advanced of the Chromecast models.


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